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Yes i confirm i used all optimal settings

25% deadzone and maxed out sens

The whole ST really needs to get reworked and made into near perfection,
Ads is not right at all compared to other STís and even the hip fire feels weird now after all these updates.

Mist you really need to come  up with a way to train the ST fully so the game can become way more enjoyable. The community of the game is only increasing at this point, alot of ppl are having issues using virtually any ST paired with this game. Itís about time someone steps up and adjusts these issues and makes a new meta ST..

P.s( the aiming mechanics also feel slightly different when using same settings on solo vs duos vs fives <<<( that also needs to be checked upon as wel), someone else can shine some light on that possibly?

Please look into this..

H1Z1 ST is perfect!

I highly doubt that.. lol, whats your current settings? Post your config below, ill give it a shot

H1z1 st is horrible tbh, only semi decent thing is the hip fire, the ads is completely broken.

Anyone know the curent meta ST for the game currently?

Game Support / Re: Updated H1z1 settings for apex
« on: 07:03 AM - 08/26/18 »
Thanks ill try it out, noticed you werent using any curves? Is this more optimal? Or do u have a curve for ads/hip

Game Support / Re: Updated H1z1 settings for apex
« on: 09:01 PM - 08/25/18 »
Bump, bump, anyone?? Ghost town out here :((

Game Support / Updated H1z1 settings for apex
« on: 10:53 PM - 08/22/18 »
 :-\Hey guys, i was just wondering if anyone had any real optimal settings currently for the new h1z1 ST that recently just came out? I havent really seen anyone post much updates since it was released..

If anybody has good h1z1 ST setttings or cAn help out post below..

Include hip/ads/sync basically everything

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