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Game Support / ETA for Back4Blood?
« on: 05:43 PM - 10/17/21 »
Hi can we get an ETA for back for blood? Iíve tried so many translators and the aim is horrendous lol

Game Support / Re: Setting of Back 4 Blood
« on: 04:24 PM - 10/11/21 »
Hey is there a Smart translator for this game? Did u make your own?

Game Support / Back 4 blood translator?
« on: 04:22 PM - 10/11/21 »
Will there be a translator for B4B?

I do have the Xbox wireless controller. Do I need to get a USB-C cable? are all usb-c cables the same??

Hi can anyone help? When I load my apex into series x, I get the rainbow colours but I donít get the flashes of green lights, only a red light. My keyboard and mouse light up fine but not the controller. A light appears from the apex hub too. But there is no activity coming from my controller when I press buttons. Iím using a PowerA Xbox controller which I was told was compatible for the seriesX. It works fine when I directly plug it to the console but doesnít work through the apex. Ive downloaded the latest firmware. Iím assuming itís the controller causing the issue?? Should I return it and swap it for a different controller? I do have the wireless controller that shipped with the seriesX. Should I use this one? do I need a certain cord to get for it? The port doesnít look micro-USB. I think itís USB-C shaped??? Any ideas much appreciated

Can someone recommend me a decent but cheap headset for series x?? Iíd prefer not NOT to be tethered to my controller if possible. And if wireless, Iíd prefer it can charge n play. but if a tethered is far cheaper than Iíll go with that. As long as the mic is good and sound quality is decent Iíll go with that

Xbox Wireless Headset.

Can I charge and play? Whatís voice chat like too? Does your voice echo in party chats or sound metallic?

Morning. Just got me a series x. Am still trying to figure out what headsets to go for? Would prefer wireless where I can also charge and play at the same time. All help much appreciated thanks

Finally got me a series x. what controller do I need to work on apex? My series X arrived with with the standard wireless controller.  Iím assuming I need the hard wired controller??

Support / Re: Had an error while purchasing xim apex
« on: 01:33 AM - 08/02/21 »
Problem sorted. My bank wasnít able to adjust my Visa card because of the security policy, so Iíve just joined PayPal and now my order is now completed.

Support / Re: Had an error while purchasing xim apex
« on: 12:19 PM - 08/01/21 »
Yes Iíve tried opening a request from the store but it keeps saying page does not exist? Lol anyway Iíve tried making another transaction and it says my credit card company does not support the required fraud protection of the card processor?? So it means my bank needs an upgrade?

Support / [Q/A] Had an error while purchasing xim apex
« on: 02:40 AM - 08/01/21 »
Sorry if this was wrong place to post this. I tried looking for the official email address to Xim Tecnologies.

So the money has gone through but apparently the order has been cancelled because my bank has no protection security as Iíve paid with Visa?? Is there anyway I can contact my bank to validate my payment??? If not will I have to use PayPal which I donít wanna do. Iíd prefer to use Visa. Plz help

Thank u it worked

Just went to load a profile on the app and the app froze then I checked the xim and no lights weíre flashing. I unplugged then replugged and now the xim is loopin red green blue lights

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