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Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 03:19 PM - 04/14/19 »
World War Z

Game Support / Re: World War Z drops soon
« on: 03:19 PM - 04/14/19 »
Definitely need an ST for this. Mist?

Given the feedback regarding the inventory system from the community I feel Dice will change it up, I am not going to spend any time on it until I know its a fixed system... The dead body looting is atrocious as is, and they know it....

Someone said on the BF forums that Criterion alrealdy said they will be changing up the looting system for dead bodies. Expect a death box or death bag type system, until then I'm not playing the game.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex on pc
« on: 12:34 AM - 03/17/19 »
You learn something new every day apparently

General Discussion / Re: Glorious Gaming Race Model O
« on: 09:21 PM - 03/12/19 »
reserved a black matte one. probably going to sell all my final mice lol

you probably have to redo all your configs. when you set up your configs you have to pick if it's for xbox or ps4. if you are using the old ones you setup for xbox, chances are they won't work. did you try that? just guessing here.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: BFV vs Apex Legends
« on: 06:39 PM - 03/12/19 »
Any game without custom deadzones is dogs*** in the XIM, Im sorry but thats just how it is, XIM shines in Fortnite, CoD and BFV, anything else is bad

I tried the 8,8 setting and it sucked. The XIM Sings with BFV though, can't take that away from it.

XIM APEX Discussions / BFV vs Apex Legends
« on: 07:00 PM - 03/11/19 »
I crush it in battlefield and am middle of the pack in Apex. I can't help but think part of it has to do with the Apex translator. I use the 7 6 setting in Apex though I'm testing out the 8 8 setting tonight. Anyone else having issues with Legends vs other games they are much better in?

Game Support / Re: The division 2 anyone knows ?
« on: 08:39 PM - 03/05/19 »
This is one game I bought on the PC instead of PS4 with the xim. Just too much menu diving to work with the xim.

Game Support / Re: Best setup for Apex Ledgends
« on: 02:13 PM - 02/17/19 »
7,7 - this is definitely better than using in game speed of 8,8. My mouse felt so jittery at that level even though i set the sens just right in the apex. Thanks!

Game Support / Re: I need some tips from PC players
« on: 07:23 PM - 02/11/19 »
there is are some programs that are just designed to help you learn to aim better with a mouse. THere is a great one on Steam I saw posted on the BFV forums but I can't remember the name, sorry. But try looking on steam. People posted good results with it.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Best dpi for bo4?
« on: 07:56 PM - 01/09/19 »
From my research something around 3200 DPI is the perfect setting to use with the XIM for any game

Game Support / BO4 - Config is all screwy
« on: 03:42 PM - 01/08/19 »
Things are not binding correctly in that in the config fire is R2 but in the game fire is R1 and ADS in the config is L2 but its really L1. What is going on here. My controller layout is default.

Game Support / Re: Bf5 feels like hot trash
« on: 12:25 AM - 01/04/19 »
Works like a charm on my end

They all suck until you get good in them is my theory.

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