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the icons for the controller buttons are a bit too small, especially to discern things like L1 vs L2, etc...

That is all!

XIM APEX Discussions / Far Cry Games and XIM
« on: 05:29 PM - 03/06/18 »
how good are Far Cry's mechanics translated with the XIM?

really want to co-op this game with my fiance. Thanks in advance!

XIM APEX Discussions / Best FPS Look Mechanics with XIM?
« on: 09:11 PM - 03/05/18 »
seems that some games are better than others with the XIM due to how their look mechanics are coded. BF1 is amazing, Destiny 2 is just ok. From my experience. And I've read of others being great or average. So what are the best FPS games that work well translated by the wonderful XIM Apex?

« on: 05:34 PM - 03/04/18 »
I can't stress enough how many failures I have read here from folks with issues from trying to check out with a CC. The first release night I was trying to use a CC and had all kinds of problems but got lucky and saw a couple posts from folks who said that Paypal worked fine for them. I linked my CC to my PP account and bam, it worked first try that same night. I keep seeing the same problems for everyone each time the store opens so just do yourselves a favor and use PP from teh get go next time the store is open!

XIM APEX Discussions / Will we get tired of winning?
« on: 12:31 AM - 03/04/18 »
XIM APEX folks coming from PC to console get used to winning so much you'll get sick of it.

in BF1 on PC I've gone from a good player to a really good player on PS4. And that's with guns I never really liked that much. Always near the top of the server if not 1st on my team. What's weird is my accuracy has doubled from .16 to over .30 all the time. This is while playing medic. Are PS4's hits registering much differently than PC?

I know I won't get tired of winning for a looong time. The APEX is that good in BF1

When I try to use the headset on my controller audio is fine but my microphone is so so distorted it is totally unusable. Tried it with two headsets same thing. Unplug the apex, mic input works just fine. Why is the Apex messing with my microphone audio?

PS4 Pro with just a XIM APex in the mix.

Game Support / Strange Sensitivy Dump
« on: 11:26 PM - 03/02/18 »
I was playing BF1 this afternoon happily with my mouse at 12K DPI and my config was set to a hip sensitivity of around 8 and my ADTS was not too far off of that. So I stopped playing for a couple hours then picked it back up. I was moving SLOOOOWWWWWW. I whipped out my config app and eventually settled on a hip sensitivity of 44 (and happily I may add).  I went back to all the in game settings and nothing had changed. I also switched back to my PC and my mouse was definitely still at 12K DPI. The only thing that happened is that my PS4 went to sleep.

Any ideas?

XIM APEX Discussions / BBB - Some thoughts
« on: 06:44 PM - 03/02/18 »
BBB=Buttery Smooth Bitches.

That's how the APEX is in BF1. Also how easy setup is of the XIM after you plug it in.

A lot of props to the XIM crew for this product after being able to use it today.

One thing I already learned is it is very game dependent. Destiny 2 felt good enough today, but it was second rate compared to the buttery smoothness that I discovered once I launched and configured it for BF1.  Those are the only two console games I own so the only two I can comment on. I've been playing a lot of BF1 on the PC lately so it's easy to compare and I don't feel like I am really missing out on anything by using the APEX vs a PC. I just wish there were more buttons to map to for things like scrolling through the stats screens and such but for the actual gaming part, it's a buttery smooth transition.

@#$% this is the first console i've owned since Super Nintendo. Next game will be Far Cry 5 but for now these 2 games will do.

Curious to here other folks experiences with different games as the Apex spreads its wings and flies.

XIM APEX Discussions / Absolute Worst feature of the APEX
« on: 05:01 PM - 03/02/18 »
is that I have to get all my guns again in BF1 since I've never played it on a console before


Been gaming for the last half hour on it. Setup was relatively easy although it took quite a few tries to communicate with my Pixel 2 XL phone but it did, so that worked. I have no idea what the ballistics editor is but I want to learn. Did setup the polling rate to 1000 immediately and using 12000 DPI on my G502. The default AIM and ADTS sensitivity on the APEX is pretty good actually, not much tweaking needed there for Destiny 2. Downloading BF1 as we speak to try that out.

I know turning is a limitation of the controller but sometimes I feel like I turn fast and sometimes I feel like I turn slow even though I am using the same amount of mouse movement. Que?

What is Y/X Ratio and Boost? Smoothing I did read a bit about.

Also this is working great with the IOGEAR USB Switch some folks recommended. The Apex recognizes my G502 and Corsair K70 keyboard like a charm

because I just got one delivered to me!

Time to get this puppy set up. Thanks XIM!

XIM APEX Discussions / How many you think sold in an hour?
« on: 08:07 PM - 02/28/18 »
How many Apex's sold in an hour you think? That were enough to bring the e-commerce site down to its knees? 1,000? 5,000? 10,000?

Oy. How many millisecond response time is that now?  :P

Just saran wrap that sh*t, put it in a ziplock bag or some tin foil wrapper and ship it to me!   ;D

XIM APEX Discussions / I'm buying the XIM Apex for love
« on: 09:41 PM - 02/26/18 »
That's right. I'm a hardcore PC Gamer. Not that hardcore as I don't play as much as I used to but I always played shooters and always on PC. Tried some shooters on console but the controller is just awful for me, I can't do anything with it. So I met this girl last year, we got engaged this year and moved in together. I knew she gamed a bit but never how much but once she brought up her PS4 to my place when we moved in, I could tell she was a pretty hardcore gamer. She can spend a lot of time gaming, and so can I, but we are separately doing it in different rooms completely. It's just an individual thing at that point. I wanted to solve that.

Besides Nintendo over 20 years ago I have never bought a console. But I bought a PS4 Pro just the other day in anticipation of the XIM Apex coming out. All so I can play games with my love. That's the only reason. I could care less about PS4 exclusives, or any other games besides multiplayer shooters really, I just want to share that time with my girl. I do also like co-op games and so we can play those together as well.

She doesn't have the money, nor interest, to buy a new PC for gaming, and nor do we have the room in my condo to set up another PC station, but I did have the money and room to buy a PS4 - and I never would have done it if it weren't for the XIM series of translators.

So that's my story. I bought a console gaming setup for love, all cause the XIM is going to let me keep my preferred interface for shooters, otherwise I would never have done it.

Awwww how sweet.

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