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Obsiv if even you you canít say what work best then imagine for us... you are the one who created this so you should know the optimal configuration and precise settings for overwatch.

Perhaps itís not going to suit all of us but at least we can play around.

Hi Obsiv !

Could you please tell us according to you what are the best settings for overwatch? Many options right now so it would be nice to get input from you to get a right mix between all of them.

Because steady aim between 1-5, boost between 0-2000, smoothing around 5, analogue between 0-150 and so on thatís not easy to find the best one. Could you be more precise?

Thanks !

Great news !!!! I will try it tomorrow ☺️

No it is because you are using an auxiliary for sniper I guess then it impact moira and mei for exemple when you right clic and it will Slow down your movement.

Use a separate config and auxiliary for widow. Then you switch config by pressing F1 or F2 when playing sniper.

Sa3 and boost make all the difference. People can tell me you can have the same with apex but it is definitely not the same game experience. Itís much harder to get a smooth aa management with apex on overwatch. It feels so inconsistent...

In my case, all I am saying is that the look mechanics of the xim 4 is working better than apex on overwatch.
So letís see what Obsiv is doing soon.


XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Overwatch / xim 4 vs Apex
« on: 11:52 AM - 11/09/18 »
Mods any news on your side? Obsiv can you tell us the changes you are thinking of?


XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Overwatch / xim 4 vs Apex
« on: 05:55 AM - 11/06/18 »
This is not coming from OW. Just take your controler and play a bit with it. You will see the aim technique is ok compare to apex.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Overwatch / xim 4 vs Apex
« on: 03:54 AM - 11/06/18 »
Thanks Matty ! I am happy someone with many hours on OW share the same feelings.
I cannot be more agree with your last sentence: ďitís simply not funĒ. I loved this game but now I start to hate this game^^ it is definitely not consistent and I have the feeling to be on an endless settings quest... spending my time saying wow I finally found it! This is perfect I wonít change anything and 1 day later... whatís going on?? I canít hit anything!! I will try adding smoothing and lower my dpi... wow amazing!!! Must be the perfect settings! One day later ... whatís going on I am crap...

And for people who are going to judge this post... I am exaggerating of course but I am sure many people will understand what I mean.

To answer Freelo... I am not looking for an aimbot ! The only thing I am saying is that xim 4 get a better AA management (combo with boost and SA3) which make them more consistent and they can stick to one setting and improve over time.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Overwatch / xim 4 vs Apex
« on: 03:57 PM - 11/05/18 »
Thanks Antithesis! Glad to know he is aware and hope some changes will happen soon... really soon...

XIM APEX Discussions / Overwatch / xim 4 vs Apex / Obsiv?
« on: 08:13 AM - 11/05/18 »
Hey all,

I am sure a lot of people will hate me for writing this post but anyway I will give my comments after more than 6 months playing overwatch with apex...

1. All settings are working and thatís why so many people get different settings. All sync feel more or less the same (floaty or less floaty letís say)
2. In game settings impact on the way apex is working but really difficult to find the perfect one.
3. Using curve doesnít affect much the AA management but only turn speed.
4. Using default sync with 125hz to get the same as xim 4 is not true or at least not working. Using the stair stepping curve is not giving the same feeling as well.
4.1 we do not have SA3 with apex which match perfectly on xim 4
4.2 we do not have boost which allow to compensate
4.3 using stair stepping curve means we cannot use RML curve
4.4 we cannot use generic alpha to be on linear due to the fact we canít use stair stepping curve and RML curve.
5. Apex is inconsistent in term of performances. Settings are fine for one day and then completely crap (donít argue with good or bad days / latency/ setup used and so on thanks)
6. Many people tried apex on overwatch and went back to xim 4
7. Xim 4 is way more expensive than apex on eBay or those kind of website (believe me there is a reason for that!)
8. No complaint on this forum regarding xim 4 users on overwatch VS apex where most people are struggling
9. Recent post from Kuy saying he is back to xim 4... but he is not the only one!

So the question now is: can we have an update??? Can we be considered? Can we get the same chances as the xim 4 users? (Easy tracking, easy aiming, easy climb? Enjoying game again?

Last but not the least can we have real clue from the mods in order to get the best potential on apex? Sorry to say but we are not expert and we did not created this tool so you have the best qualification to understand the differences and create a similar experience as xim 4 for Apex! BECAUSE THE DIFFERENCE IS REAL!

Save your hate and do not tell me go on xim 4 if you enjoy it so much...


Hey Kuy!

So you are also thinking that xim 4 is more efficient than apex for overwatch? SA3 and boost make all the differences right?

Yep and with the new patch i bow have 500 latency for no reason this games so @#$% dumb and ye man the games amazing and so fun but the toxicity and casuals kinda irritate you a lot but its the most played game iv ever had il stop by your stream

In skirmish you can have latency but otherwise you should be around 20.

this is how one should play with a XIM. no aim assist. to use it with a mouse is cheap.

Yes thatís your opinion and glad you like it this way but thatís not the case for many people. I am not looking for an aimbot to be clear just getting a normal help from the AA like in the other games.

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