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Curious if anyone else has made the switch to a PC when using a XIM. I recently gathered up enough to splurge on a gaming PC, and not wanting to take on the hassle of learning truer MnK, I plugged my apex right in and everything worked.

My problem is it just doesn't feel right. THE WORST ISSUE, hands down, is there seems to be some sort of dead zone, way more than I felt on a console. for instance, I move my mouse in a small increment and the crosshair doesn't move, or if it does it stutters a bit.

As a temp fix, I've increased the first point of my ballistics curve to nearly 1.10, however, this causes a bit on a floaty effect at the beginning of my mouse movement ... for reference, this was at about .20, IF ANY, on console.

I guess I'm just curious if there is a firmware update or something PC specific that could help make my apex feel a bit more natural like it felt on console. Maybe I have to revert to a previous firmware? any other suggestions to fix the dead zone issue would be greatly appreciated. So far I've tried the ballistics curve adjustment, increasing my xim sens, game sens, and adding boost.

Thanks in advance!

 Edit: Just wanted to say I know XIM was made for consoles and clearly its the transition to PC which caused this problem, just want to know if anyone else has had this experience. For reference, my main game is Fortnite.

Hardware Compatbility / Quick question about Roccat Leadr
« on: 11:23 PM - 11/18/18 »
"Roccat Leadr requires XIM config analog sticks to be disabled when use in wireless mode."

Curious what exactly this means and what is it's impact? I'd really love to get the Leadr due to it's wide array of buttons but I'm not sure what I'd be signing up for...

Can someone shed some light here for me?


Any questions feel free to ask!

No buying old game pads to switch out thumbsticks, no taking apart your prizes possession, and all console Kontrol Freaks/console sized thumbstick grips can be used or interchanged in seconds.


Every other mod I've researched involved either buying a Logitech gaming controller, disassembling, and opening up your expensive G13, struggling with range of motion from other sized sticks... The lost goes on...

This is where this mod was born from... By accident actually... Half way through another mod I realized I can form the epoxy into a perfectly shaped Xbox controller thumbstick using an older thumbstick cap as a mold. (will work for ps4 as well).

All you need is rubber cement/epoxy type material. One of the generic rubber thumbstick caps shown in the video. Can be purchased at target, best buy, gamestop, etc.

Any questions feel free to ask!

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