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Xbox / Re: Xbox one X footnote Macro key help!
« on: 04:24 PM - 06/12/18 »
Honestly, I'd like to do the same, but from what I've read you can't use this feature on xbox one. Unless someone can figure it out, please let me know.

FYI, I just bought the XIM Apex for XBOX 1X through Amazon. Originally, I tried the keyboard and mouse (keyboard G413 carbon, mouse G502) playing Fortnite and WWII. I could not get the hang of the keyboard. I read somewhere that XIM will support the PS3 Navigation nun-chuck for Xbox One, so I went to game stop to purchased the nun-chuch for under $2.00. It actually works. through trial and error, mainly mapping the buttons, I'm now feeling comfortable using both. The nun-chuch did not work originally, but I believe I had the wrong type of cable, once I figured that out, all was good. The XIM phone app registered the Xbox controller, PS3 nun-chuck, and G502 mouse.
Hope this helps anyone out there questioning whether this will work.


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