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Game Support / BO4 has changed
« on: 02:43 PM - 11/01/18 »
Something happened after the update. It used to be snappy before and never had problems. Now with Bo3 st Iím fighting the aim assist bubble and the the bo4 st, it feels like I have no aim assist. I have tried almost every config on this forum for bo4. They used to work, now they donít. Iím using 12k dpi and 1000 hz with QCK+ pad.

Also, when your posting a config or having issues with your config, post about which ST youíre using, because half the xim community is using Bo3 while the other half is using the bo4 config. Thanks.

Are you on the Bo3 or bo4 st? Most people donít state that, because everyone is using different Sts now.

Strongest aim assist out of all the cod series. They tried changing and fixing @#$% that wasnít broken. Most of the maps were remastered maps, the servers are garbage still. Spawns are hot @#$%, the hit detection is bad, new maps are meh, none of them stand out. Terrible weapon balancing and operator balancing. Itís clear to me they didnít really put any time into the MP, but spent all their time on blackout.

Game Support / Re: Issues with apex and BO4
« on: 03:57 PM - 10/24/18 »
I will try. Iíve been using nothing but ARís and had no issues until today. Itís weird to say that Iím getting a lot of inconsistencies and then when I delete the profile and create a new one, itís back to normal for a little while.

Went from getting close to nuclears to canít win a single gunfight Iím several lobbies. Something feels completely off

Game Support / Issues with apex and BO4
« on: 03:42 PM - 10/24/18 »
Hear me out, so lately my configs Bo3 and bo4 st has been inconsistent. Iíll notices something off but temporarily fix it by deleting the profile and making a new one with the same settings.

Lately Iíve also been feeling aim resist, not the same thing as not being able to break the AA bubble, which I donít have problems with. Just noticed when Iím on target, it starts pushing away  from the enemy making it harder to be more accurate. Iíve tried resetting the apex, the ps4, my internet, also reinstalled the apex app back onto my iPhone. Iíve deleted the configs and made entirely new ones from the Bo3 and bo4 configs. Iím also on the 402 firmware. Things were fine up until today

Anyone know what else I should do?

Is the game? XIM hardware, the software/settings or my mouse?

Itís decent. Trying to get the nuked our calling card and keep going 30-1 or 30-2

Game Support / Re: BO4 - advice for nubcakes
« on: 07:26 AM - 10/20/18 »
Sound hoaring ftw in FFA, Acoustic Sensor is OP.

MX9 not as bad as i first thought either

Nuked out twice in a row here against total nubs.

Nice! What settings were you using at the time?

Is this on the Bo3 or the bo4 ST?

Game Support / Re: Black Ops 4 XIM4 Post Your Settings
« on: 11:41 AM - 10/15/18 »
Bo4 ST, 12k dpi. 1000 hz with 7 hip and 4 ads. No other changes.

It is kinda fast, Iím a wrist aimer. It makes the ST doable with the crazy amount of aim assist this game has. I donít really like using curves, always do worse with them for some reason

Game Support / Re: Official black ops 4 settings
« on: 07:39 AM - 10/15/18 »
Pinapple's settings seem pretty slick

BLACK OPS 3 ST (Because black ops 4 st aim assist feels horrid)
Ads Delay=200 ms

That is slow. Iím a wrist aimer. Iím running 12k dpi, 100hz, 7 hip and 4 on ads. Iím absolutely wrecking kids with the bo4 st.

Game Support / Re: Official black ops 4 settings
« on: 04:52 PM - 10/14/18 »
Anyone using Rmlís curve? I seem to be losing fun fights that I shouldnít. But I also feel like some of the gunfights are RNG compared to other cods

Game Support / Official black ops 4 settings
« on: 03:43 AM - 10/14/18 »
Post your settings from the black ops 4 ST

Game Support / Re: Support for Black Ops 4?
« on: 08:28 PM - 10/11/18 »
While weíre waiting for support? Did anyone happen to come across some good settings in the beta?

How you can play with deadzone on 25 is beyond, you have 0 micro movement, surely it'd 's typo and you mean 20%


Default is 25% the page says use default settings with linear and dead zone at 25. Iím not having any issues unless you thought default is 20%?

Need to request to daybreak a playground LTM where the server never ends on a timer. Or, request to never end the server for combat training.

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