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Hello XIM Admin, I've been using a XIM since 2016 so I have 4 years of experience with this product starting with the XIM4. Moving Forward, I've became a fond of the XIM product and it's ability to let me play with my friends without needing to move onto PC and to cooperate with my mental illness. I would like to appreciate the admin of XIM for creating such an amazing product.

I do have a request for a small feature for the XIM Manager, this may of been asked before.

- I would like an optional dark mode for XIM Apex Manager as I do miss the XIM4 colors of it's manager. Also my eyes would appreciate not being strained by the white colors of the current manager. If this feature gets implemented or taken into consideration, that would be amazing!

Again, thank you for this amazing product, I will be very active in the forums to assist new and existing members of the community :)

Good idea I'd like it

Shared Configs / Re: R6 Updated Config
« on: 02:28 AM - 10/15/20 »
45cm/360 ADS try to keep HIP close but a bit faster ..

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Rainbow Six Siege (Updated)] START COPY >>>
<<< XIM APEX END COPY <<<[code/]

Doesn't THAT create more acceleration when you're NOT using the recommended in game settings. ?

Game Support / Re: Confusion about the new RB6 ST
« on: 07:32 PM - 10/12/20 »
I loved the old updated, I slammed everyone I saw. Even without sound lmao

Game Support / Re: R6S ST update... Why?
« on: 07:29 PM - 10/12/20 »
I use 50 ads since any other option hasn't been trained. Just feel like a new manager could resolve these limitations I don't know I'm not the expert but if it was possible to change the different scopes in the app it would be god like.

Game Support / Re: R6S ST update... Why?
« on: 12:02 PM - 10/12/20 »
The higher zooms are not a viable option anymore I feel like.. Cries as I'm an GLAZ/ROOK MAIN. 

75 and 50 sensitivity were used because these sensitivities scale the mechanics to 100% of the remaining stick space. At higher stick magnitudes Siege becomes really unpredictable. In the end you should always use what feels best to you personally.
Which one has less acceleration updated rotation or classic? If I use 50 on updated and 75 on classic? Should I keep all zooms at the same value even tho it's slow to not get unpredictable acceleration

I was wondering because I had the Xim 4 and I used ballistic curves in order to make RB6 on console feel like PC.

I did end up trying changing the sync options and I found that it helped in making the gameplay feel more like PC gameplay.

Correct me if i'm wrong but, I am guessing that Ballistic curves aren't necessary for Xim Apex since it has sync options?

Never had a Xim 4 so I don't know but you shouldn't need a curve unless you know exactly what you want, what you're doing and if the default options don't provide it. Then you could experiment a little. I don't like siege as much as I used to. Ever since the new season I can't stand it.

Shared Configs / Re: R6 Updated Config
« on: 06:33 PM - 10/11/20 »
I'm sorry I don't like the new one. Testing the updated since that was my go 2 option. I've never missed so many shots I almost deleted the game and thinking of selling my apex because after all these changes it's useless. Good job of ubi to make MnK useless. Feels bad for 4 years wasted. F*** all I want is the old siege God damnit
can I ask what made you choose the updated config before the new update? I felt like the consensus was that updated had improved.
You know we have discussed it before a few times, agree to disagree but I felt it had less acceleration & was more consistent. I played better with it, very high kd, consistent and I could play very low ADS, medium or high. I felt like I knew the sens and it didn't matter what I used I could always perform.

Shared Configs / Re: R6 Updated Config
« on: 05:27 PM - 10/11/20 »
I'm sorry I don't like the new one. Testing the updated since that was my go 2 option. I've never missed so many shots I almost deleted the game and thinking of selling my apex because after all these changes it's useless. Good job of ubi to make MnK useless. Feels bad for 4 years wasted. F*** all I want is the old siege God damnit

Support / Re: Mouse ads sense is really slow on r6s
« on: 03:23 PM - 10/11/20 »
ADS is always slower in console shooters than Hip (sometimes very slow comparatively). Just to check, your in-game aiming sensitivity is set to maximum?

Maximum? 200 not 50 or 75? The new r6s recommended settings are wrong or what?

Don't touch any of the advanced settings to begin with. Give it a couple of weeks.. testing, getting used to. The only advanced settings you could change from the get go is response rate. To 250 - 1000hz. Try different sync options OFF, default or common. Note changing the sync requires you to calculate sensitivity you'll find out how in the support. Pretty easy devide by 2 or 4 or multiply by 2 or 4.

Game Support / Re: Rainbow Six Siege New Xim Apex Manager
« on: 07:49 AM - 10/09/20 »
What are you even talking about.. Updated used to be great nothing you say make sense. Updated wasnt like you describing.. Sounds like you describe the old classic. I havn't tried the new classic because it's a pain in the a** to create a new configuration. Disconnects 10 times every time before it finally goes trough.. and you cant copy and paste keybinds so doing it all one by one is time consuming as well. When im done I have no energy left for playing. I'll give my feedback in a couple of weeks of testing.

Game Support / Re: Any ETA on new ST for R6
« on: 11:31 AM - 10/06/20 »
As long as I remember I never used 1000hz on both mouse and app. I changed it recently (playing with Logitech g pro wireless) because it didn't feel as responsive as it used to. Sounds stupid. I know, 1ms more or less from 500hz to 1000hz. Shouldn't be able to notice a difference but I definitely like it more. Default sync. 3200dpi. 1000hz. Smoothing 2.

Finally got my first ace with Kali. "Try Harder" Lmao

Game Support / Re: Any ETA on new ST for R6
« on: 06:26 PM - 10/05/20 »
Current ST feels fine... again... STOP messing with your settings non stop and you wont have problems... Been playing since start ofthe season and didnt notice any problems.
The guys making the xim knows changes was made in acceleration etc. How can u say its all fine? If it was changes the old ST is outdated. Not saying we cant play at all, I had good games but also real bad ones, missing shots I usually wouldn't because fast slow fast.. it doesn't feel polished.. Something is definitely off. Soon enough. You could always stay on this current ST when a new comes out right?

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