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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Why is my Apex slow
« on: 08:55 PM - 04/07/18 »
DO you not understand when I said I matched their settings EXACTLY. How is it a stupid question if everything that is on their settings is the same on mine.

I donít get it, I watch videos of gameplay on YouTube of people getting clean kills and when I change my sensitivity to be exactly theirs itís so slow. I have the same dpi, hz, and firmware aswell. Should I factory reset or what?

First of all in your original message you mentioned 'sensitivity' but you did not say which one. I assumed you meant the XIM sensitivity not the in-game sensitivity. Increasing the in-game sensitivity is commonly missed. When starting a new game I sometimes forget to do this and wonder why I move so slow.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Why is my Apex slow
« on: 08:38 PM - 04/06/18 »
Stupid question, but did you remember to set the in-game sensitivity to max? Also, some games require specific in-game settings (see http://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=43775.0).

I'm using a Razor Deathadder Chroma and a Razor Orb Weaver without any issues.

« on: 08:28 PM - 04/06/18 »
I play on an XBone and am using a Deathadder Chroma as well. I have mine set to 10000dpi and 1000Hz polling. To set the mouse you need to use the Razor PC software. After you set it you should be able to unplug the mouse from the PC and plug it into the XIM.

I currently have my XIM set to 500Hz polling. At 1000Hz I am getting an occasional random movement (could be the jitter issue mentioned on the support page, I will need to look into it.). At 500Hz this does not seem to occur.

At the high DPI I typically have the XIM set to a lower sensitivity. Be sure to have the in-game sensitivity set to max. Also check the game support page as some games (ex. Battlefield 1) require certain in-game settings for optimal use. My recommendation on sensitivity is to start lower and then increase in small increments until you get to the feel you want. I would not mess with the Ballistic Curves until you have a good base setting. An then use a curve to fine tune things if you need to. Start with the basics first. Remember every player is different so just because someone has a low sensitivity does not mean it is the right one for you. One thing to remember is don't set the sensitivity too high as you can overdrive things (there are a number of articles about this in the forums).

Link to game settings page.

I have one of the Corsair hard pads. I like the hard pads as they are easier to keep clean and seem to last longer as a result.

Depending on how fast you need it, check woot.com. They occasionally have Android phones and tables on sale.

Game Support / Re: Logitech G13?
« on: 09:32 AM - 01/01/18 »
First you need either the XIM phone app or the PC app to program the XIM for the keys you want.

When I was using the G13 I used the thumbstick for movement. Takes getting used to and I wish Logitech would update the G13 with a better stick. To do this you need to adjust the joystick settings in the XIM app.

For using the standard keyboard (WASD) use the XIM app and under the Keyboard section bind the movement keys to the keys you want to use. To do so, in the app tap up/down/left/right then tap the key on the G13 you wish to use.

General Discussion / Re: Xim4 USB switch?
« on: 09:39 AM - 07/04/17 »
I use an older IOGEAR. If you just want USB switching you can find one for less then $20USD.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Razer Tartarus
« on: 08:11 PM - 02/04/17 »
I use the Razer Orbweaver (similar device). With the Orbweaver you can map movement to either the keyboard keys or the thumb pad (I use the thumb pad). The XIM is very flexible with key mapping so you should be able to map them however you like.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Need help. Just got xim4
« on: 07:53 PM - 01/17/17 »
If I understand correctly you wish to be able to switch your mouse and keyboard between your PC and PS4? If this is correct you can try a KVM switch. I use one to switch between my PC and XBone. Do a search for "iogear kvm" on Amazon. Note: you just leave the video unconnected.

I have used a G13 and it should work right out of the box. However, I did have mine connected to a PC first. I am currently using an Orbweaver without any problems. Normally the only reason to connect the G13 or Orbweaver to a PC is to update the firmware.

As I stated in a previous post I do not know what the default DPI of the Death Adder Chroma is (was 1800 dpi for older Death Adders). What you can do is try it with the XIM. One indication of an issue is if you have to set the XIM sensitivity either really high or really low to get the feel you want. If that is the case the mouse sensitivity (DPI) may need to be adjusted. Older Death Adders did not save the sensitivity, newer ones (like the Chroma) appear to do so. I originally had mine set to 10000 dpi. I use a KVM switch to switch it between my PC and XBone. On the PC I reset it to 3500 as 10000 was to much. When I switched back to the XBone I was moving really slow until I realize what had happened and had to adjust my XIM sensitivity.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Rapid fire on Xim4 using CronusMAX
« on: 05:50 AM - 01/12/17 »
Besides possible banning, a lot of games implement a max fire rate for their various weapons. So a rapid fire macro possibly won't work very well.

« on: 12:11 AM - 01/07/17 »
I use an Astro A50. I like them because, with the right headset adapter, they are compatible with both XBone and PC. Expensive, but I think worth it.

I also use a Luxa2 headphone stand. Whatever headset you buy, get a good headset stand. The ones that normally come with the headphones are crap.

Technical Support / Re: Quick question from a new user
« on: 11:34 PM - 01/03/17 »
Couple of things to check:
1. Plug the controller in directly to the XBone and make sure it has the latest firmware. This should be under the settings somewhere.
2. Make sure you have updated the XIM firmware (maybe even to the latest beta).
3. How is the main audio being sent? Are you relying on the pass through from the XBone to the controller to the headset? If so check your audio settings and make sure they are correct.

Also, I know under Android you can use the XIM mobile app to change your settings on the fly. Just be sure to save after a change.

Good luck!

Game Support / Re: New to Xim really need help.
« on: 10:37 PM - 12/30/16 »
This link mentions that the 2 mice showing on display is a bug and to try the latest beta.


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