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Game Support / Star Wars Squadrons ST?
« on: 10:51 PM - 10/02/20 »
Any support for Star Wars Squadrons planned?

Game Support / Smart Translator Update ???
« on: 08:22 PM - 09/09/20 »
I did a quick search but did not find an answer, so please forgive me if this has been asked before.

When a Smart Translator is updated for a game, will my existing profile pick up the change, or do I need to create a new profile? Thank you.

I have both a Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablet. I just updated each one to Android 5.0 Lollipop. Prior to the update both tablets were running Android 4.4.4 KitKat and the XIM4 Manager was working fine. After the update when I start the XIM4 Manager it starts and immediately freezes with a white screen.

Any ideas?

XIM 4 Discussions / Next XIM4 Firmware Update Release?
« on: 04:39 PM - 11/02/14 »
Any idea on when the next update will occur?

XIM 3 Discussions / XIM Deadzoner ??
« on: 05:33 PM - 08/21/11 »
Is it possible to include a version of the XIM Deadzoner tool in the XIM3? That way you do not need an older XIM2 and PC to calculate deadzones.

Something I found and thought someone might be interested in. Does anyone have any experience with this or similar devices? I think I will stick with my mouse and G13. But that is one of the great things about the XIM it gives people the choice of using the interface they prefer.


XIM 3 Discussions / G13 support.
« on: 07:08 AM - 05/14/10 »
YEAH, just saw the picture on the blog. @ay to go OBsIV.  ;D

OBsIV, other than displaying the XIM3 logo, are you planing on using the G13's screen for statistics, performance, and/or other information?

XIM 3 Discussions / USB hub compatability?
« on: 07:02 AM - 05/14/10 »
I know the XIM3 will have 3 USB ports (for keyboard, mouse, and XBox controller). My question is will a powered USB hub work? This would allow for more than 3 devices to be used. As talked about in another thread, this might allow for future support of a USB headset or other devices.

Configurations and Requests / Mass Effect 2 Config
« on: 09:15 PM - 01/28/10 »
OK, here is my cut at a Mass Effect 2 Config. It is still a little rough so if anyone has any suggestions please post them.

For the interested parties, I started with my COD:MW2 config and went from there. I used the XIMDeadZoner to narrow the Deadzone. The rest of the values I just hand tweaked until I found something playable.

In game camera sensitivity: High

Deadzone 7500 Square
YXRatio: 1.25
Translation Exponent: 0.75
Sensitivity Primary: 2000
Sensitivity Secondary: 3000
Diagonal Dampen: 0.25
Smoothness: 0.3

XIM 2 Discussions / New Ultimate Gaming Mouse ???
« on: 11:51 PM - 11/08/09 »
I ran across this. Could this be the new ultimate gaming mouse?


XIM 2 Discussions / What Mouse Pad do you use/prefer?
« on: 12:58 PM - 06/21/09 »
I bored and there is plenty of discussion about various Mice so I thought I would ask the question: What Mouse Pad do you use/prefer?

The reason I ask is that I was using a large generic pad from Fry's. It was becoming worn so I decided to get an new pad. Instead of getting the same old boring pad I decided to get one supposedly designed for gaming. It is a Razor Goliathus Control Edition. All I can say is Holy S**t!. When I first started using it I had to decrease my mouse and game sensitivity as I was zipping all over the place. My sensitivity jumped several orders of magnitude just by using the new mouse pad.

I curious to see what the XIM community's thoughts are.

Technical Support / Failing Debugger stress test.
« on: 10:00 PM - 06/12/09 »
I decided to recalibrate my XIM2. On a whim I also ran the XIMDebugger stress test. In doing so I received the following error "Debugger FAILURE: Right Trigger". It is consistently failing on Iteration 7. To test if it was my computer or driver, I borrowed a friends XIM2, calibrated and ran the stress test. My friends XIM2 seemed to test fine. I have both calibrated and run the stress test on my XIM2 and every time it fails with the same error on Iteration 7.

Am I doing something wrong or do I need to send the XIM2 in for repair?

----- Error Start
>>> Iteration: 5
XIM       : < >Y < >X <*>B < >A < >LS < >LB <*>RS < >RB < >BK < >ST <*>R < >L <
>D <*>U <-10752>RSX < 32448>RSY < 32634>LSX <  8201>LSY <     0>RT <     0>LT
Controller: < >Y < >X <*>B < >A < >LS < >LB <*>RS < >RB < >BK < >ST <*>R < >L <
>D <*>U <-10616>RSX < 32424>RSY < 32661>LSX <  8067>LSY <     0>RT <     0>LT

>>> Iteration: 6
XIM       : <*>Y < >X <*>B < >A <*>LS <*>LB <*>RS < >RB <*>BK < >ST <*>R < >L <
>D <*>U < 12524>RSX <-22994>RSY < 24097>LSX <  7516>LSY <     0>RT < 18650>LT
Controller: <*>Y < >X <*>B < >A <*>LS <*>LB <*>RS < >RB <*>BK < >ST <*>R < >L <
>D <*>U < 12567>RSX <-23046>RSY < 24029>LSX <  7399>LSY <     0>RT < 22912>LT

>>> Iteration: 7
XIM       : < >Y <*>X <*>B < >A < >LS <*>LB < >RS < >RB < >BK < >ST < >R <*>L <*
>D < >U <  1610>RSX < 29889>RSY < 24614>LSX <-11657>LSY <  9512>RT <  3753>LT
Controller: < >Y <*>X <*>B < >A < >LS <*>LB < >RS < >RB < >BK < >ST < >R <*>L <*
>D < >U <  1664>RSX < 29908>RSY < 24562>LSX <-11738>LSY <     0>RT <     0>LT

Debugger FAILURE: Right Trigger

Press ESC to exit ...
----- Error End

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