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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Switching from Android to IOS
« on: 11:04 PM - 08/05/22 »
There is a copy/paste feature in the XIM Manager. This will create an encoded text version of the config. I then paste it into a OneNote entry for backup. This is also useful for transferring configs people have posted from PC to my Phone and XIM Manager. 

Game Support / Star Wars Squadrons ST?
« on: 10:51 PM - 10/02/20 »
Any support for Star Wars Squadrons planned?

Game Support / Smart Translator Update ???
« on: 08:22 PM - 09/09/20 »
I did a quick search but did not find an answer, so please forgive me if this has been asked before.

When a Smart Translator is updated for a game, will my existing profile pick up the change, or do I need to create a new profile? Thank you.

I believe you can play with KB/M. However, I believe it only matches you with other KB/M players on both console and PC.

There are several in game audio mix settings. You might try one of them to see if it helps.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Mouse Question
« on: 06:33 AM - 07/03/18 »
I believe it depends on the version. I play with a Deathadder Chroma from a couple of years ago. When I plug it into my PC and change settings (ex. my current DPI = 10000, and Polling = 1000MHz), then plug it back into my XIM it seems to keep the change. I have played with various versions of a Deathadder for 5+ years and the Chroma is the first that seems to store any changes made. Previous versions did not seem to store the change. I also have my XIM Apex set to 1000MHz polling and do not have any problems.

I have used both the G13 and Orbweaver. I prefer the G13, but I am currently using the Orbweaver. The reason for using the Orbweaver is I use the thumbstick/thumbpad for movement. In this respect the advantage of the G13 is the thumbstick has analog movement. However, the thumbstick design on the G13 is bad (small and somewhat pointy). It is not easy to use. This is why I moved to the Orbweaver, even though the thumbpad is digital. If Logitech were to release an updated G13 with a redesign thumbstick, I would probably move back.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Best keyboard for Xim Apex
« on: 01:02 AM - 06/10/18 »
I would recommend a mechanical keyboard of some type. You will need to research which key type (red, green, blue, etc.) you may want. But most of them are built to last. If you like the G13 you might look at the Razor Orbweaver. It has mechanical keys and a slightly different layout. The main problem you might be having with the G13, and possibly with the Orbweaver as well, is the the keys are arranged straight up and down, not offset as on a regular keyboard.

1. Roll a d20 dice.
2. Take the number and divide by 5 and drop any remainder.
3. Roll the dice again.
4. Stand up and spin around, count the number of complete spins until dizzy.
5. Add the number of spins to the dice roll from step 3.
6. Take the number from step 2 and add to number from step 5.
7. Throw all previous steps out and consult an Astrologist for your magic sensitivity number.

I am currently using a Razer Orb Weaver, but I have used the Logitech G13. I prefer the G13 because of the analog movement in the thumb stick, but can not stand the design of the thumb stick. If Logitech would release a redesigned version I would switch back. The reason I use these is that I put the movement back under the thumb stick or pad. This frees up my other fingers for things like jumping, reloading, and weapon switching. This was handy back in the old Halo days because I could jump and move at the same time. In other words I did not have to take my thumb of the look stick to hit the jump button.

Overall you are limited to the amount of power the XBox is supplying to the USB port (I could not find values for this). I do not know how much power the XIM requires and how much it passes through. This is why I use a powered hub. That way my mouse and keyboard have enough juice.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Destiny 2 curves?
« on: 09:26 PM - 04/23/18 »
For vehicle and sprinting I created a third profile (along side the hip and ads one) and gave it greater sensitivity. I have it mapped to a second button and just hold down both sprint and vehicle buttons when sprinting. For vehicle I just hold the vehicle as tapping sprint while ridding a sparrow causes you to jerk sideways. You can also just create more then one, one for sprinting and one for vehicle.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Usb Hub question!!
« on: 08:11 PM - 04/18/18 »
My understanding is any USB 2.0 hub will work. It is mentioned in another post (I forget where) that USB 3.0 hubs do not work. I use a cheap powered Belkin USB 2.0 4 port hub I found for $10USD. Some mice and keyboards can be power hungry, so IMHO, I would by a powered hub so that the mouse, keyboard, and controller are getting enough power and not pulling power from the XIM/XBox/PS4.

Just do like I did and check the store on a regular basis. They were in stock about 3 weeks ago and I managed to score one then.

I have been playing it just fine using the APEX. So go ahead and pick it up. I need more Rebel scum to slaughter.  :)

One thing though, you will need to play with the APEX settings a little in order to find a vehicle setting that will work for you. For some reason, IMHO, the XIM has issues with vehicles in most games. Maybe someone more knowledgeable with how the XIM works can explain why.

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