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Feedback / Re: Game controller improvements
« on: 05:36 AM - 05/03/18 »
No you’re not the only one. I was using a similar setup too until recently.

Glad to hear that.  :)

I am wondering why XIM Apex has wireless support for Joy-con, but not DS3, DS4? They all use bluetooth.

Feedback / Re: Game controller improvements
« on: 03:54 AM - 05/03/18 »
Guess I am the only gamdpad+mouse player here.  :( But why limit the market to kb+mouse players? That's just a small market because console  games are made for gamepad in mind.  I am currently playing GTA 5 at this moment. It is doable to drive whith kb+mouse, but it is not a enjoyable experience.

XIM Apex plays as a translator which translate mouse, keyboard, joystick inputs to gamepad inputs. The features I want can be a selling point fo XIM Apex. Please think about it in the future, ok?

Feedback / Game controller improvements
« on: 07:45 PM - 05/02/18 »
1. wireless support for DS3 and DS4
  It is painful to use wired connection. And it is easy to disconnect while using micro usb cable with controllers.

2. button remap
  Currently, XIM Apex can't do this. It will send both the original button and the new one.

3. rapid fire
  A useful feature.

4. joystick sensitivity adjustment

5. inverted axis

Feedback / Re: Feature wanted: invert axis for joystick
« on: 05:36 PM - 04/22/18 »
Yes. Because sometime it is better to use joystick (gamepad) than mouse. Please consider this feature in the near future, thanks!

Feedback / Re: Feature wanted: invert axis for joystick
« on: 08:16 PM - 04/20/18 »
I want to invert the rightstick of joystick (both X and Y axis), not mouse.

Feedback / Feature wanted: invert axis for joystick
« on: 11:05 PM - 04/19/18 »
As title. Some games don't have this option. It would be a savior if Xim Apex has the feature.

Feedback / Incorrect config in Hitman Absolution (PS3)
« on: 06:31 AM - 04/12/18 »
Please fix the following wrong mappings:
R2: Reload -> Fire
L2: Sprint -> Aim Down Sight
R1: Fire -> Reload
L1: Aim Down Sight -> Sprint

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