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Feedback / generalized profile
« on: 10:36 AM - 06/10/18 »
To dev team,

I hope there is a generalized profile for unsupported games or for general use. I know I can use any game profile to do that, but it doesn't feel straight forward as a generalized one. Just add a profile named _generalized or _customized (underline make it list at top) and let players to customize it.

So with Location off, your earphones won't show up in the list?

Also, to verify, you aren't pairing to your XIM APEX through Android's Bluetooth devices list, correct?

Correct! I've been thinking why you can connect XIM Apex with location off and I can't. Did you root your phone? If you did, I have a theory that might explain it ...

I don't believe that's related. I never have Location enabled on any of my Android phone/tables and test with 8 of them which vary in brand and Android version.

What type of phone do you have?

It is a tablet (https://www.gearbest.com/tablet-pcs/pp_984305.html). Android version is 6.0.

I test again and the result is the same. Location on, ok. Location off, connect failure. I don't know why you can connect with location off, but I can't. I guess there are many causes of connect failure. I was lucky to find the one for me.

Quote from: OBsIV

What type of phone is it? Also, do you have any issues with other Bluetooth devices if you don't keep Location on?

I test with location off, It won't show my BT earphone (not paired before), but show XIM Apex. With location on, it will show both.

the solution is typical to one that would work for burping radios after flashing phone with  unstable homebrew firmware

are you running a custom Rom on your phone?

No. I just bought it so I don't want to lose the warranty. After I keep "Location" to on, I have no problem connecting XIM Apex. I think it is the culprit, case closed. Hope this will help those who have connecting problem.

I still got connection problem after last post. Then I've found I turned "Location" off in the setting. Turn it on and I can connect to XIM APEX. Turn it off, connect failure. So I am sure "Location" needs to be on. Please notice the users at the connect screen.

I made a factory reset to my tablet and install the beta XIM APEX Manager. It won't connect to XIM APEX. After a few hours of trying  >:(, I've found this version doesn't ask permission to bluetooh at the installation.  I need to download gold version via Google Play which will ask bluetooth permission, then upgrade the beta version. Please fix the beta version, or other users might have bluetooth connection problem if they install the beta version without old version installed.

Tutorials / Re: controller crossover with mouse
« on: 10:34 PM - 05/07/18 »

I suggest creating a video that teach gamepad+mouse users how to use a 2 second (BT) controller to play wirelessly with a normal config. Because

1. They don't know they can do this and they will use a wired USB connection which is easily disconnecting while gaming. It is very annoying and frustrating.
2. The controller crossover config can't use mouse.

Feedback / Re: Game controller improvements
« on: 11:40 PM - 05/05/18 »
All inputs work concurrently on a T2, so you can have any combination of controller, mouse, keyboard, joystick and foot pedals all playing friendly at the same time.

I can see T2 is very powerful, just a little pricey.  :( Anyway, it might be the only option if I want inverted axis. Thank you for replying.

Feedback / Re: Game controller improvements
« on: 11:01 PM - 05/05/18 »
You should get yourself some of these aftermarket trigger stops: https://www.gamestop.com/xbox-one/accessories/xb-one-quickshot-controller-kit/152292

Thanks. It seems I keep spending more money since the  purchase of XIM Apex.  ;D

Feedback / Re: Game controller improvements
« on: 05:03 AM - 05/05/18 »

That's great. I'll give the XB1 controller a try. Very appreciate!

Feedback / Re: Game controller improvements
« on: 04:00 AM - 05/05/18 »

Thank you for the explanation. If I read you correctly, the second DS4 can be paired with XIM Apex so I can use it wirelessly, right?

Feedback / Re: Game controller improvements
« on: 12:43 AM - 05/05/18 »

There are drivers for PC to connect DS3 (DS4) wirelessly. I guess BT pairing is not an issue. And if Titan Two doesn't need a wired gamepad for the authentication, they must have found a way to fake. Isn't it?

Feedback / Re: Game controller improvements
« on: 12:42 AM - 05/05/18 »

I just bought a Logitech G402, there are enough buttons for me to map gamepad's right-hand buttons. So the main concern now is wireless support for DS3 (DS4).

BTW, you still need a wired gamepad even though you use Joy-con, right?

Feedback / Re: Game controller improvements
« on: 07:42 PM - 05/03/18 »

Thank you for the explanation. Is it possible to pair DS3 (or DS4) after the authentication? Just like the first time you need to connect DS3 (or DS4) to PS3 (or PS4) wired and press the PS button, then you can pull out the cable and it will pair.


Hi, can you support landscape mode for Android? Thanks!

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