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I have some really fun settings atm using the new ST and advanced look controls.

Wont be for everyone as they aim to get very minimal AA but are really great for aggressive play.

Haven't had much time to play of late so don't want to release them until im happy i wasn't just frying by chance.

As an early heads up i don't like common sync anymore with new ST. Just too much AA

Sorry guys, no time to play since update and first chance ill get is maybe Sunday evening.

If anything has changed though ill be on top of it.

Meanwhile its my birthday so im struggling to breathe after last night o.0

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 01:03 PM - 03/02/20 »
If u like the feeling of a lower deadzone than the ST was trained for then just add a little boost instead. It has the same effect.

Exactly. Micro movement is removed in AL when lowering the deadzone size, adding boost gives the same effect but with more control over how much or little movement is removed.

To give an example of a game where the opposite is true, in The Division 2 more micro movement is gained by lowering the deadzone size.

Spellbreak for PS4 (Reales 03.03.2020)

Interesting game, please let me know when it's out of closed beta.

Mist i just went online and can't see the new ST for Apex. Is it up yet?

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 11:54 AM - 03/02/20 »
If u like the feeling of a lower deadzone than the ST was trained for then just add a little boost instead. It has the same effect.

Read above.

He uses toggle ads which has lag apparently

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 02:37 PM - 02/29/20 »
One thing i will say now to the masses regardless of what this ST is being trained on etc

Is DONT delete your current ST.

Keep it just in case u prefer the old one etc as you be able to get it back.

Hey disable,

Love your setups been using them since season 1, wonderd if you could help me out I use toggle to aim and  for some reason since season 3 when I have toggle selected in game settings it dosnt activated on xim manager. When I have it selected on the xim manager it stays activated but coming in and out of ads is really delayed. Any options to make it a smoother transition on the xim manager settings ?


I don't use toggle so its tricky for me to answer.

You could not use the ads page.

So on the ads page click where it says activate button (right mouse usually) so it says none.

Then manage your ads sensitivity in game. So put it at 70% or whatever ur preference is.

See if that helps.

Game Support / Re: PS4 Apex Legends ranked Group
« on: 01:00 PM - 02/27/20 »
Im down.

Psn in my bio

I haven't touched ranked this season yet.

Pred in both other seasons.

Sure - of course this is just my opinion.

Hemlock single fire is very good at range, especially with a bruiser site. Mid to long range it should be used. In the clip here i should have switched to single fire vs enemies on the bridge. I didn't because when i jumped up he was further away than i expected so just started firing as switching modes takes too long.

Up close burst mode is better, head shots melt.

I would still never run a hemlock though, i prefer to get up and personal.

Firing with a scout or hemlock from range is good and all but damage without a kill is largely pointless. It also encourages longer fights and the longer u fight the longer u risk third parties. Sound carries so far.

Any fight u start u ideally want to finish in 30 seconds or not fight at all until u see that opportunity.

The Prowler is godly now at close to medium range, more damage and bullets than a R99 but not as good at range. It actually does more damage on burst mode, i think it kills a purple shielded enemy in 2/3 bursts if u hit the head. Both modes are great.

Makes 1 clipping a gibby easier than with an r99.

I would take prowler R99 combo as possibly the best in the game, with either and a PK also great.

Flatline is great all round gun, high damage and good hipfire. Basically a better r301.

Ultimately though the skill gap in this game comes down to movement and therefore ill always pick the guns that have a high strafe speed and mean your not a sitting duck.

So from the ones you mentioned


Still working great for me!

Shared Configs / Re: Apex Legends ST needs retraining
« on: 11:26 AM - 02/24/20 »
U need to ask on the planned support thread or dm him i imagine but like i said before, i very much doubt it will be looked at. No harm in trying though i guess.

General Discussion / Re: advice needed for apex legends
« on: 06:45 AM - 02/24/20 »
You can only buy the apex now as the xim4 is no longer produced.

They both offer the same expect apex has a few more features and higher polling rate.

You can you virtually any mouse or keyboard but i would reccomend any logitech from the last 5 years or so.

Having onboard memory and a dpi of at least 3200 is preferable.

General Discussion / Re: advice needed for apex legends
« on: 06:28 AM - 02/24/20 »
Xim Apex is easily the best on the market and no u cannot get banned.

If you wanted to see it in action i hold the European record for kills in season 3 so you can see first hand how well it can work.

what does target compensation actually do? I suffer from the 4K glitch where I can't see it in settings, I've tried to force my Xbox and monitor to 1080p but it doesn't help. I can get to the setting and change it using the D pad, but can't see what I have it actually set to


Its aim assist on or off.

You would know if its off, it defaults to on.

I can't see mine either.

Simple test is to go to firing range, stand pretty close to dummy. Strafe left and right without moving mouse. U will feel your mouse be dragged by the heavy AA

(Also shows how big a part left stick aiming (sab) plays

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