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I slayed last night, got my highest damage! I'm still to get my 2k badge but am a long time player and have used d1sableds settings for quite a while now. I'm on xbox and never really found the previous sets that great. This new setup on tf2 is just a dream on xbox. Even got a few scout kills but I mainly run close quarters.

I'm interested to try out the standard updated ST with default game controller settings when available on xbox though, just for comparisons sake.

Thanms again D1sabled, subbed and liked.

Happy to hear that mate, nice work.

I still run these, absolutely destroy for me with r99 and pk

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable - Warzone - 25/03/2020
« on: 03:19 PM - 03/27/20 »
These are the settings ive told everyone to use multiple times as ive used them from the beginning and have over 100 wins with them they work great for me the only difference is I use 1 smoothing and 4500 dpi.
Maybe your friend got them from me lol.


Maybe, no idea without asking him I'm afraid.

But taking a look at those settings you use a different hrtz, different in game settings as well as the ones you already mentioned so essentially its just the sync which is the same.

I think its pretty clear that off sync is the way to go in this game regardless,

Why the different in game zoom settings, whats the difference? Not played with that yet.

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable - Warzone - 25/03/2020
« on: 12:28 PM - 03/27/20 »
""In game settings all as recommended""

Not sure what are recommended settings?

Could you.post the please


Shared Configs / Re: d1sable - Warzone - 25/03/2020
« on: 11:25 AM - 03/27/20 »
Settings in action here:

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable - Warzone - 25/03/2020
« on: 11:22 AM - 03/27/20 »
Thanks all.

Let me know whats good and whats bad.

Keep slaying!

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable - Warzone - 25/03/2020
« on: 09:11 AM - 03/26/20 »
I'm also running my Xim on 250hz for Warzone but I've left my mouse polling rate at 1000hz. Is there any benefit or negative aspect to doing this over dropping it to 250hz? I made the assumption that having my mouse refreshing more often than the xim would be beneficial.

There’s actually a huge difference when it comes to precision/accuracy and AA interaction which is crucial for this config to operate efficiently you must try to match both xim and mouse at 250 for optimal AA and accuracy. Your welcome

Does using 250 increase AA and accuracy? I mainly bought Xim apex for 1000hz but im not sure why lower would be better. I am going to give a try now.

Its not about more or less AA. Its about a better interaction with the algorithm of the games AA. IE not getting kicked outside the hitbox

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable - Warzone - 25/03/2020
« on: 06:30 AM - 03/26/20 »
My mouse Razer Naga trinity will only do 150, 500 and 1000 so I have to keep it set at 500 as close as I can get it. Would a difference be worth switching to a mouse that can do 250?

I certainly wouldn't be buying a new mouse just for this config mate, we're all individuals, there's a chance u don't even like it.

Run 500 500 and see how it goes

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable - Warzone - 25/03/2020
« on: 05:10 AM - 03/26/20 »
Setting in game?

Says in the video and at the bottom of the original post.

Recommend default

Shared Configs / d1sable - Warzone - 25/03/2020
« on: 01:07 PM - 03/25/20 »
Hi all,

Only just started playing this but here's a set up that i have been using that works really well for me.

All credit to a buddy of mine on the forums here who sent me the set to try, i liked it so much i barely changed anything.

He has a YouTube channel and is a great Ximer on multiple games so drop him a sub if you like xim gameplays.

His channel:

now for the settings....

this video explains them..

and here is the code:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Warzone] START COPY >>>

Here it is if you want to do it manually

Manager: 5.00.20190713
Firmware: 5.00.20200307

Hertz: 250
Polling: 250
DPI: 4,000

Sync: Off

Hip: 50
ADS: 30

Smoothing: 2 on both
SAB: off on both

In game settings all as recommended

Give it a go and let me know any feedback, its early days so i'm sure things can be improved.

Happy fragging

Game Support / Re: New MW ST out! Share your configs!
« on: 12:25 PM - 03/24/20 »
Started playing a bit of Warzone today, will try and make a config over next few days.

Had 21 kills in solo but then got crushed by a helicopter lol!!

And then such a noob i won my 1 on 1 then didn't deploy my parachute correctly and died 0/

UK here.

Both me and Mrs are "key workers" so its business as usual for us.

Kids still in school, we still work (and not from home). Almost like this thing is passing us by.

Stay safe all though! Think us gamers are used to isolation!

What do you recommend bro?

Just making sure you understand that dpi is not linked to sensitivity in the same way on xim as it is on pc.

There are many good configs in this thread,

If u want a fast one then this one is good imo, adjust sense as required.

Why does it have to be 12k dpi? That does not increase the speed  or turn cap in anyway.

Greetings - big fan of the Season 4 settings at the head of this page.

Suddenly I'm getting a warning on the manager that says

"your Config's mouse translation is out-of-date.
Config recreation is required to update to the latest."

Manager Version:  5.00.20190804
Firmware Version: 5.00.20191217

Should I be...

1. updating to the latest firmware?

2. Updating to the latest app?

3. Carry on with my current firmware / app?

Thanks in advance!

The Apex Legends ST was remade for PS4 so u are using the older one.

I don't like the new one so i would stick with what u have personally.

Or use my new settings which use the TF2 ST

It's hard converting 7/7 sens to ALC's. I tried the swipe across the mouse pad trick. But I'm not feeling it because the acceleration is different.

Yep the acceleration is the key here for swiping through the aa, means u can drag scope PK shots etc

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