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The XIM was built for the best mouse emulation and best experience so of course IT can but there's still all these convertions hat go through it and by the time it hits the game bas input it's almost never 1000hz even on my Zowie FK2. In any case I didn't point out the xims console limitation on its polling to throw shade or to persuade anyone to change but merely to inform people like me who love to get down to the little specs and nitty gritty and see how everything works. Understanding the XIM helps me utilize it to it's full potential and it's interesting.

I never said XIM couldn't pull it, but even if you have the best mouse you won't do it consistently due to console limitations. On PC it's a similar story but it's still better

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Syncronization Question
« on: 07:55 PM - 06/20/19 »
This post has nothing to do with polling rate it was never mentioned. Please keep those comments under the other XIM forum post I made this one is about syncronization.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Syncronization Question
« on: 11:48 AM - 06/20/19 »
Thank you for your insight. From what I can see, you should use the sync tied to your games framerate (unless you prefer the feel of one because preference is the most important factor) however if the framerate is inconsistent and you should just use default (like in Battlefield) that is what I've gathered. I'm not new to XIM, this is just something i've been wondering.

I don't think you're understanding that I've done this test with 4 different mice. A Zowie FK2, Model O, G502 Hero, and a Razer Deathadder. All of these mice from 4 different companies had polling imperfections. I tested this across games with perfect predictable ST's. The polling rate rapidly malfunctioned has in kept changing and there were slight inconsistencies in micro movements.

I also don't think you're understanding these issue are there whether or not you see it or feel it, it's just the limitations of the console and XIM. So as I said use what you prefer, but these issues exist. I recorded my screen at 60fps and slowed down the frames across 1000hz and 500hz and I plan on uploading a video in great detail for the XIM about how each sync and polling effects the mouse movements if I can edit all my data in a professional informative way that the average person would understand.

It's not that easy to to explain things like these and try to simplify them, but if you get polls off timed by as much has half a millisecond stutter will be apparent in cursor (emulated analog) behavior.

There has been many test done I can link you to that show an increase in performance when using a more stable polling rate, it's more than just numbers. The reason only test shows these isn't because it has no effect on you it's because it's so subtle that you don't know that you're performing worse, or at least you can't pinpoint it on your hz.

At the end of the day it is all preference, I love the responsiveness of 1000hz and if you do too then use it. But if you're making micro-adjustments or anything then it will negatively impact you but again that isn't detectable by your eye you don't notice your mouse having small missteps like that but it does affect your aim quality. Furthermore on the xim 500hz is less jittery as well, so it's all about how you prefer your gameplay

Do you want something super responsive, fast, and touchy? Or something stable, smoother, and more accurate, at the cost of the things above. Those are the two sets you can choose from and either or it is a slight sacrifice but on the XIM these effects are amplified due to it just being an emulation and not the real thing. Also my original post was informative not persuasive I'm not trying to change anyones mind, I'm trying to make sure no one buys a mouse just for its internal processor. It's a really dumb idea to do that, especially since it's useless on the XIM.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Syncronization Question
« on: 09:37 AM - 06/20/19 »
I know it's not IN between or else the sensitivity adjustment would be somewhere between common and slow but it's not. But its in between as in it's not for 30 or 60, so I figured low 50's and high 40's it would probably be the superior option?

And why does default feel better to you?

People have blamed inconsistent polling rates the higher your polling rate is on the mouse's processor inside being too weak, however this is only partially true. Even if you have a Zowie FK2 you're not going to poll 1000hz consistently. Polling rate isn't only determined by the mouse's processor, that information is sent through the XIM and then through the Xbox. It is then processed as quickly and accurately as possible and through that translation since Xbox is not a PC that was meant for this it is not as accurate and there is one additional step it must go through unlike a PC making it even slower. By the time it reaches your game as input it is not 1000hz almost ever, according to my test on my Zowie I was getting an average of 940-975hz and it kept jumping around.

Here are some test examples of what it looks like.

If you are thinking about getting a mouse just because you really want the best 1000hz experience since polling rate is more important on the XIM as it combats aim assist then dont. Just get a mouse with a flawless sensor that has a comfortable shape for you. This is also not saying do not use 1000hz, it is just saying do not expect actual 1000hz. You are using a device that emulates a mouse and keyboard this is not a PC.

XIM APEX Discussions / Syncronization Question
« on: 09:06 AM - 06/20/19 »
Common sync is meant for 60fps, default is inbetween slow and common which is why its recommended if you don't know your games framerate.

Which syncronization should you use if you're playing a game like battlefield that runs at low 50 fps all the time? Or a game that hits 60 but keeps dropping a lot? Should I use default since it's not really 60fps? Or should I use common because it's not close to 30fps?

Also, as a PC player which one feels more like a PC experience? Having my sync off or having my sync match my games framerate?

I don't think they did, the devs said the update would come later this season

XIM 1 / Horrible!! 125hz in 2019?!
« on: 04:54 AM - 06/06/19 »
This was an absolute scam, I plugged it into my console and it wouldn't even sync. Someone told me to put it in the freezer because it will recharge the lithium battery inside and now it won't even turn on. Im never buying another XIM product this was not worth the $200 I paid on ebay. The XIM1 sucks

What do you have to divide your sensitivty by to get your old sensitivty back? What is the conversation

Game Support / R6S Changing it's curve next season
« on: 02:31 PM - 05/16/19 »
http://imgur.com/a/bII9pmv Here's a screenshot of R6S developers saying they're going to be changing the curve on Console for more comfortable aiming shortly, the acceleration is to fast for most users they said. I'm leaving this here has a heads up so you guys know, and to also ask if this config will be updated in the future after this change takes place?

I was on the update that readded boost then added steady aim, i didn't update to the lateat firmware cause it said there was no changes but if fixed my issue so it seems. Thank you for the suggestion

On fortnite, some of the time you *can't move and you have to repress the key if its not on simulate analog behavior so for that game i have the value set to 5 just so it will work

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