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If you're only buying the XIM Apex to use it on games that natively support Mouse and Keyboard you will regret it. I love XIM but I always plug it in natively if I'm playing warzone or cold war. XIM emulates the controllers analog movement and converts it into mouse movement so the mouse movement is no where near as snappy good or precise as PC. Your aim can be much much better on Native mouse than on the XIM, and I recommend only using it on games with either buggy keyboard support or none.

So I know rainbow six sieges aim mechanics are bad which is why you gave people the option between updated and classic however assuming you didn't give everyone two options because people didn't complain and the game wasn't so popular what ST was actually better for the XIM Apex that you would've used?

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 05:24 PM - 11/22/20 »
Please add cuisine royale to your planned support list. It's a shooter game that would benefit from it, and it's more popular than other shooter games that are already on the list.

Cuisine Royale is a shooter game which means it would greatly benefit from the XIM Apex. It's even more popular than Hyper Scape which is also a battle royale and it came out after Cuisine did which means it should be more popular. Yet this game is supported and Cuisine isn't? The developers even updated the game for Seies X, they're very active.

If games like hyperscape will get an ST then please add one for this game. because using other configs isn't good.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: d1sable - goodbye for now!
« on: 01:31 PM - 08/14/20 »
Sorry to hear about your family loss, take your time and im sure you will be back at one point!
Dont glorify PC gaming too much, i now climbed into the top percet of CSGO rankings and have a cheater every third or fourth game in either my team or the enemies. Stuff like that shows me that despite the console limitations you have a much nicer multiplay erexperience on consoles than on PC. Especially now since high refreshrates should also be a possibility on PS5 or Xbox Series X.

This is very true however with crossplay getting more possible this point is getting more redundant. I run into hackers all the time on call of duty warzone. And because the game is crossplay and 90% of people have the feature enabled que times are very slow when it's disabled. So as more games go into this direction the lines between console and pc will be blurred further.

Unfortunately as an xbox player I have no idea how to recreate the curve for xbox. If anyone on xbox has done it successfully I would appreciate the code

this config made this game playable. WOW... gonna start playing again!!!!
can you send me the curve you created?

Does anyone on this thread have the Xbox version of the curve? If so can you please respond with it, I'm having a lot of trouble manually doing it.

XIM APEX Discussions / Apex Legends Settings Question
« on: 08:04 AM - 02/09/20 »
Most people use custom advanced controls on apex legends and it feels a lot better than the recommended settings to use on this site, would it benefit people if the ST was retrained around the best advanced settings where you can very precisely adjust yaw and pitch values for hip and ads individually?

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 07:03 PM - 01/18/20 »
laststand, support was attempted in the past. Does the game now allow for time unlimited private matches (or long timed matches) without bot or player inference?

Latvian, ^ this is blocking cuisine support. If this changes please let us know.

Kyle, added to the queue.

Cuisine royale doesn't have custom games but they have solos, duos, squads, just like fortnite now. Which you guys made a fortnite ST before private matches were added, so can't you just run a squad or dup and have someone protect you? I am at a disadvantage on MnK sadly and I don't feel comfortable knowing that, it's harder playing the game with apex than it is on my controller. I hope an ST is reattempted

It's a shooter battle Royale game on Xbox One that very badly needs support because all of the fake profiles I made for it aren't stable enough, and it's an extremely fun game.

It's not popping up for me, which isn't my fault. I'm glad that it's there on your end but I'm not you man. Thanks for the help

The way its worded the word "updated" could be used interchangeably meaning it could of meant a couple different things also it's not on the settings tab for the site which is suppose to be the place you go to find out what settings to use.

XIM APEX Discussions / R6S Which Look Mechanic Do I Use
« on: 11:25 PM - 07/05/19 »
I downloaded the new config and checked the sites settings and it didn't specify which of the two looking settings I should use under my ingame settings. Anyone know?

I got the matte black model o, it's mouse movement feels fine (I play at 4k and 12k depending on the game for reference) no jitter or spin outs caused by the mouse and it has on board memory, along with a lot of features and macros for the on board memory too which is good because logitech has great software but most of their features get disabled with on board memory. The only problem I had is that I had to turn down the brightness of its LEDs in the software cause it consumed a lot of power on my XIM, which made it look beautiful. And you already know about the shape and the weight so no reason to talk about that, everything works great on the XIM it's a very compatible device.

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