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Hardware Compatbility / Re: Keypad gaming
« on: 08:51 AM - 03/16/18 »
Pretty much all Keyboards will work, and most keypads work as well with the Xim Apex. It's more so about your preference. Check out some of the other posts that people have made, and examine their signatures (Many include their current hardware there).

My Apex has been dropped off at the nearest FedEx location. I'll be picking it up today during my lunch break. Can't wait to try it out tonight.

Yes, we received all the defective units. Still no conclusion just yet.

Please keep us updated with the cause/issue for those faulty devices if you can! Thanks!

Well, just got updated that a replacement is being sent, this time requiring a signature, expected delivery tomorrow by 8pm. I can't wait!

the g403, g603, g703 and g903 are basically the same when comparing their wireless models
what you want to look at to find your favourite is
- weight of the mouse
- duration of the wireless mode / battery
- button placements and amount of buttons, if you eg want to play with a wireless sony nav the mouse needs 6-7 buttons minimum

Well the G900 is almost identical to the G903, The G903 has added benefit of 50M click life, ability to charge wirelessly through the powerplay mat, and the ability to add weight to it. I think the G900 would likely be best for me, because I don't want to have to spend another $100 for a charging mousepad.

Are you coming from a PC or console background?

I've been primarily a PC gamer up until recent years, where I have switched to console and have been primarily console. So I guess you could say I come from both backgrounds.... lol

as for the mouse i would recommend one of the following depending on what shape and button placements you prefer
technically they are all the same with the exception of wireless and wired :)
logitech g203, g303, g403, g502, g603, g703, g903 and gpro

as for the keyboard, here you can basically go with any kind of keyboard as you dont really gain any advantage over using a so called gaming keyboard
if you still want to invest a bit more money id recommend to check out the corsair and coolermaster keyboards
they are relatively cheap and offer everything you might want to have such as mechanical switches, backlight, onboard memory, ...

I was looking at the G900 / G903, and possibly the G703... Just not certain as to which one would better suit me. Unfortunately, Best Buy is completely SOLD OUT of G900/G903 mice, except for online, but I can get it from Amazon Prime tomorrow, but if I come to not like it, returns are more of a PITA than returning to Best Buy...

Oh the decisions...

Yes sorry. The board is here: http://community.xim.tech/index.php?board=95.0

This has our test builds as well as experimental builds with new features we'd like to.get the community's feedback on.

Oh, okay! Right on, yeah Iíll definitely take a look at it.

For now, Iím just trying to determine a good mouse/keyboard combo... I currently have a Razer Mamba TE that I purchased Sunday, but Iím thinking about returning it for a Logitech mouse instead based on the community posts Iíve been reading. Still need to determine a kb or keypad that will benefit me best. Any thoughts?

We should lean a lot today about the issue with units from Flashback. You will also be getting contacted about your replacements.

Once you guys figure out the problem with Flashbacks devices, will you be notifying us about what the issue was? I think it would be nice to at least know what the issue was with my original.

What do you mean beta builds? Do you mean running the beta firmware?? Iím still fairly new to XIM in general.

The device has been sent back, as of yesterday, 3/12/18, at 1:10pm (CST). Tracking info shows that it has arrived in Portland, OR Sort Facility this morning at 5:47.

I'm more anxious to get a tracking number for my replacement device, fingers crossed that it is sent out today, delivered tomorrow!

You all know that feeling, when you get a new toy and you're soooo excited to play with it, but you need to wait until you get home... Yeah... I've been having that feeling since last Thursday. Hyped!

OBsIV has been spot on with replies, especially with regards to this issue. I'm hoping the issue is resolved quickly, and that they are able to get to the bottom of Flashback Limited's faulty devices.

Okay, sounds good. I just received the email for the shipping label, I'll be swinging by my house to pickup everything and bring it to the nearby FedEx Office Print & Ship Center and have it shipped out today.

Hopefully I'll get a replacement soon.

How long does express shipping typically take? I'm located in SE Wisconsin.

It seems bizarre that this one store is having this issue, particularly with the newest batch. Hopefully it gets resolved quickly, because I'm eager to use it.

I submitted a ticket last night, awaiting reply.

Whatís the estimated return time for this? Iím really disappointed that I wasnít able to use this over the weekend, and Iím hoping to have another one by this coming weekend if at all possible.


Unfortunately no, nothing comes up. Iíve gone through the other posts for the same issue, and have attempted each possible fix or trick, and none of them have yielded any results.

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