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Updated after testing and forum research.
Most mouses don't hold a steady 1000hz, so that can introduce weird float randomly. 
Reduced to 500hz and reduced DPI to 3200.

Your logic seems sound.  But do you experience any latency while switching into AUX mode from weapon or from build mode.  Even a small latency in pulling up building could cause you to take extra damage or worst case fall off something.  I use my G502 with a similar macro but without using AUX mode.  I manually switch to flat or roof and use a macro to very quickly pull up stair piece. 
My delay timing are as follows:
Between Key Up Down: input value 22
Between Different Keys: input value 45
These values work very well and it feels instant.

I drastically reduced my XIM sens when moving to 1000Hz polling.
I also set my mouse to max DPI (12,000).
I also use this BETA build EX1: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=62791.0
Install that build before changing options.
An interesting and useful feature was added in place of boost:
For Destiny 2 (which runs at a max 30FPS)
Setting Boost to 2 will make it feel better
Maybe some smoothing for stickier aim assist if you want

Confirmed that it happens much less often on Beta EX1.  I usually couldn't move for 10+ seconds on starter island with stable.

Beta Software always needs testing and feedback to improve / change things.
I haven't been able to try it yet, but I have read good things about the EX1 Beta.

I'm seeing good things regarding the Beta Build EX1:

this firmware uses the Boost setting to control Framerate Sync:
Here are all the values you can use:

Setting Boost to 0 sets Framerate-Sync to 120fps (this is equivalent to XIM4, default value) -- Seems Best for Fortnite, CoD
Setting Boost to 1 sets Framerate-Sync to 60fps (this is what is used in BETA EX0)
Setting Boost to 2 sets Framerate-Sync to 30fps -- Destiny 2
Setting Boost to 3 sets Framerate-Sync to Immediate (this is what is used in all other XIM APEX firmwares)

If you don't have a large mouse pad (15in x 12in), you should get one.
Major benefits IMO, slightly lowered my XIM sens and removed smoothing.  No jitter now.  Small fine movements are larger mouse movements which translates into smoother aiming.
Using a cloth Roccat Taito Control (like $10).  I highly recommend this.

Updated with new larger mouse pad.  I highly recommend getting a large mouse pad for use with XIM.  I am now using a Roccat Taito Control and have a G440 I will be trying out soon.

Your mouse has on board memory.  Using the Logitech Gaming Software on a computer you can setup multi key macros.
For building: Enable Reset Building Choice in game.  Whatever key you bound build to and whatever key you bound next weapon to.
Example Macro with timing delay of input value 50,
Select Ramp: {Build} Delay 50, {Next Weapon}, Delay 50, {Next Weapon}
I use this on my mouse to quickly pull out a ramp piece.  Can be changed to select other pieces.  Do NOT lower delay, otherwise it will NOT register in game and pick the wrong one, etc.

I originally tried 125Hz but I had the XIM sensitivity maxed out.
I went to 1000Hz with around 225 Sensitivity with variable smoothing (3 to 7) and it feels fast enough, but micro movements and close range are slightly suffering.
I am getting a larger mouse pad tomorrow.  I'm guessing that should solve my close range issues since I will have a larger total area to move my mouse.  (Roccat Taito Control Cloth Pad and a Logitech G440 Hard Pad)  And should be able to lower my XIM sensitivities.

Iím assuming to use the mouse macros on the G502 for Fortnite, would have a seperate mouse profile running. Otherwise the macros would cause problems when switching to a different game. As long as itís just the keybinds / macros which are different between the profiles and not the polling and dpi etc, Iím guessing there is no problem?

Yeah different profile for CoD and fortnite.  3 profiles on mouse should be enough. I haven't tired CoD WW2 with Apex yet.

I updated it to say that I changed the keybind on the mouse 4 and 5 in LGS to be a keyboard letter.  Then the Apex recognizes those buttons on the mouse and can be mapped.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Feels like trash, why?
« on: 07:09 PM - 03/09/18 »
I know you have posted on my Fortnite Settings Page.  I don't think its an apex issue.  Fortnite is notoriously buggy and is a BETA game which means there will be issues.  I do agree that it feels different than a controller which is kind of the point.  Fornite also has a "feature" called bloom which causes your bullets to randomly spread.  Pickup a gold scar and you will wreck people at range.  I also assume you know to crouch while firing AR, not move, and tap fire ARs.  I have little to no issues hitting people at medium to long range.
Also take note of your game ping / latency.  Or playing during peak hours, the servers will cause you to experience lag sometimes. 
Also also, I assume you are using a low latency monitor?  Under 5ms imo is best.  If you aren't then what you see isn't exactly where you think it is.
My 2 cents as a xim apex user that plays fortnite @ 12k DPI and 1000hz

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: OBsIV
« on: 03:22 PM - 03/09/18 »
Sorry had a beer last night had ago at  OBsIV  just loads on ebay and amazon and other sites asking for like £100 plus ...Then was a waiting list we was not told when on sale.... Yes he needs to make money but dirty he sell in bulk and not tell the waiting list its for sale dirty that

If you followed this forum closely you would of gotten one at release like me.  I checked it multiple times a day and had patience to wait for the XIM store to process page loads.
One cannot stop a person from using multiple accounts to purchase several or even using a script to spam order from the store.  I think OBsIV did an awesome job with how it was released and the quick responses he gives to all matter of questions / complaining.

I'll upload a screenshot in a minute.  Double check you are using the mouse's memory to store data, correct profile etc.  I just delete all other profiles and DPI just in case.  And i only use this mouse with xim.  Good luck using it at 12K DPI on a computer lol...

If you used different keybinds, then change to whatever you used for B (Build), C (Next Weapon)
Select "Record Delays Between Events" to get the delay between keys.  It won't register on console with 0ms (no delay)
Manually click the delays to set to 15 and 30.  Lower doesn't always register, seems instant on xbox with those values.

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