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XIM Link / Change DPI when Xim Link is active
« on: 08:28 PM - 04/16/18 »
I am wondering if there is a way to automatically change my mouse DPI when I hit the hotkey to active Xim Link. I have a button on my mouse for this, but I hate having to click it all the time plug I don't want to risk wearing it out as I doubt it is made for a ton of use.

Member Projects / Paracord Mod on Rival 310
« on: 09:44 PM - 04/03/18 »
I just got a paracord from CeeSA and installed it on my Rival 310. It looks and feels awesome.

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I have an Elgato HD60, and in order to capture chat audio they sell a splitter (Elgato Chat Link - 3.5mm 4-pole male into the controller to a 3.5mm 4-pole female for the headset and 3.5mm 3-pole male into the Elgato). When I have this connected plus the controller's data/charge cable I get a buzzing. This occurs if the controller usb cable is connected to the Apex or to the Xbox. If I connect a micro-usb power cord from a phone to the controller there is no buzzing. If I remove the splitter cable and connect the headest directly to the controller there is no buzzing.

I am thinking the power cable to the Apex hub would resolve the issue, but I was hoping someone else who had experienced this could chime in with their experience or thoughts. I was going to get this cable, that OBsIV suggested in another thread. https://www.amazon.com/ZJchao-2000mA-Regulated-Supply-1-35mm/dp/B005CVNH1Q I was also considering replacing the Apex hub with this: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00DQFGJR4

I have also now had some problems with just the headset audio (with the Elgato Chat Link/splitter). People in the party have mentioned my mic is cutting in and out, and this only happens when I am using the Apex. If I switch back to the controller and no Apex, my headset/mic audio is flawless.

I have also updated to the latest firmware.

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