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XIM Link / Re: Change DPI when Xim Link is active
« on: 05:34 PM - 04/17/18 »
Steelseries. There is a macro editor in the Steelseries software, but it doesn't recognize a press of the DPI button.

XIM Link / Change DPI when Xim Link is active
« on: 08:28 PM - 04/16/18 »
I am wondering if there is a way to automatically change my mouse DPI when I hit the hotkey to active Xim Link. I have a button on my mouse for this, but I hate having to click it all the time plug I don't want to risk wearing it out as I doubt it is made for a ton of use.

Member Projects / Re: Paracord Mod on Rival 310
« on: 12:31 PM - 04/08/18 »
Hit up http://www.overclock.net/forum/261-artisan-sales-forum/1621381-paracord-mice-cable-made-ceesa.html

He makes replacement cords for your mouse. It is a usb cable where he removes the sleeve and shield and resleeves it in 550 paracord. The result is a very light and flexible cable. The mouse looks and feels great with it.

Beta / Re: Audio Compatibility Mode
« on: 10:13 AM - 04/06/18 »
For those trying 500Hz and Audio Compat off, please let us know if that works for you. I'd be happy to change how Audio Compat throttles based on this feedback.

Prior to switching to a mixamp yesterday, I was running beta 321 since release using 500hz with no more issues.

UBS 3.0 is backwards compatible.

You know, that's what I thought but the Compatibility post for the post literally says that all USB 3.0 hubs won't work. I was pretty surprised by that.Thankfully I don't need a hub of any sort.

Member Projects / Paracord Mod on Rival 310
« on: 09:44 PM - 04/03/18 »
I just got a paracord from CeeSA and installed it on my Rival 310. It looks and feels awesome.

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IMG_20180403_225310" border="0
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Same answer as your previous reply, just with more words. Unfortunately that doesn't change anything about the problem, the money spent and time wasted ordering the suggested equipment, or anything else. Again, may as well mark as something other than active.

'hey, having this problem'

'buy a ground loop isolator'

'so I did, plus the various splitters to connect everything, and it didn't work'

'oh. go buy some other stuff, maybe that will solve the problem.'


May as well Mark this thread as something other than active. There is clearly nothing else to be done here.

I have tried a ground loop isolator and it only reduced both the buzzing but also the overall volume, to a point that that is not feasible for play.

I have tried the powered USB 2.0 hub and it had no effect.

I have no workable solution for this after trying many things, spending some money on guesses and several weeks. I'm pretty frustrated at this point.

I think he does. I wouldn't mind that either.

Does this problem happen for anyone on X1X or X1S? We tried both on X1X and Original X1 last night and couldn't reproduce it (3.5h of testing at 1000Hz). But, we will continue to try to reproduce.

I had it with the following setup:
Xbox One S
Xbox One S Wireless controller /or/ Scuf Infinity
Headset connected directly to the controller
In a party with others present
Original firmware, Beta and EX0.
1000Hz Polling
I did not experience this on PUBG, but play a limited number of games (20-30 maybe)
I did experience this in Rainbow 6 Siege.
I can also confirm that when this was happening I would unplug my mouse and keyboard from the Apex hub and reconnect them to the computer. I have left the controller cable connected to the Apex hub and played with the controller (limited games) and with that setup not experienced any issues.

I did not test it with game chat and can't speak on that. I did not experience any other related issues, IE lag, etc. Just the party chat and my mic cutting in and out.

I have switched to EX1 and at the same time (hard to help narrow it down, but being honest) switched to 500Hz polling. I haven't played a ton of Siege yet, but so far I have had no issues.

While I am still troubleshooting this, any ideas on using a Astro Mixamp or a Turtlebeach Pro Tac? I was considering one anyway. The audio is coming from optical out and into the mixamp/pro tac, then 3.5mm to the controller. The headset connects directly to the mixamp/pro tac. Not sure if those devices could effectively function like a ground loop isolator.

I would need to test more (IE, Skype, 500Hz), but I do know that in PUBG I notice no problems and no one has mentioned hearing problems, but in Rainbow 6 Siege I notice and party members report cutting in and out to me. No lag issues with audio. Haven't tried any other games in a party to know.

I am having issues on at least one game with the headset audio and mic cutting in and out. No lag issues. I am currently using ex0.

Any other thoughts? Any clarification on my question about the ground loop isolators?

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