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all games  ::)

Yeah, totally a good idea! So everyone can get one.

 "For the first two weeks of release, we are only allowing 1 unit per order"

Just got this info from support. I was asking if I can order 2 XIM APEX for me and my friend so we can split shipping cost but it seems not possible at least for the first 2 weeks.

I wanted to share with you the information I got.

Happy GAMEPLAY with XIM APEX once everyone gets one!

impressive ;D

P.S. your avatar gif with the pig is hilarious! hahaha

They do have a pretty aggressive schedule, and I would bet that they will do things just to please the community. But yeah, what I was looking mostly is to get some comments from the team behind Xim Apex about the ability to detect the Xim Apex.

We will have to see how things are going.

Unfortunately like all other scammers. Due to the desire of getting things faster or easier we tend to believe in these people and get scammed.  :(

I would believe it if I wouldnít have had any experience in the field :D , but like Microsoft(Mike Ybarra) already acknowledged the fact that developers can detect these i think it is pretry important.

Why would you trust someone like that in the first place... :o
Thanks for the heads up, but like myself everyone will use the international shipping fromthe website which is the most secure you can get!

ďWe have been gathering in-game information regarding Third Party device usage over the past few months. Although usage of these devices is statistically very low, fair gameplay is core to our experience, and we will be communicating our plan to curb the use of these devices soon.Ē


If they can detect it, then we might get a ban for using it...this is just sad. Probably if they start doing this, other developers will follow.

Any comments from the team behind Xim Apex?

For myself and many other, I consider this as a long term  investment, and would not want to see my Xim Apex being useless after a couple of weeks...

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM Apex Bluetooth Audio?
« on: 06:27 AM - 02/02/18 »
I have wireless bluethoot headset for my Xbox ...and not sure what youíre talking about

So basically you will need in your case to have an USB/Micro USB cable. Make sure you have a quality cable, as we have been informed that this tend to be the general issue if your Apex is not working correctly.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: February is here brothers!
« on: 04:48 PM - 02/01/18 »
Bubble wrap...

I was actually seriously considering this -- specifically a smaller batch just intended for forum members that is packaged this way. It's just didn't want the increase the risk of people receiving broken hardware.

Donít think twice and you will probably get all our support on this :)

Thanks for your reply!

I know everyone is posting about when, when should we expect the sale to go live?, hopefully we will get a heads up as you said first here on the forum.

Thanks again for all the hard work!

I havenít seen any email to cofirm that I have been added to the waiting list. Checked spam, nothing...

How do I even know that I am on the waiting list now? :(

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: February is here brothers!
« on: 11:41 AM - 02/01/18 »
They said multiple times, that they will give us a heads up.

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