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Feedback / Re: two things need to be add
« on: 04:09 AM - 03/15/18 »
Setup a new Auxilliary sub-config. Use a button hold to activate it, like L3. On that Aux page, tick Left Stick.

correct me if i'm wrong. you mean to set it, that when i press one button on hold, it gives and option to use the left stick fully?

If it is, yes:
There's such a thing in XIM4 or XIM Apex? (if your answer is yes, please tell me where is it placed on the manager, too)
Or maybe you're just giving OBsIV an idea how to support it?

Thank you!

Feedback / Re: two things need to be add
« on: 12:05 AM - 03/15/18 »
If the game doesn't react to the Left Stick by moving when you are at that part of the game, then, there wouldn't be movement caused by your XIM.

so that's a problem because i want it the be set for the whole game even when the game react to the Left Stick. because i don't want to set it and then disable it again and again every time i need it. and you need it on the "lost legacy" a lot.

if you can restrict the movement of the Left stick only for things like that, that will be a solution if it's possible

Feedback / Re: two things need to be add
« on: 11:52 PM - 03/14/18 »
For #1, you can do this by mapping "Left Stick" to your mouse (under Advanced mouse settings).

And it will not affect the movement of going forward, backward and sideways? (If I set this up for the whole game)

Feedback / two things need to be add
« on: 09:45 PM - 03/14/18 »
I think that you need to add two thing to your XIM (If it is not already supported and i just do not know)

1. an option to use the left stick somehow with the mouse pulley or other option, in addition to the W, A, S, D keys, because of such situations that require more sensitivity (With the W, A, S, D you can not reach all the locations on the left stick movement). for example:


2. an option for such situations (right movements of the controller):


And I have to say thank you so much for such wonderful products

General Discussion / Re: About Xim Apex
« on: 10:12 AM - 03/13/18 »
Yes to both of these, that setup will work as long as the length isn't too long. Try to stay 12' or less in length.

12 what? ft? CM?
and i added another Q in the end of the Post

General Discussion / About Xim Apex
« on: 09:19 AM - 03/13/18 »
With the XIM4 i'm playing on XBOX One and PS4 with two sets of cables, one for each console (see the pic)

Eventually I'll buy the XIm Apex and I want to know whether the male to female USB cable can do the same work for me. i mean i'll have two male to female USB cables one for each console, and the apex dongle will be connected to them.

the Q here is:
1. if the male to female USB cable can work on the opposite direction, from the female to the male. (if you have some experience with that)
2. and if it will still work the same when the dongle is not connected straight to the console

The male to female USB cable:


Another Q :
i saw some people complaining about a dead Xim apex that they bought from Flashback store. is it safe to buy now from them or i should need to wait for you, to check it with them?

The earlier games in the series have a poor look mechanic and I don't remember all the details off the top of my head but I do remember it has a small look mechanic with timed acceleration. Supporting these games is problematic and the performance when supported would have been poor as well.

(Before you read I beg your pardon if my tone of writing seems angry or something like that. Because I do not. i'm really calm)

Can you please explain what that "poor look mechanic" means.
I really don't understand why you so much against supporting those game on the PS4 when It's already supported by you, with the uncharted 3 Single player settings.

There's no problem with the movments of the Camera or the Mouse. (I even managed to make the movement of the gun in Aim almost identical to the PC. and the regular look also more comfortable than the controller)

And if you mean by saying "poor look mechanic", on the times when the game is taking over the camera (like in the Nazi ship). that's the same on the controller.

Support / Re: XIM4 Problem with the PS4 controller
« on: 06:10 PM - 03/12/18 »
Could you please share what mouse and keyboard you're using?

If you're only experiencing this on PS4 I recommend fully charging the controller directly with the console, trying another data cable with the controller, and finally trying another controller if possible. These are steps that may help if the issue is isolated to one console but not the other.

my mouse and keyboard are the regular kind

Mouse - Rapoo M10

Keyboard - Genius GK-100011

I'll check what you said and i'll give you an answer

Support / [ACTIVE] XIM4 Problem with the PS4 controller
« on: 03:52 PM - 03/12/18 »
I bought PS4 not long ago, and recently I noticed a certain problem that I'm not sure what the cause is.
When i'm trying to write somthing on the PS4 OS, the writing window closed automatically every time, in a way that seems like the button is on long press.

and when i'm on game (Uncharted the lost legacy if you want to know) the player there just shooting by himself.

I think that what causes the problem to start happening, is when I use the controller while connected to XIM4. (In the game i mentioned you must use it to crack locks, because it requires more sensibility in the left stick).
And fixing the problem in a temporarily way, is to disconnect everything from the XIM4 device and reconnect again.

that problem didn't happen to me on XBOX One S !

So i want to know if that issue is known or not. and what is the cause for sure?

The earlier games in the series have a poor look mechanic and I don't remember all the details off the top of my head but I do remember it has a small look mechanic with timed acceleration. Supporting these games is problematic and the performance when supported would have been poor as well.

There is a Game Support category where community members can share and talk about their configs.

As i said it's probably was on the Original games. but the PS4 Remastered games working just fine.

see here: (Those are not mine):

those mine: (I played fast just to show that the games are doing fine with XIM4)

XIM 4 Discussions / Uncharted: The nathan drake collection
« on: 02:45 AM - 03/11/18 »
I don't know why you don't add this game for the XIM4 list.
I played all the three games on PS4 with the settings of the PS3 third game, and it was Just fine. i didn't occur any problem or something that cannot applied by those setting. (What I did need to, was to set right the keys in the XIM4 manager. because the keys were different between the original third game and the remastered series)

I saw in some topics here that you had some problems with the original games for the PS3 console. but from my experience there are no problems at all on the Collection version for the PS4.

So why you don't add it?

Another Q i have is why you're not opening a Category "Only" for people to share there settings with others. it will help everybody to set there games right from the beginning.

People often get confused with the settings or compromise on a non-specific setting state that reduce the quality of the experience. and that because they do not have the knowledge or patience to seek the best setting for them.

Support / Re: [Q/A] Which mouse should i choose
« on: 10:30 AM - 03/07/18 »
Ok thank you very much!

Support / [Q/A] Which mouse should i choose
« on: 11:27 PM - 03/06/18 »
I don't know about mouses nothing, and certainly not in Xim apex.
And when i saw one of your video tutorials, i saw him with the logitech g502. and users here also recommend it.

but the problem is that i prefer wireless mic. so i found the g602, but when i searched for a comparison, the G502 seemed to be better In performance.

here the comparison:

So my Q for those how to understand the requirements of XIM apex. if the G602 meets the requirements of the maximum capability of XIM Apex, or not. and I must buy the G502.

Sorry for my bad English!

Feedback / Re: gears of war judgment problem
« on: 11:35 AM - 12/18/17 »
To confirm, the action names are incorrect for Judgement in Manager?
yes but it's...
On the Keys of the "up,down etc" only + you can't change the "current objective" that it is on "down" key, to another key.

Feedback / gears of war judgment problem
« on: 08:26 AM - 12/18/17 »
That game is different than other Gears of war games.

And the one that set his setting on the XIM4, set it to be like the other gears of war.

For example in all gears of war (1,2,3,4) the keys UP,DOWN etc. are changing the weapons.
but on judgment it's one key that changing them, and the UP,DOWN etc are for other things like "view current objective". and on the settings of  judgment in xim4, the keys UP,DOWN etc still listed as the ones who changing the weapons.
and one problem that it is causing, it's that you can't change the "current objective" key, to any other than "Down" key. and if you'll change it, it will not responed at all.

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