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I have a problem that started from the previews Beta version, and happened to me one time. and now after updateing to the newer version happened to me again.
I'm playing Far cry new dawn and in the middle of a the game the controller just stopped working, and the character in the game start going in endless circels by himself.

and the only way to fix it (that the controller will work again), is to disconnect xim apex and connect it again.

I recently had a case when the controller suddenly turned off in the middle of a game, and the player started to walk in circles in the game automaticly non-stop until i restarted the Xim apex. i don't know if it's related to xim apex Beta frimware or something alse....
I could not turn on the controller until I restarted the Xim apex

the console: PS4 Pro
the game: Far cry new dawn

General Discussion / Re: what is the meaning of dead zone
« on: 12:39 AM - 07/01/19 »
Think of deadzone as input that wont register anything (prevents stutter but can limit micro movements)

So if you pushed your joystick slightly to the left or right it wouldn't register anything until you pressed it past a certain point.
It is also similar to how you can slightly press down on L2 or R2 to fire a weapon on a controller and it wont do anything until it is pressed past a certain point. That is your deadzone.

With a mouse, if your deadzone in game was too high, your initial mouse movement would be ignored until you are moving it fast enough to register past the deadzone. You can try this out in Apex Legends with the Advanced Look Controls in game, leave everything else on default and play around with the deadzone slider to see what it does in game. (Training area of course! lol)

Analog sticks, steering wheels and joysticks all have a small range of movement around the centre position where movement doesn't register. This is to ensure that unintentional movement isn't passed through to a game when the device is stationary, which is what happens when a controller develops stick drift.

When the XIM team create Smart Translators, part of the job is to map the size and shape of the deadzone, then remove as much of it as possible. We don't want deadzone when using a mouse because it prevent micro-movements and negatively affects accuracy.

What I understand then is, that the Deadzone's role is to adjust the speed Move to the Stick movement which have much less movement space than a mouse, so that you do not have a situation where you move the player in a way that is not synchronized with the sensation of the moving Stick. and all of that is for it to be similar as possible to the movement sensation of the mouse with the player within the game. that's why you feel that the movements of a stick are hyperactive and inaccurate. And in addition to that, they are uneven when you try to aim at a certain point. Because if not for that, you would not be able to complete one shift from side to side properly due to lack of movement space in the Stick

And how do they do that? By preventing movement in micro areas in the middle of the stick movement space. and that what we call Deadzone

Am i right?

In that case what is the role of the movments speed (that you can rise it) in the game?
to make the areas that does move, to move more fast?

General Discussion / what is the meaning of dead zone
« on: 02:12 PM - 06/27/19 »
I'm seeing a lot of taking abot dead zone, dead zone.
I want to know what it means in actual gameplay?

If you also have a video that shows it, it will be perfect

thank you very much!

When i disconect the PS4 controller from the xim apex while it is running, apex flashing yellow lights. and when i'm pluging the controller again, the controller is not turning on. and even if i'm trying to disconnect and then turn it on Wirelessly, it's still refuse to turn on.

only if i'm unpluging the Xim apex i can reconecent the controller back Wirelessly. (or wired with apex, again)

it's a normal behavior?
because i don't remember those problems from the official firmware release

I actually never touch my controller but you might need batteries for the controller if you unplug it a lot. I had that problem with the xim4 idk if itís the same on apex

I don't think that is the reason
because it's working normal when apex is not connected

When i disconect the PS4 controller from the xim apex while it is running, apex flashing yellow lights. and when i'm pluging the controller again, the controller is not turning on. and even if i'm trying to disconnect and then turn it on Wirelessly, it's still refuse to turn on.

only if i'm unpluging the Xim apex i can reconecent the controller back Wirelessly. (or wired with apex, again)

it's a normal behavior?
because i don't remember those problems from the official firmware release

Shared Configs / Re: Gears of war 4 settings?
« on: 07:14 PM - 03/25/19 »
I have no clue how to work with it.

but it's not needed for getting a good setup.

Shared Configs / Re: Gears of war 4 settings?
« on: 02:37 PM - 03/25/19 »
I have some problems with the GOW4 config, it feels cranky.
i think that microsoft patched the game with things that change how the gameplay works that's why the config is not fiting anymore.

What i did is using Red dead redemption 2  config for XBOX and set things like that:

Mouse settings

Xim settings:
Hz: 500
Aim setsitivity: 100
ADS: 5
all the other things as default

In game settings:

that will give you a start. from here on try to play with those settings. lower when you feel it too much fast or rise it when it's too much slow Until it will be enough for you.
You can also try Configs of other games and just play with the settings and the game keys

Beta / Re: steady aim problem on RDR2
« on: 01:02 AM - 03/22/19 »
You don't need steady aim for RDR2.

Lower the Aim Assist Strength option in-game Settings, you will have the auto-aim lock on and it will be easier to move inside. No need of SA.

Also remember to use a ADS Deactivation delay to avoid slowdown, when getting back to HIP.

I disabled Aim Assist. and my setup on both in game and XIm is fine. but the Steady Aim is giving less lightly movment even though the change is small. And in Aim down site, when you are aiming at a distance, it gives you more ability to move accurately and horizontally with less displacement speed. (that's what i feel)

It mean's, in general, I feel that it is stabilizing the player movements more and brings the whole experience closer to a PC control experience

sorry for my bad english

Beta / steady aim problem on RDR2
« on: 10:13 PM - 03/21/19 »
From what i checked when i set the Hip's Steady Aim values, it affected the ADS's Steady Aim too! (even though the ADS's Steady Aim value is set to 0)
in RDR2 it's fine on the gameplay, but on other games i think it can be a problem.
Or maybe that's how it suppose to be... i don't know

I just notice that the effect on the ADS's Steady Aim I mentioned, is slowing down the movement of the Aim in dead eye state a bit.

But all of that can be in my imagination. So check yourself and decide

Beta / How do i join the Beta?
« on: 04:20 PM - 03/21/19 »
How do i join the Beta testing?

Support / [Q/A] Sequence of green and yellow
« on: 04:17 AM - 12/20/18 »
Xim Apex showing me Sequence of green and yellow lights when i'm clicking on the right bottun of the mic. in the past it didn't do that (it showed only red lights filkering) so i want to know if it is a sign for some problem?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] XIM APEX problem
« on: 02:55 PM - 12/17/18 »
Ok thank you. i forgot about that because it was so long since i got my Apex

Support / [RESOLVED] XIM APEX problem
« on: 02:27 PM - 12/17/18 »
 just upgraded to PS4 Pro and for some reason i can't use the mouse and keyboard.
on the slim they worked fine. but now i can't make them work.

I Tried to restart PS4 or Restart XIM APEX and disconnect the M/K before and after restart. nothing helped

Tried the change Usb port, didn't helped. and when i'm moving the mouse i'm seeing purple lights on the Apex
and every some sec it shows me that even without moving anything.

The Pro control appears to work differently than the SLIM.
In SLIM when I disconnected the CABLE the controller was disconnected too. Now he continues to work. the reason i think is that in the SLIM there were two modes of use, 1. controller connected via cable, and 2. controller connected wireless  . But now it's always wireless and uses the cable just to charge. So that's probably why it's causing a problem

Game Support / Re: Read Dead Redemption - Config
« on: 12:35 PM - 10/31/18 »
I'm not an expert but i play is with those settings. and it feels great.


The Xim developers recommend using max in game sensitivity and acceleration. I totally agree with them on this. Any setting for acceleration that is not maximum results in acceleration happening in the middle of your mouse look. Only maxed is it instant and therefore controllable as an overall part of sensitivity. It's the most important setting in game. Your deadzone should be 0 or a click, maybe two. That's it. It's way to high in the middle.

Last you need to max sensitivity for the sole reason that it keeps sensitivity numbers on the xim lower which also let's you use lower dpi which is the absolute best trick of them all.

The person saying they have 800 dpi, well that is the sweetspot. I'm using 800 dpi, 180 hip 1.10 x/y, 90 ads 1.10 x/y and I am headshot accurate using ADS.

Oh and nice guide. Very professional and thanks for the scripts!
i set it to maximum sensitivity on on both Look & Aim in game. and the setting on XIM APES as you did. and those are the results
For me the game barely moves in the HIP. And ADS did not move at all. ....
I do not know how do you use these settings.
I also tried 250Hz and 500Hz and tried polling rate 500 and 1000 and it still the same. and my Mic i set to 800 dpi.

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