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Keyboard: Ducky Shine 6 (I use the nature white cherry mx switches)
Mouse: Logitech G403 (Probably gonna get a G703 or G403 wireless)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Really?
« on: 10:04 PM - 01/07/18 »
If our opinion matters at all... I am a current XIM4 owner for the last month (bought my XIM4 from a third party) and if the XIM Apex is $99 I would probably buy the new version . I dont see any reason the XIM should cost more than $100.

Technical Support / Re: [Q/A] Keyboard not working
« on: 11:37 PM - 01/04/18 »
If you canít get the keyboard to work, I recommend getting a Ducky shine 6 keyboard.
Has onboard memory so when you set it up on your PC and everything stays the same when you plug in to the xim. And it doesnít have all the extra crap that most other manufactures add to keyboards


All games are fine except gears of war 4.

I set the mouse to 12,000 dpi, all in game settings are max sensitivity.
When trying to aim and wall bounce, I notice that the xim flashes red
because the maximum sensitivity it can read is being triggered.

Iíve tried using 800 dpi,  5,000 dpi, 8,000 dpi but nothing makes a difference.

Since the max sensitivity the xim can render is hit, the aiming is all off in gears.

Technical Support / Re: [Q/A] Keyboard issue
« on: 08:01 PM - 12/24/17 »
I recommend Ducky keyboards, they are a favorite among all the gamers I play with.


Looks like the problem was a low quality micro usb cable from the controller to the xim.
I replaced the *low quality* cable with an anker cable and everything works great.

Well, I have tried all your suggestions and nothing seems to work. The controller wonít turn on unless I manually turn it on. And still no response from my mouse and keyboard even though it shows they are connected in the xim4 app.

My controller doesnít turn on when I plug the xim4 in to the console.

The xim4 still wonít read the commands from my keyboard or mouse.

Iíve checked my devices for compatibility and they are all on the compatible list.

Standard issue Xbox One S controller
Mouse: Logitech G500s
Keyboard: Ducky Shine 6

What about the controller? When do I turn that on?

My xim4 wonít take a command from my mouse or keyboard. It was at first but my controller wasnít being recognized so I updated to the newest firmware so I solved that issue. But after the firmware update the xim4 wonít take a command from my mouse or keyboard.

All 4 devices are recognized in the xim4 app on my iPhome.
Xbox one/controller/mouse/keyboard
Manager version: 4.00.20171001
Firmware version: 4.00.20171004

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