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General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 05:54 AM - 09/22/19 »
Game mechanics feel clunky almost as bad as b04 luckily I was able to get a refund for the preorder

You got that to work? Iíve tried 5 different kinds and none worked

I use 1440p and 120 htz with freesync on my xbox one x thru displayport. looks beautiful and feels smooth.
How are you using display port with your one x, it doesnít support it and the adapters donít work

Another thing to add about the whole FPS common-60 slow-30 that is useless because you cannot see your framerates and just because you set fortnite to 60fps doesnít mean itís going to be 60 FPS because majority of the fights will cause FPS to drop below 30 or so, even the one x has a hard time keeping 60fps @1080p during major scenarios

You shouldnít use under 500 for mouse or xim if you wanna stay competitive

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Redragon MnK Opinions
« on: 02:59 PM - 06/09/19 »
Not a great option, had a couple when they work they are fine but the switches they use are very inconsistent and key rollover sucks on them, and if they sell mice do not buy a mice from them

ive been having trouble with Apex Legends, sometimes walking/Moving Right wont work (just stops) or I have a delay to it. I use WASD. so it would be my D key. when I'm in the menus it works perfectly without any problems but in game is where I notice that sometimes its not responsive, please help
Itís a keyboard compatibility problem

Any sab over 10-15 in apex legends cause your character to stop sprinting which is detrimental in that game

Omg same problem as me I know for a fact my mouse rate is at 500 but the xim says 1k

I would not waste money with a 4tb or 8tb hdd find a 500gb-1tb ssd instead

Heís not lying itís Happening to me also, Iím still good but when you ads itís still fine but when you shoot it causes a lot of float

General Discussion / Re: Advice on getting 120hz on Xbox
« on: 07:35 PM - 03/31/19 »
Iím not completely sure if I were you I would purchase another gaming monitor from a store near you test it and see how everything is then return it if you decide to

General Discussion / Re: Advice on getting 120hz on Xbox
« on: 06:42 PM - 03/31/19 »
Sorry I was mistaking dvi with display port, hdmi to dp doesnít work on the Xbox

General Discussion / Re: Advice on getting 120hz on Xbox
« on: 04:15 PM - 03/31/19 »
How did you get that to work on your Xbox? Did you use a passive or active hdmi to dvi wire, and do you mind sending a link for it

Hi guys. Tell me, how can I turn off auto-aiming in this game?

Use 8/8 for in-game sens
Technically there isnít much aim assist in this game, unless your using a super low sensitivity at 7 sense thereís barely any aa, but the little bit you get helps against controller users with a lot of aa

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