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Support / Re: Stuttering mouse movement
« on: 05:33 PM - 03/30/18 »
If nothing in your setup has changed and you're still using the correct in-game settings then I recommend looking at your mouse sensor for dirt or debris and testing another mouse surface. A blank sheet of print paper makes for a good test surface. If you have a custom mouse surface setting for the mouse in LGS switch this back to default, this usually helps with stutters as well.


I remember I changed the mouse pad to hard pad. I definitely will look in to that!

Support / [RESOLVED] Stuttering mouse movement
« on: 05:02 PM - 03/30/18 »
So I own the XIM4 for couple of months now and im more than satisfied. I play Rainbow six siege on a daily base and other FPS like BF, Doom and COD. But since a couple of weeks im experiencing stuttering mouse movement.
I noticed it because it wasn't there before. But it's a bit odd because although I use the same movement speed it doesn't stutter everytime. It will stutter for a couple of minutes on and off for an hour. I checked my xim4 settings and changed it to the default ST. I even tried other peoples setting but it didn't work. I frequently expierence this while playing R6 siege, I know the current state with the stability of this game while using the XIM but I'm almost sure that this shouldn't occur so often. I also expierenced it while playing COD or BF.

I'm using G502 with 10k DPI usually and 1000 polling rate. Changing DPI and polling rate didn't change anything. The mouse is 4 months old almost and I don't use it for other devices but could it be a problem with the mouse? Also for additional information im using a hard pad. The stutter also happens when I move hand slowly. And the red blinking lignt doesn't flash if the stutter happens.

What should I do?

Support / [RESOLVED] Problem xim4 with ps4 controller
« on: 04:06 PM - 12/02/17 »
Just got mine XIM4 today and I had a little time with it when it was working and it was amazing. However it stopped working and I can't figure out what.

First of all I downloaded the latest firmware and everything was working fine untill at a moment a button/movement got stuck and mine character in R6:Siege kept moving in a weird way. The character kept looking upward and kept moving left and pressing buttons on keyboard/controller or mouse didn't respond. So I tried to reconnect everything but now the XIM4 app doesn't recognize mine controller.

While writing this I discovered that using a different cable for the controller to the XIM4 did the trick. It is connected now. But out curiosity, was that movement error a cable fault? Because I tried the original ps4 controller cable and mine samsung s7 charge cable both didn't work properly.

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