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Game Support / Re: BF5 settings
« on: 10:50 AM - 03/29/19 »
I copied his setting out of curiosity. The reason he has no recoil is partly because this game already has low recoil. With 1.30 XY ratio he uses, the amount you need to compensate the recoil control becomes lesser. He uses 60 hip, 20 ads, 1.30 xy with 3200 DPI.

I adjusted the 60 sensitivity to 50 for my own preference but still couldn't use this config. It's great on automatic rifles because it only takes 2/3 inch to compensate for a whole mag but it gets harder to hit moving targets with a sniper.

The best xim4 setup ever played. With 74 fov and default 20 hip ads sensitivity multiply by 33/25 = 26.4 hip/ads on xim4. It feels just like a pc game. All you people complaining needs to learn how to find your perfect sensitity. Itís very easy, practice 180 degree snap using mouse with a comfortable distance on mouse pad. Then adjust the sensitivity until your 180 snap suits perfect for the distance mouse travelled. Bingo job done. Great job dude. Impressive.

So we use 26.4 hip/ads on xim4? I'm going to try that

Playstation / Re: Xim Apex Legends Squad PS4.
« on: 06:39 PM - 02/14/19 »

Game Support / Re: PUBG Advanced Setup (20190107)
« on: 11:23 PM - 01/12/19 »
Could someone that copied the curve, share a screenshot of it? So I can try to recreate it in XIM4 since I can't copy that link to my xim4


I unfortunately underestimated how difficult it is to recreate a curve. If someone else managed to create it on his XIM4 please do share :D

Game Support / Re: PUBG Advanced Setup (20190107)
« on: 05:39 PM - 01/09/19 »
Could someone that copied the curve, share a screenshot of it? So I can try to recreate it in XIM4 since I can't copy that link to my xim4

Game Support / Re: PUBG Advanced Setup (20190107)
« on: 04:49 PM - 01/08/19 »
Even though I'm doing great with your settings on my XIM4, I do think I'm missing something. The aim acceleration is very bad and I feel it mostly when I want to flick do someone. Mind sharing the visuals of the curve so I can try to recreate it? Or do you use the same curve as mentioned in your other post with the curves.

Game Support / Re: PUBG Advanced Setup (20190101)
« on: 06:43 PM - 01/07/19 »
I'm currently rocking top 25 FPP Solo with all the advice that has been shared here. Thank you all

Game Support / Re: PUBG Advanced Setup (20190101)
« on: 12:39 PM - 01/05/19 »
If anyone is interested I have found the perfect ratio on xim Apex to have the same hip fire cm/360 as over the shoulder aim and the same relative ads which of course is slower. For example if you use a 30cm 360 for hip one value for ads will provide the exact same cm/360 for it's aiming and the ads would be around 47cm/360 (the same ratio as pc.)

To get this value simply times your main sensitivity (hip sense) by 0.84. the resulting value will be exactly the same as your hip for ots and the same ratio as pc for ads.

make sure you use the ads translator for the ads page and the auxillary for OTS aim

Also if you are interested my settings are basically stolen from shroud as they are in the general cm/360 range I like and who better to copy than shroud 😂

Sense 280
Sync off
Smoothing 5-7
Boost 500

Sense 235
Sync off
Smoothing 5-7
0 boost
Smooth aim transition unchecked
0 delay
Ads translator

Activation key- whatever button you have bound to ots aiming/hold breath ( back mouse button)
Sense 235
Sync off
Smoothing 5-7
0 boost
Smooth aim transition unchecked
0 delay
Ads translator

I may change to common sync as it seems a bit more stable and probably provides a better aiming experience however my other profiles use off sync ATM so I'm mainly doing it to achieve a similar feel between games to lower adjustment time.

How would the sensitivities translate to XİM4. Is it like 280 in apex is 20 with XİM4?

XIM 4 Discussions / Pubg configs
« on: 06:41 PM - 12/25/18 »
Sup guys,

How are you guys doing with the Pubg ST? Do you guys use the default without any changes to the ST? I  try the default with the recommended settings in-game but it feels to sluggish. Especially ADS doesn't feel "right".

I'm open to make some changes if you guys have better configs.

Game Support / Re: PUBG (A simple setup) updated 10/09/18.
« on: 09:29 PM - 12/24/18 »
If you are planning sharing a config, mind giving the values in text to? So we, the xim4 users, could recreate it :p

I'm currently looking for new configs since its my first 3th person game. Wanna try something out

Unfortunately most of these Razer devices don't retain settings without the Synapse software. Hopefully another Ornata users can stop by to confirm.

I can confirm that this is the case.

This is not possible since the keyboard doesn't has a memory card.

Source: İ also own one

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Best Xim4 R6S Setup!
« on: 07:45 PM - 12/11/18 »
I tried this setting and it didn't work.

I created a new R6 config. No ADS page, sens on 10, boost on 8500 and put steady aim on. I also use the in-game settings but it is terrible. I'm describing the values I put because I'm 99% sure that the boost is way to much. It looks like my mouse has his life of his own.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Best Xim4 R6S Setup!
« on: 10:58 PM - 12/08/18 »
What's the difference with having your in-game ADS on 50 instead of lowering the XIM ADS?

The official's ST need to set the USA as OFF.

Yes, but you can have USA on if you use the Hip translator for ADS.

Setting it to Hip translator is for APEX only right?

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