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so after messing around with this for a while and playing the 2 characters i use most often (strix, sha lin) here's where i ended up:

first, your default setup. i have to admit to feeling skeptical at first that your method for neutralizing aim acceleration partly involved.... cranking the @#$% out of the aim acceleration. obviously there's more to it, but that would seem to me like the last thing you'd wanna be doing. but after adjusting the sensitivity and giving it a shot i was surprised to find that it works pretty well for sha lin overall. motion is very smooth+controlled when looking around. i really love how much easier it is to track people using rapid fire at close range, which has always given me problems w/ my aim either getting "stuck" behind someone, like it can't catch up to them, or getting pulled off my target onto something else.

Sweet, that's great to hear! Essentially I wanted a consistent, no delay, acceleration so I could lower it in sensitivity, hoping it would to give me a responsive yet low sensitivity feeling like a PC mouse, where if you flick your wrist even at extremely low dpi you can achieve pretty fast speeds. Which worked out surprisingly well. I am happy you're getting use out of it as well!

a couple things i didn't like so much: i had a tendency to overshoot my turns, usually when i tried to turn a quick 90 degrees, almost exactly similar to what happens when you hold turn assist a tiny bit too long & end up at 210 instead of 180. 

i also felt like the "flick" ballistics kicked in just slightly earlier than i want them; my preference would be to always have a consistent, decently high-sens aim, except for when i want to quickly turn around or snap to someone on the other side of the screen. i think, in theory, your config would support this; im guessing you'd extend the slope of the initial curve by another few .5 increments?

Yeah, exactly. The more .5 increments, the further movement your mouse will have to make until the big acceleration kicks in.

there was one other thing that was bothering me, and i wasn't sure how to describe it, but i think it might just boil down to that the sensitivity felt too high. everything felt a little "much." that tends to be simple enough to fix, but at 16k dpi my xim only ended up w/ around 3 sensitivity. obviously i could drop a little closer to what you're using, but my computer is dead and all my other profiles are tuned for what i'm using. do you think it would impact the function of the config if i reduce the xim sens further? or is it unlikely to matter given how low it is already? and, just want to make sure: you said it wouldn't work to lower the in-game sens, right, not without changing the structure of the curve?

will update later w/ the other things i tried (mainly that fully incremental ads curve combined w/ either an identical hip curve or your setup) & how they performed using sha vs strix

Yeah if everything felt too much, you can reduce the overall sensitivity. This will change two things: It'll take longer until the boost kicks in (Lower the sensitivity could fix the problem you were having previously with over-turning). As well as generally giving you a lower sensitivity feeling. But, If the acceleration turning doesn't kick in anymore after changing the sensitivity, you'll have to change some of the .5 increments to 100.

Awesome advice! Thanks
I see you have the G502, do you also have the G13.
I have that setup on a ps4 and I am struggling with the setup and mapping.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time.

I do not have a G13, sorry...
What are you struggling with? I noticed in the other thread you were talking about the movement keys. If you want to bind the G13 movement keys to XIM, just expand the "Keyboard" section and bind your G13 keys by replacing W,A,S,D.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim4 The Division (PS4)
« on: 04:39 PM - 11/19/17 »
I am having such a difficult time making sharp turns especially when sprinting up and down the stairs. This makes it very hard to run from / chase people where as in console I would just hold down to the direction I’m turning and my guy would turn. With the mouse, there is no “holding down”
What I’m hoping to achieve is that my overall camera sensitivity is still high enough to be able to turn but as soon as I fire from the hip the sensitivity drop so that I can aim properly. As far as the turn goes, is that where the “turn assist” come into play?

Exactly, you could keep your sensitivity lower for how you enjoy hip firing and then use Turn Assist to get quick turns. Turn Assist holds the mouse in the direction you moved it until re-centering, essentially holding the turning stick like you would on the controller. I bind mine to Mouse Button #1, that way I can do 180s without having to reposition my mouse on the pad.
Or - You could bind keys in the Keyboard section to right-stick. For example "Q" and "E" could be bound to left and right and you could press the key to do max turn speed in that direction.

Also, Antithesis plugged the configuration I made for ARs in his post. Try and see if you enjoy it, I am a low sensitivity player and this config was made based closest to how I felt the aiming was on PC.

Game Support / Re: The division testing
« on: 04:25 PM - 11/19/17 »
I'm using Xbox one 3250 dpi 1000 poll. But I'm still still getting a lot of recoil and jitter

Hmm, well the recoil will always be there but it should be manageable with that config with minimal consistent pulling down.
As for the jitter... did you change the overall sensitivity? or is the jitter present at 5?

Game Support / Re: The division testing
« on: 02:40 PM - 11/19/17 »
So I am testing diff game configs for the division. Right. Now I'm using dead rising 4 and venoms curve ballistics for the division. It seems to work pretty solid. I think we should test other game configs with v3noms curve ballistics. Let me know what ideas you guys have and solid configs that work.

I've created a custom configuration for The Division detailing the problems I had with V3N0M and Sweet Evil's configs and how I've overcame those hurdles. I mentioned Input lag, Jitter-ness and Desyncing - all of which I don't have with my current configuration.
Here's my thread: http://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=57994.0

How often do they change the look mechanic?

They were changing them quite frequently, even changing in-game setting names, adding and removing settings. But in these last few months I've only noticed 1 big change, which is what made me create this config.

Exactly what TSARGA said, I could only create "okay" settings with precision, and they weren't precise at all in comparison to these settings. If I wanted to move the mouse diagonally, precision makes it move up and then over. With these settings it moves exactly where I want it to.

awesome, thanks. although ive been experimenting w/ different settings to find something that works w/ precision, the setup ive always gone with when i want to play normally uses dynamic AA rather than classic. its been a while, but i remember that when i was trying to come up w/ a config i agreed with, i found almost immediately that i hated using classic, no matter what settings i adjusted. can you explain why you use it over dynamic?

I was originally using dynamic as well and hated classic to begin with. Like you, I was trying to figure out a setting that worked well with precision. But throughout all the configs I've made for it, I couldn't get one that made minimum movements not jitter. Switching to Dynamic eliminated that jitter and so I started basing configs off of dynamic. But, what I realized is that there was a type of input delay, where I had to "ride" my turn much longer than I wanted to pull off a flick turn.
This is due to the nature of dynamic acceleration, it's slower when AA is triggered and then speeds up when AA is off. The problem I ran into is trying to flick away instantly after shooting someone. I didn't like classic because it seemed like the acceleration is ALWAYS ON. To counter that, I made high sensitivity setting, with very low ballistics. This is to mimic the way precision works as if there's no acceleration being pushed through because of the reduced sensitivity, then when I flick, all acceleration and sensitivity pushes through.
Classic creates literally no input delay when aiming or flicking, on 30 FPS the majority of the people don't even see the direction I dashed.

one other thing i'll say is that most of my favorite characters are snipers. my setup works decently for that, for the most part, although there's a definite tendency to overshoot things when the acceleration kicks in. is there anything you'd change about your setup if you wanted to tailor it for sniping? does your ADS translator just mirror your hip's, for example? now that i'm actually sitting down and looking at this curve -- not to mention noticing that your thread title specifically references hip-only flanks -- i'm actually starting to wonder if it'd work well for sniping at all, lmao. 

To reiterate, these settings are to emulate the feeling of precision by lowering the sensitivity to make it seem like no acceleration is being added until flicking the mouse. You can completely remove the "acceleration" in this config If you wanted to make it for a sniper or ADSing. Just create an ADS subconfig and remove the rapid rise in the ballistics and increment the rest of the curve with .5 all the way up and it will be set.
Make sure to keep in-game acceleration at 10. Since the config ballistics are set at such a low sensitivity, this constant acceleration allows the mouse to be responsive so it doesn't feel "stuck" when aim assist kicks in.

ETA: oh, also, forgot to mention -- i recently switched back to 16000 dpi. prior to that i'd actually been using something close to yours. IYO, can your config scale down to accommodate that high of a dpi? or does it need to be lower to keep everything stable?

That's a good question. I haven't tried that high of a dpi, you could just try reducing the overall sensitivity. You just would want to match up the rapid acceleration with the sensitivity. For example, quickly swipe from the middle of your mat to the left of the mat - this should do a 180. Slowly moving the mouse from middle to the left should keep a consistent pace with no acceleration being pushed in.

Hey dude, thx man. I got Top 100 before ranked 2.0 while playing with the BF4 ST, but it never felt good. Very laggy movement. I will test your settings today and give a feedback. Are these settings still good for Viktor and BK?

Yeah I was originally playing with a different ST but I couldn't make a perfect circle, or if I barely moved the mouse it would go all over and not in a single direction. But, this curve it moves where you want it to, is precise and can flick turn. So I would say it's good for Viktor and BK, I honestly use it for all of my characters. Although with Viktor I would recommend adding an ADS section that doesn't accelerate. That way you can use your entire pad for ADSing without worrying of activating the acceleration, and then flick to sprint away.

como puedo hacer esa curva?algun video tutorial? gracias

copy entire code text under picture, paste into your config by pressing the box with a downward pointing arrow.

copie todo el texto del código debajo de la imagen, pegue en su configuración presionando la casilla con una flecha hacia abajo.

I started playing Paladins which lead me to do a quick search on configs and videos and there was not much that came up. Since this game has changed it's look mechanics many times and has many different options on how to set it up, I figured it would be a good idea to share my settings. I finally tried out competitive play last month and reached rank 12 overall Androxus on PS4 within 2 weeks of playing competitive (solo queuing). For someone who started playing with KB&M only a couple of months ago, I would say these settings work out pretty well! This configurations has mainly been played with Androxus, but it's useful for any class that need to quickly flip and turn around.

Just a quick clip showing the flick turning with Androxus in a casual match.
This configuration has slow movement when barely moving the mouse and a rapid increase when flicking the mouse.

Mouse Settings
Mouse: G502
DPI: 3250
Polling: 1000

In-Game Settings
X Axis Sensitivity: 200
Y Axis Sensitivity: 200
Turn Accel Mode: Classic
Turn Accel Strength: 10
Inner Dead Zone: Large
Outer Dead Zone: Minimum


Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

Explanation: Extra high sensitivity with extremely low ballisitcs that increment by .5, I use boost this way to compensate for the large deadzone and allows for the slow movement to be very precise and when flicking the mouse, the outer deadzone kicks in and instantly uses all the sensitivity and acceleration. I think 1.50 X/Y is a bit high if not using Androxus, I would use 1.20 with Maeve and other characters. The only reason I use 1.50 is to get even higher and compensate for the floating fall after dashing.

Editing Configuration: Changing the overall sensitivity is going to change when the deadzone kicks in. The lower the sensitivity, the less ballsitics "steps" are applied before 100 sensitivity one. If you lower the sensitivity, you must change the some of the last few ".5 steps" in the ballisitcs to 100, because it will change when the turn speed is applied. If you want to increase/lower your sensitivity without changing the flick turning, increase/lower the ballistics in an increment amount. At the moment it increments up from 0 in ".5" steps.

Recoil's a hot mess in The Division using a Xim, with the exception of SMGs which are really easy to handle.

I'll give your config a try and report back.

I'm curious how it works out for you! I've used it with the LOVA, LWM4 and even the Bullfrog and it can counter recoil on all of those quite well for me.

Welcome to the community. I just wanted to say that I love this type of post. High effort, informative, and easy to read. It reminds me of the XIM2 days. Thanks for taking the time to share what works best for you in a game where performance can be lacking. :)

Thank you for the welcome and kind words, Mist. I've read a lot of your posts as well and I appreciate your effort in the community.

Your hip curve looks really interesting...

You say "The end cuts off to "ride the turn limit" and works beautifully for 90 degree swipes."

What does this mean? Would it not ride the turn limit if it didn't stop 3/4 of the way up?

Would this curve work on a game like destiny?

My idea behind this is: pick up the controller and flick the stick to the right and let it automatically flick back to the center. Notice how it's a "snapping" turn? Now flick it to the right and manually bring it back to the center. Notice how it flicks and then gradually turns until returning to the center again? That's ideally what I was trying to emulate. It's for a quick flick (movement) with a bit of precision momentum at the end for aiming.
Turning at max speed consistently would still ride the turn limit if it was maxed out, but it's much more snappy. This allows for precision "riding" when my turn is ending. It doesn't allow for flick 180s or anything different, just smoothening the turning so it's not so snappy at the end. Allows me to adjust aim and ADS quicker. This was mainly for The Div strafing where you are typically looking 90 degrees to the left or right before and have to "snap aim" at them. (watch first 20secs of first video to get an idea of what I mean)
None the less! Sure, it would work for destiny.


After playing The Division on the PC and coming back to console, I noticed a couple of things with the standard ST and custom STs that V3n0m and Sweet Evil have put out. I have tried all the configurations for this game and each one had its own strengths and weaknesses.

The Standard & V3n0m's Config: Works okay! I used V3n0m's for my healer build and it worked really well for precise movement and SMGs. But, when playing in PvP I had a couple of problems with these configurations.
The first is "Input lag", I believe this is from the Dead Zone. When you are aiming freely in the environment, it works nice. But once Aim Assist kicks in there's an aggressive "stuck-ness", with an AR it's impossible to control the recoil. In addition, this made it very hard to switch targets without "pop shotting" (going out of ADS, and back in ADS to trigger Aim Assist).

The second problem was "Desyncing". This happened when ADSing, rapidly moving the mouse back and forth when someone is strafing caused this strange effect when your mouse would keep going when you stopped moving it and the more it happened, the more your mouse would feel lagging behind. From all the posts about this, both of these have been mainly chalked up to the console's translation of the game. I've played with the controller, never had I had this effect. I believe this is due to the Dead Zone as well.

Sweet Evil's Config: I basically gave up trying to use KB&M with The Division in PvP until I saw Sweet Evil's configuration the other day. His config fixed both of the problems I was having with the default and V3nom's config. Setting the Dead Zone to 0 allowed me to control recoil and when rapidly moving the mouse, I didn't have the syncing issues. But, there were horrible "Jitters" when trying to move my mouse in small movements. It would move only in snapping "right angles" at slower speeds which killed the precision for me. In addition, this configuration still had that "stuck-ness" aim assist feel where mouse movement felt extremely inconsistent, you couldn't track a running target or switch targets mid-clip.

Well, after being intimidated by the ballistics ever since I've purchased the Xim... I decided that I wanted to try to create a custom configuration. I read up on RML's Advanced Settings "How To" Guides, I took a look at his curves for the anti-aim assist to get an idea of what it all means (THANK YOU, RML!). Then, I played around for hours trying to create a more 1:1 config.


I've included two videos.
The first one is just chopped clips from a couple of solo games and the second is an entire solo Last Stand match to showcase how the settings work in entirety.
I wanted to point out a couple of things in the chopped up clips, showing what this configuration can do. Forewarning, I've only started playing shooter games on KB&M this year- only some months ago. My aim does not justify this configuration!

0:50-0:53 Shows the run tracking ability of this config, notice how the enemy player runs passed my ally and a car, yet I didn't have to change the pace of my mouse. This consistency allows for a lot more precision.
1:20-1:26 Shows me unloading an entire clip of my LWM4 with the targeting moving in and out of cover object and retaining stability the entire time.
1:38-1:42, 3:01-3:20 Shows enough responsiveness to track the roll, then target swap halfway through the clip.
4:07-4:28 Shows precision ability in small openings, headshot tracking moving target.
4:36-4:39 Shows Micro-movement of aiming at an npc behind cover.

Mouse: G502
DPI: 3250
Polling: 1000

In-Game Settings
Sensitivity: 100
ADS Sens: 100
Dead Zone: 0


Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

Explanation: These settings are a bit in unconventional. This is to overcome the varying recoil and stuck-ness in the AA. I originally messed with the X/Y ratio to create a easier more consistent recoil pattern but it made the aiming very inconsistent where it would aim high/low off target and then aim slowly when on target.
The ADS is configured to a slower sensitivity, starts at 0 and then ramps up to 13, 28, 40. The 0 is set to keep a non-jittery movement at absolute minimum speeds. The 13 was my sweet spot for countering recoil. this is the first half of the clips. The 28 helped counter the recoil for the second half. The 40 jump allows for the "responsiveness", for changing targets mid clip or needing to pull down further mid clip when a target is going down steps or hopping over something.
The rest is an incremental increase of 7 sensitivity to allow for a quicker response than the overall lower sensitivity setting, this is to keep the aim slow when barely moving, but ramp up speed the more it's moved across for tracking running targets.


Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

Explanation: This configuration is quite simple, it's a bit higher sensitivity. Allows for linear hip-firing and ramps up highly for when I'm moving my mouse across for turning. The end cuts off to "ride the turn limit" and works beautifully for 90 degree swipes. I've set the X/Y at .50 to keep my aim centered when moving around rapidly and quickly scoping in. What this does is make my X axis (turning) move twice as fast as my Y axis (looking up and down).


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