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Hi Daddy

Do you have xim apex now ? Or still xim4 ?

Haha sorry! Still on the xim 4 for now. I am curious how the curves translate to the apex if you want to try them out.

EDIT: Actually, I just put in an order for one. Should be coming in the next few days, but I probably won't have a profile made for it for a bit.

hi i cope the last confg for xim4 the division but i convert to xim apex he dont work to me error plz help do one for xim apex whit strafe

That's because it's only a curve converter. It won't convert an entire profile, but the auto sprint/strafe is really easy to set up. Enter the Hip configuration and go to the secondary buttons, then enter "W" as sprint. This way to just press "W" to sprint forward and let go and press "A" or "D" to strafe. Go into your ADS profile and unclick "Inherit Buttons from Primary", then take off the "W" on sprint so it doesnt apply while ADSing.

Hi ... first off, thanks for the time and effort you put into this.
I followed the link and downloaded the ads code and hip code, but both showed up as the same ballistic curve of the old config.
I tried the ads a few times, then the hip but it always showed the old config curve.
I then returned my ballistics to a straight line and downloaded again .... it gave me the old curve :(
This is on xim4 btw ... thanks again for sharing, hope I can get a solution.

Oh, thank you for noticing! I must have left the code there when I added it as a placeholder. I've updated it.

New configuration posted, updated for patch 1.8.3 on 9/5/2018.

-Improved ADS and Hip settings.
-Auto Sprinting/Strafing.
-1-Button 180 turns.

- O L D   C O N F I G -

Greetings everyone!
Took a break from PS4 for awhile and just recently started playing again. I noticed some problems with my old configuration that I thought I could smoothen out. I am still using the Xim4, so this config is for that.
First- The hip turn speed was a bit slow and the reason for this was to combat the jittery movement. I've changed my curve a bit and increased the speed for hip while maintaining precise movement. In addition, I've added a 1-button 180 turn for quick turn arounds.
Second- The old configuration was based more towards assault rifles specifically and worked kind of weird with other weapons. I made this profile to accommodate all weapons.
I should mention that I am a low-sensitivity PC player, this config is geared more towards lower sensitivity players.


This a full Last Stand match to display the config. The gameplay shows Assault Rifle/SMG. It was recorded pre-striker nerf in 1.8.2, after making a lot of adjustments to the previous config, I entered Last Stand and broke my high score with a 31-0 game. I've said this before and I'll say it again; I don't have the best aim, so this video does not fully justify the config!

Mouse: G502
DPI: 3250
Polling: 1000

In-Game Settings
Sensitivity: 100
ADS Sens: 100
Dead Zone: 0

Full Configuration
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [The Division - B E S T] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<


Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

With a more linear curve, it translated much better with all weapons. I tried to counter recoil in my old configuration but I think it was a bit counter-intuitive. I forced a bit more sensitivity in here while keeping the overall sensitivity low. This gave the ADS truly amazing control and precision, beyond what I thought I could get on this game. In addition, when you flick at high speeds, it completely max out the speed to overcome when people are hopping over things, dropping down, or switching targets mid shooting.


Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

Explanation: The idea of this is to replicate "flicking the stick" whenever you pass a certain threshold depending on the sensitivity that is entered. It should have slow movement when barely moving the mouse, then ramps up rapidly at moderate speed and swiping. The ramp up happens at a moderate speed so you can maintain it with enough time needed to turn around, as well as flicking back and forth to avoid damage like you would with the controller. The Y/X Ratio is set to 0.5, this is a personal preference and you can change it to whatever you prefer.

1-Button 180 Turn: This is keybound to "J" in the complete configuration.
To change this, go to the "Turn" Profile > Expand "Keyboard" > Replace (Left) and (Down) with the keybind you would like > Then, go into "Buttons" > Replace L3 with the same button you did with (Left) and (Down).

Auto Sprint/Strafe: I've added auto sprint and strafing by just hitting the movement keys. To strafe, you hit "W, A, W, D" one at a time. If you press "W+A" you'll do a 90 degree turn. You may even notice it in the video, so be careful to press them one at a time.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to ask and post!


Hello all,
I have looked high & low and can't find a topic about this.
I just bought the XIM4, with the Logitech G13 game pad, & Logitech G502 mouse.
Im still trying to get acclimated to everything, & I have noticed the Consumables , Ammo, & Grenade wheels are impossible to use. Also my aim recoil is insanely all over the place. I can control the recoil on the controller, but the mouse is showing extremely difficult and virtually game breaking. Is there some setting that Im missing.
Your help is appreciated..

You can check out my The Division Config from my signature, although it's mainly based for low sensitivity players.
Take into account that some users have reported the hip config is a bit slow at the moment. In response, I am releasing a 1-button 360 turn and a better hip configuration at the drop of 1.8.1

Please upgrade to our Beta here: http://xim.tech/beta

This will fix the ordinal issues.

Thanks for the quick reply OBsIV,
Are you saying I should use Beta Xim Apex Manager with Xim4? I looked through the Xim4 section but only see the Steady Aim sticky.

I'm trying to connect my Xim through the PC so I don't have to swap over my KB&M and I am having some trouble.

I've downloaded the Xim Manager on PC and can get it connected to my Xim4.
I've downloaded Sandhawc v1.5 (I tried v1.4 as well) but when I run it, it gets stuck and becomes unclickable (no buttons can be clicked and the window is stuck in the background, I have to downsize other windows to see it) and my Xim Manager tosses four error, with 3 being the same.

"The ordinal 4684 could not be located in dynamic link library C:\WINDOWS\system32\ssleay32.dll"
"The ordinal 4684 could not be located in dynamic link library C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\iCLS Client\\ssleay32.dll"
"The ordinal 4684 could not be located in dynamic link library C:\WINDOWS\system32\ssleay32.dll"
"The ordinal 4684 could not be located in dynamic link library C:\WINDOWS\system32\ssleay32.dll"

I've checked those directories and the files are there. I downloaded OpenSSL just in case also.
My .Net Framework and DirectX is up to date.
I've tried reinstalling both Manager and SandhawC, I've confirmed they are both updated and current.
When first plugging up through the Belkin cable, it corrupted all my profiles (R.I.P.) It seems to corrupt the profiles if I connect it with the Belkin cable and the application hangs.
I've turned off my Anti-Virus and ran SandhawC as administrator but the problem still here. I am unsure what to do now, can anyone lend some advice?

I am running Windows 10 with Belkin Cable F5U279.

U mentioned  sensitivity in game on pc ?   But  you do play with xim on Ps4  right ?

Yes, I play PS4 with Xim. I mentioned my sensitivity in game on PC in relation to this configuration being for low sensitivity players.

Don't know if its just me but I'm getting some horrible jitters when the in-game deadzone is set to 0. Essential any micro-movement will result in sever jitter/stepping even when coming to a stop. Setting deadzone to 40 fixes the jitter; however, aiming feels very unresponsive and recoil is impossible to control. The jitter is present at all DPIs and settings when polling at 1000hz(0 deadzone).

My settings
G502 (3k,4k,12k DPI @ 1000Hz: Cloth pad)
HIP: 130
ADS: 50
Smoothing: HIP(15) ADS(7)
Plus Ballistics curves from this thread.

I have to assume it's because of the sensitivity levels that create the jitter then. This config is based more for low sensitivity players. (I play at 400 dpi and 6% sensitivity in game on PC) and at around 3-10 sensitivity this config should work perfect and have no jitters. For higher sensitivity players I would recommend Sweet Evils config.

Hi thanks

I bought  Logitech G13 keypad. Can you please give me your keypad configuration?  Help me in mapping keys ?  How to  select/use grenades  & emotes  ? 


I've switched back to using my keyboard so I don't have a G13 set up. But it's just as easy, just press the button you want for each action in the xim manager.

For grenades/emotes:
I bind my Right-Stick to keys in Keyboard > Advanced, Such as "1" to "Up", "2" to "Left", "3" to "Down" and "4" to "Right"
Then, for one button multi-directional I create a sub-config page with more bindings such as Left & Down both set to one button for fire bullets.


Can I copy paste same config into  Xim Apex ??  How to paste in Xim apex ?

Hey, I've replied to your YouTube comment. I found a Xim4 to Xim Apex converter on the forums here: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=62975.0


I've replied to a post in my thread about how I do my consumes.
I bind my Right-Stick to keys in Keyboard > Advanced, Such as "1" to "Up", "2" to "Left", "3" to "Down" and "4" to "Right"
Then, for one button multi-directional I create a sub-config page with more bindings such as Left & Down both set to one button for fire bullets.

Thank you for this setup "DontWakeDad", its working very well for me on the Xbox One.
Still find the 0 deadzone a bit iffy when running the sticky bomb (to sensitive when sniping with it)
Overall the recoil is way more managable with low and high rpm weapons, although 6x Lonestar is a problem with unlimited fire duration.

Great job mate  :)

Thanks for the kind words, I enjoy running a healer build as well so I am working on a new hip configuration for skill-based specifically. In the mean time, if you pull out your skill then hold your ADS, you'll use the ADS settings and be able to snipe a bit better.
Hope this helps!

I will say this with these settings he would not last a second against any good player in PVP that strafes moves well or gets in close. The movement still needs fixing but the hard work he put in shows. I will mess with these over next few weeks and see what I can do to fix the strafe/movement speed.

Yeah this is a problem I ran into. While these settings work really well overall; when someone is in close and knows how to get behind and 180-shoot, I generally need to create distance to kill them since console flick aiming is limited. To counter this, I'll be making a 1-button 180 and revamping the hip config for precision aim when barely moving, then max "flicks" when the mouse reaches a certain speed.

How do u setup the grenade and medkit wheel. What keybindings and are u using subprofil for the mouse to act better using what u want to use? Don't get any good feeling for it yet. Any hints for me? Thx

Sure,  I assign keys to the right stick under Keyboard > Advanced. For example, my "1" is both "Left" and "Down" for Fire Bullets. You can make additional sub-config pages for all directions to assign each on a key and use one or two in combination to hit all options.

Having played Division on PC I might just have high expectations of the Xim in the PS4 version... I donno but nothing seems to be working for me :(

If your recoil is manageable and works well at times but then it randomly starts shooting all over the place, up-down-left-right that is the server connection and not the configuration.

The console has naturally more input lag, lower frame rates and slower look speeds... We can only compensate for so much!

Sorry I've been gone for a bit! But, with 1.8 dropping I'll be getting back into it.
These settings still work great but I might tweak the movement a bit.
Here's some ideas I'll be adding:

  • 1-button 180 turn.
  • New hip config for skill-based players.
Hip config will be based on: Slower small movements with hip for skill sniping but rapid turns when flicking for run strafing. (Like controllers)
I'll see what questions I can answer as well.

The movement fills alittle better but my M4 or Lvoa still jumps like crazy even with stabilty mods on the gun not shure what’s causeing this !! What’s funny is I see people useing a controller and they almost 0 to no recoil on the guns so I have no clue what’s going on !!! Bout ready to just give up on this game ...because with my jumping like crazy realy effects my game play

Interesting, you're the 2nd Xbox player that has said that. Granted, I did make this on PS4 but I don't think that should make a difference. In the videos I wasn't using any stability mods, the recoil should be very minimum with that much.
Did you change your deadzone to 0?
If so, the only thing I can think of is maybe loading in a PS4 config and see if you could map the buttons to the keyboard. I can't say it would make a difference but no harm in trying.

What do you use for scope sensitivity?

max. Scoped is extremely slow on console none the less.

Great post OP and well thought out. Members like you are the reason I donate so much time to this community!



Thank you RML, for the words and knowledge!

i've been playing w/ different combinations of the two curves for a couple days (yours, and the gentle .5 slope taken from 0-100) & it's hard to say which i prefer, honestly. for sure what i can say is i like them both way more than my old one w/ dynamic, so...good job, at least.

at some point i'll probably wanna get back into this but for now i'll just ask you about scope speed (in-game). i was struggling at the start there on strix little bit until i realized that i had kept my scope sens down in the negatives and ur curve needed high sens+AA to function. right now i think i have the scope set at 0, w/ the assumption that 0 should just mirror whatever your settings are while unscoped, which in turn should work out to the same 200/200 x/y hip/classic AA/10 strength values that the curve is designed for. but...is that actually how scoped sensitivity works? identical to your hip sens at 0, 2x speed at 10, half at -10? and if it turns out that neither of us actually know, which do you think would be better to run with your ballistics, 0 or 10?

I would say 10. I have not messed around with sniping yet, but generally speaking the sensitivity should be maxed out.
The slow config of the ballistics are using the maxed settings to counter the stuck aim-assist feel.

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