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You stated aim sensitivity and camera at 100..but it's 0-20. Do you mean 10 or 20?
20, maxed out. Thanks for mentioning this, I copied my division 1 config template and forgot to change that part on the post. Updated original with correct values.

any chance for Xim4 version?
Dont have Apex

Just copy the in-game settings then on the xim 4 open the ballistics curve for your ADS and change the first step of 0.00 to 1.00 and you'll have the same settings.

Do you rest arm on desk and arm aim with these settings? Or do you only have your hand/wrist on desk.

I rest arm on desk, use arm for turning / target swapping and wrist for precision/tracking.

Hey Wake! Welcome back mate, im gonna give a try at your config right now! Your D1 config was tight!!!

Good to see you back man, hope it works for you!

Has anyone tried this yet in D2? I had gold edition but I've been using the controller until a mastermind bring us the heat:)

I'll try this full config later tonight
I tried same sensitivity with a little higher dpi so basically the same thing and yes it's good but turning while running is really slow you gotta move arm a lot.

I wonder if there is a way to make it faster. I noticed this also.

I just use sprint on my "W" and turned off toggle sprint, that way whenever I need to turn to the right or left I release "W" and it turns as if I am walking so it's pretty fast that way.

sure,update from PC (5.00.20190217   Beta)

I'm using iOS app, will try on Android app later

Did you update both the manager and the firmware to that version?

Thanks I will give it a shot tomorrow. I noticed your dpi is very low I had mine in the g502 set to max 12k. I will lower it down and try yours

I would definitely try it at 3250 since this is what itís created on and will typically work best, but its also the most comfortable dpi for me. If you enjoy 12k then you can always use a converter to try the settings on your dpi with http://www.csgosetup.com/dpi-calculator/

Not super familiar with manually editing a config. What exactly do I need to do with the code you have listed? Any help or directions on where to find a tutorial for that would be awesome. Plan on hopping on tonight when it releases in my time zone. Thanks!

Click the edit button on the top right (pencil), then press the 3 little dots under the configurationís title to expand the copy/paste section. Press paste in that section and it should work for you. If thereís an error you may need to update the firmware.

Game Support / Re: The division 2 anyone knows ?
« on: 02:21 PM - 03/11/19 »
Could you possibly post a config or let me know what settings you are using on hip and ads screen. I'd love to compare and see how it feels vs the makeshift one I made that seems to work well enough.

Here's the configuration so far:

i copy your code and paste it on my Manager


what happen?

I was on the old beta 20190119, Iím upgrading the firmware to the updated beta and will repost the config in the original post. Thanks for catching that!

Edit: okay, updated the firmware. Make sure youíre on the latest beta firmware 20190217

Game Support / Re: The division 2 anyone knows ?
« on: 01:09 PM - 03/11/19 »
Could you possibly post a config or let me know what settings you are using on hip and ads screen. I'd love to compare and see how it feels vs the makeshift one I made that seems to work well enough.

Here's the configuration so far:

Greetings everyone!
This configuration is based off of The Division 1 ST. It needs a little work for snipers, but I was mainly using ARs/SMGs/Rifles and Shotguns during the beta. I wanted to put this up before the release of the game so it's a work-in-progress configuration and I will continue to update it.


Here is just an example of the snap aiming, I wanted to upload a video to display more of the config but ran into some troubles.
Beta Stats: Conflict KD/KDA: 6.1 / 9.3 and Conflict Win/Lose Ratio: 92-4

Firmware: 20190217 (Latest Beta)
Mouse: G502
DPI: 3250
Polling: 1000

In-Game Settings
Camera Sensitivity: 20
Aim Sensitivity: 20
Left Stick Dead Zone: 0
Right Stick Dead Zone: 4

Full Configuration
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Div2 - DWD] START COPY >>>

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>
Sensitivity: 17.25
Sync: Default

I wanted to eliminate any of the micro-stuttering that happened when I lowered my dead zone to zero. I know I could just add smoothing but that adds input delay and I don't like that. I wanted to have smooth aiming without the delay, so I went the route of a higher dead zone with a manual curve boost to the initial movement to act as if there is no dead zone. All I did was boost the 0 in the curve to 1.0, this worked out surprisingly well! I am not going to add a picture since you can't even notice the differences.
I changed my X/Y to 1.05 to give a slight recoil adjustment help, but I didn't want to sacrifice too much accuracy.

Sensitivity: 40
Sync: Default

The Hip has no curve, a bit higher sensitivity simply for turning faster. This is still much of a work in progress. I didn't have much trouble turning or target acquisition going into ADS so I didn't mess with it too much in the beta.

Auto Sprint: I've added auto sprint by just hitting the movement key. To undo this, unbind "W" for the Sprint Keybind and make it whatever you'd like. If you keep this, make sure you turn toggle sprint OFF

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to ask and post!


Game Support / Re: The division 2 anyone knows ?
« on: 08:41 AM - 03/07/19 »
Like lasers ?? Lol recoil on controller is mad.
Yeah, in TD1 I had to use my whole arm to control recoil, but in TD2 I was just slightly moving my wrist to control it.

Game Support / Re: The division 2 anyone knows ?
« on: 04:44 PM - 03/06/19 »
Like Hacks, I used the updated Division 1 ST and it worked great with minor tweaks.
The gunplay feels really nice, all of the ARs shot like LASERS. There is still a lower turn cap, so my hip still needs some work before I put out the configuration. Although, I will likely drop a work-in-progress config since I don't want to have people waiting like on Div1 for the Apex and I'll try to get everything up before the release.

Here's some examples of how well the configuration worked: Conflict KD/KDA: 6.1 / 9.3 and Conflict Win/Lose Ratio: 92-4

@James I had absolutely no problem keeping up with rogues in the DZ, I believe I was ranked 16 for the highest rogue timer and I didn't even know there was a leaderboard at that time haha

Sorry for such a long delay on the Apex configuration. Iíve ran into a lot of problems regarding the movement with auto sprinting/strafing with the Apex.
This caused me to either have:
A) auto sprint / strafing & a uniform ballistics/sensitivity for both ADS and Hip.
B) two separate settings for ADS and Hip (ideal) but no auto sprint / strafing.

I halted creating the Apex configuration since Iíve ran into this problem. Luckily, Obsiv implemented the feature I needed in the new beta firmware (20181109)!
With these of problems out of the way I will be working on The Division configuration again, I hope to it release soon.

At the moment, this is what is running smooth on the Apex Configuration:
-1-button 180 turn
-auto sprint/strafe
-higher hip sensitivity that doesnít jitter and still enables AA

Working on:
-mainly the ADS aiming settings, polishing up all settings
-grenade/consume wheel for easy selection

No scripts active?
No other joystick devices plugged into your computer?
No scripts, nope no other joystick devices

I'm having some issues setting up Xim Link with the Apex. I originally had this issue and searched it on the forums, found a post by mist saying spinning in circles is typically a faulty wire. I bought a new transfer cable but the problem still persists.

The Xim Link reads as connected and can see input I give, I can move and select my game fine from my computer but it's always sending Right-Stick movement that forces to look down and spin to the left aggresively.

I've tried swapping cable ends, changing USB ports, restarting computer, running Xim Link as administrator, uninstalling USB driver and reinstalling, uninstalling and reinstalling Xim Link.

I have Windows 10
i7-5820K CPU
GTX 970
.NET Framework 4.7.1
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 both 64 and 32 bit
Belkin Easy Transfer (F5U279)

:)   do you prefer Navigation controller or keyboard or keypad? What peripherals do you use ??

I use G213 Keyboard, nothing fancy just a regular one.

Hi I am new to the xim apex , so far I love it , but was hoping for a better configuration for the division. This one looked promising ,but was for xim4 and not apex. Has anyone been able to create this for the apex?

I've just recently bought a Xim Apex and am currently working on a configuration for it, it will be some time though.

Update on the Apex Configuration:
I received my Apex- plugged in it and set up my keybinds, but instantly ran into an issue.

Turns out Xim Apex has a different translation of the left stick in comparison to the Xim4, when I tried to create the auto strafing for the Apex configuration, the camera just spins around due to a delay implemented to make the movement more controller authentic.
Well, this morning I thought all hope was lost! I had no motivation to continue creating the configuration if the movement didn't work correctly, I spoke with OBsIV to see if there was anything I could do to emulate the Xim4 movement and nothing seemed possible...
BUT! Nothing a little creativity couldn't fix!
I had an idea tonight to correct the movement and just recently tested it, seems to work so far.
There's still a ton of work to do, but there is hope!

I'm trying to configure a profile and I've ran into a strange issue with the left stick translation.
In The Division, to strafe you need to sprint forward, then go either left or right unsprinted. Then, sprint forward and do opposite side. Each key is hit individual other than sprint+w. It needs to be done rapidly to be effective.
Problem is, if you sprint forward while the analog stick is in any way diagonal then your camera flips.
I can sprint forward then do the first part of the strafe,  but letting go of "a" and hitting sprint +"w" afterwards the Apex acts as if I'm still holding the a slight bit "a" cause it flips the camera to the left.
I've changed the dead zone of the stick to 0, maxed out, all over and nothing seems to work, is there a setting that would emulate Xim4 left-stick style? I've never had this problem on it.

Edit: If I delay my keys pressed half a second each one it works, so it seems the left stick has a delayed movement which brings it from left to forward to right, instead of it being separate flicks on the stick.

Tried again to download both ADS and Hip curves but it's still giving me the old curves.I'm not trying to download the full config ... only the curves for hip & ADS  ... (Xim4)

Hmm, I just grabbed the codes from this page on my phone and entered them in a new profile and they are working, both ADS and Hip were tested just now.

If all else fails, download the entire profile and grab the ADS and Hip config from the set up and apply it to your profile.

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