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Beta / Ps5&Hori pad min
« on: 01:54 PM - 08/31/21 »
Hello i need help please im have order a Hori pad mini to play Ps5 with this pad i hav installed the beta firmware and the last Manager all in ….625 but not are working. The Ps5 Menu and the Games not can run. Nothing i wanne play the call of duty cold war but no way. Can please a engeneering help me?
Best Regards from swiss.

Deutsch / PS5& Hori min pad
« on: 10:31 AM - 08/30/21 »
Hallo zusammen habe heute einen Hori mini Pad gekauft und probierte diesen mit dem Xim Apex und der Beta Firmware zu verbinden doch es geht gar nichts. Kann mir jemand helfen ich kann nicht einmal im Menü der PS5 etwas machen Spiele Call of Duty cold war

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim Apex Error App with iPhone X
« on: 08:13 AM - 10/21/18 »
Hi I have a problem with the new Xim Apex and iPhone X ios 12.1 and although the Apex app goes on and on again it has already been deleted and reinstalled 10 times the app works on all other devices just on iphone x i have not tried it it on an iPad, iPhone 7 all with ios 12.1 and Samsung but unfortunately that was not my device and the Xim Apex works best on sunniest. By the way, Xim4 works with iPhone X.

Please help me  :o

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