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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Multiple XIMs in same area?
« on: 11:04 AM - 10/28/17 »
Awesome thanks. That's basically all I was wondering. Wasn't sure if it would cause issues.

XIM 4 Discussions / Multiple XIMs in same area?
« on: 08:58 AM - 10/28/17 »
So my buddy and I both bought a XIM4 and we are roommates. I was wondering if anyone has had multiple XIM4s in the same area. Mainly the reason is we took off the CoD WW2 release and wanna set our stuff up in the same area and play. Does it cause any issues if we do play in the same area with connecting and what not? Iím using an Android Phone heís using his iPhone.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: G502 Or EC2-a
« on: 08:55 AM - 10/28/17 »
I just got the EC2-A and it works and feels amazing with the XIM4. Im a PC player and itís real close to it.

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM4 Curve/Ballistics?
« on: 03:51 PM - 10/23/17 »
Can anyone explain to me what this does. I just bought a XIM4 today. And I found a very very comfortable sensitivity and what not. But I don't understand what this Curve and Ballistics settings are for in the advanced options. I don't want to play with it till I have kind of an understanding how it'll help me.

Also is the steady aim setting worth using?

I should probably state that I'll be using this for CoD WW2.

General Discussion / Re: DPI
« on: 03:09 PM - 10/16/17 »
High DPI will be better for accuracy as fine movement will be smoother. I recommend a high DPI then tune your Hip and ADS sensitivity accordingly. If you've found a DPI and sensitivity that works for you then you can use a DPI calculator to determine the correct sensitivity at a new DPI level.


This actually may get me to buy the XIM4 as im looking for information regarding this. Because I play CSGO at 800 DPI and 1.5 Sens.

General Discussion / Re: XIM4 Questions and Info
« on: 10:35 AM - 10/16/17 »
I'm mostly wanting to do this because of the new CoD WW2 all my friends own consoles and are getting it and I'd love to play with them.

Welcome to the community. This is one of the main reasons for PC gamers to want to play on console and get a XIM.

The most important thing to understand is that shooters on consoles feels different than on PC. Console shooters have a turn speed limit that depends on the game you are playing. This is why a low DPI mouse (such as 800) may not be suitable given that there is a limit to how fast you can move your mouse to turn. This may be less of a problem for you on CoD, but, more on Overwatch.

Hopefully someone with experience with low-DPI mice can comment and provide guidance and expectations.

Yeah I mean it's not the biggest issue to play on a higher sens. It just feels more awkward for me lol. So if any of you folk have experience playing with a XIM4 on a lower sens I'd love to hear your output.

General Discussion / New to XIM4. Looking for information!
« on: 01:45 AM - 10/16/17 »
Hello all, I'm relatively new to the console scene and I just can't get a grasp of the controller. I've played PC for as long as I can remember and at I'd say a high level of play.

High Masters and GM in Overwatch
Top 1000 in the world in PUBG

I'm just wondering if I'll be able to basically make the XIM4 relatively close to the feel of how my PC feels. I tend to play at a DPI of 800 and really low Sensitivity. I'm talking a solid 1.5sens in CSGO and a 5 in OW.  PUBG default essentially is fantastic.

I'm mostly wanting to do this because of the new CoD WW2 all my friends own consoles and are getting it and I'd love to play with them. But every time I use a controller I feel so useless in Mid-Long range gun battles and I can't 'turn' fast enough if someone gets behind me on console lol. I own CoD AW so I'd be using that to test settings seeing as I've read there won't be any WW2 profile on night of release. I have a feeling I'm going to need to fiddle around a lot when and if I pick one up!

But yeah end scope is to use it to feel comfortable when I play. And just be able to enjoy not getting absolutely rekt all the time.

Also I'm told I can turn off AA in CoD games so idk if that'll help or not.

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