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Try looking at Alanmcgregor's expert config for a building mode sub config.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite settings
« on: 01:30 PM - 07/12/18 »
Hey, there are more than a dozen topics with many, many replies so I would start by looking there

trust me, the Fortnite ST is great. no one will fight that.

if i were you, i would just lower my xim sens by 20%. When you lower your in game sens, it limits your xim's effectiveness.

it won't lower your xim's effectiveness by a noticeable amount, which is why you probably think it feels better suddenly. some players like to lower it in the game, but I promise you that it doesnt influence your AA in any way.

just max in game sens and adjust sens in your xim manager.

True in theory, but I will say there is utility in lowering your in game ads sensitivity to make snipers feel smoother/better.

Playground will be going out tonight at 4am so if a st is getting trained it must be done by today, and there are so many bad controller users out there none of them are complaining even good controller users like nick mercs they just canít tell, most talked about problems are aim assist on recently eliminated players and bloom

Playground will be back, Epic has stated they are looking to add aim assist for controllers in the next iteration of playground. So if anything we should wait until we have a full aiming representation before trying anything new.

Ooh I see, makes sense now.

Game Support / Re: Need help with R1 and L1 Fortnite
« on: 10:21 PM - 07/08/18 »
Go Q and E then
What about building and crouch?

Crouch on C.
Building on lower mouse button (the one at the bottom). This is what I use.

I believe it is an issue with the game inherently. The early firing of gun thing before going into build mode has been a problem off and on now for a while.

The struggle is real. I can win games, but I'm not happy with how it feels. I blame Epic, not Xim.

It's definitely on Epic. They changed the dead zones for guns and made them bonkers without telling us. They used to feel absolutely perfect.

If you make HIP and ADS the same then you could just disable ADS via XIM to keep it easy.

Yeah definitely makes sense!

Just to mention to PS4 players, now you can use native keyboard support with XIM mouse translation, meaning having builder pro for building and direct slot selection via keyboard connected directly to PS4.

Before both inputs can't mix without a strong delay between. Now work simultaneously.

Iím kind of confused by this, so we can use mouse for builder pro and mouse for PC key binds? To switch weapons and that?

I think he accidentally misspoke. You can use regular PC controls with native m+k (plugged in directly). You don't get Builder Pro, but you get direct key binds.

You are right, and Builder Pro is awesome for building.

As you know top players play on PC and they are using the same scheme as native support so, it can be done.

I get it, the main reason will be AA aid on hip firing. I hope we have a fix for the dead-zone problem.

I had been using 60% ingame sensitivity for my ADS and scopes. XIM Manager same sensitivity for HIP and ADS and I agree is way better feels more smooth.

The problems you've identified with the mouse dragging right and left are definitely valid, but I'm still going to stick to XIM. Another reason I'm willing to keep working on settings is because Epic plans to add aim assist to Playground mode, which means we will finally be able to dial in our settings in a control environment. So we can expect some significant upgrades to settings in the next few months.

The issue that most affects ADS scope and sniper is the Deadzone.

You will be better with native support at this point.

Fair point, but a counter argument is that many people have been using Apex for so long, paired with the Builder Pro control scheme. I tried plugging in my mouse and keyboard yesterday, it is very difficult to unlearn the muscle memory from double click building over a period of several months. I'm not sure if it's worth slightly better aiming at the expense of learning new controls.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Need serious help
« on: 11:12 AM - 07/06/18 »
Other anti-aim assist curves worth checking out are RML's curves.


They do! Theyre the ones i just posted. Ive been using them in every game with strong aim assist and ive seen huge improvement.

Whoops, my bad. The extra link doesn't hurt though :)

Have you been using them in Fortnite too? I tried them out and they didn't feel optimal. But then again I'm playing on XIM Apex which is inherently different than XIM4.

No worries bro,i just wanted to point out thats the source. I forgot where i got mine from. they work great in fortnite, they feel build up for it! It sucks there isnt a way to convert Curves for xim 4 into apex or vice versa... Maybe there is a way?

RML has already done so...see bottom of topic :)

Game Support / Re: Need smooth settings for Fortnite (PS4)
« on: 11:11 AM - 07/06/18 »
I just re-read your post and saw you said you were getting a delay problems with your mouse. A few questions:

1. Are you using a Wifi connection or ethernet?
2. What sync setting are you using?
3. What is your ping generally when you are playing? Do you play on other nonlocal servers with friends?

Im using a cable to connect to Ethernet...sync is common and im playing on Europe Servers...the mouse movement feels plain and simple delayed

Do you have all in game settings maxed out?

Have you also tried a DPI of 12k? Does it seem more responsive and snappy to you?

How is the internet service in your country?

Fortnite has been incredibly laggy lately. I've experienced latency especially in 50v50, and especially during building/fighting with other players.

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