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Game Support / Re: Destiny 2: Advanced Setup (20181210)
« on: 08:13 PM - 06/21/19 »
I canít paste the code into XIM Apex with the latest firmware on iOS. Just tells says ERROR after I press the button. Was really looking forward to this, as I played Destiny 2 with RMLs XIM 4 settings when Destiny 2 first came out and it was awesome. Canít seem to get anywhere close on my own after coming back to the game. Anyone know any work-arounds to this error?

Actually, there is a fuckton of AA. I played with a controller for the last two months, and the AA was so sticky it would literally move your crosshairs if someone ran by you. I donít feel any AA with this setup on most engagements. I was only asking because some people were acting like they could just snap on and stick to a target with this setup, and Iím not getting that at all. It feels like Iím playing on PC 95% of the time, which is not bad, just odd considering the feedback that Iíve seen in this thread. Definitely sticking with these. Thanks d1sabled!

For some reason I donít get the AA effect with these settings. Is that intentional?

Thanks Mikki, going to give this a go tonight.

So apparently Destiny 1 ST feels better combating AA then Destiny 2 ST does. Well that certainly throws a wrench in the machine. I'll have to play around with this and see if I can come up with some good settings here. But no doubt about it, IMO the D1 ST is better against AA for me right now. It feels a little loosey goosey though and needs some work though.

I noticed this too. After I went to Destiny 2 ST and messed around with it a little bit, I had to go back to the Destiny 1 ST that I had been running before Destiny 2 ST release. Luckily, it feels great.


Issues arises as soon as I try to apply/paste your code/settings. I watched your "Copypastewholesetup"-video from YT.
When I press the Paste-button in the Xim4 Manager I get a red "warning triangle" instead of the green "Check", and obviously no data is being pasted.
I've used both manual Copy as well as "Select"-Copy as you suggest.

Himmelskaberget, make sure you are only copying the required text. If you copy more than you need, you will get the warning triangle. For example, in RML's original post, pressing the [select] button for an automated copy of the Hip curve will copy this:

>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

You really only want to be copying the middle line: X4MB:AAAAGgA0AC4AMAAwAC4AMgAwADEANgAwADQAMAA1AA0aJzRBTlxreoyescjIyMjIyMjI:X4MB

New XIM4 user here; New to the boards.

I purchased the XIM4 just for Destiny 2 after playing the PC BETA (amazing) and realizing that I have a lot more friends who play on console. I've been playing strictly PC for so long that I'm afraid to see what my skill with the sticks has become.

Anyway, after tinkering a while on my own, I came across this thread. I wanted to thank you, LMR, for your dedication, and say that I look forward to working with the XIM community inside of your Destiny 2 thread.

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