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everything should be at 100 except for the first 2 the x&y controller sensitivity should stay at default .44 each the rest leave at 100.  ADS should feel almost the same, hip might feel slower so adjust.  Other than that we'll have to wait till Mist checks the game aim mechanics to see if there was any changes made...

What are your settings? Dpi/ hip and ads sensitivity ? Thanks

Kind of messed around for a couple hours yesterday messing with the new sliders... I found my ads to be alllllll out of wack when I had all the settings maxed out.. found the most success when I toggled the ads target slider to be at like .65 and then scoped at 1.0 hope this helps... the aim assist seems wayyy stronger though with latest update even the RML curve canít break the bubble hopefully they give us a slider for aim assist coming soon..

Razer deathadder chromma 10k dpi
13 hip 9 ads (I think at work right now will edit when I get home)

Settings were for sure 15 hip 10 ads before latest patch

Game Support / Re: I need Fornite BR Settings
« on: 01:27 PM - 10/26/17 »
Iím having a ton of trouble with the update... before my settings were great now when I use ads it doesnít feel right at all!

Game Support / Re: FORTNITE HELP!
« on: 08:17 PM - 10/13/17 »
Would you mind sharing your xim profile code? Not sure if I have the right hip/ads curves loaded in mine, I use a razer deathadder chromma 10k dpi I think my settings right now are 10 hip 6 scoped also what dpi are you using

Game Support / FORTNITE HELP!
« on: 01:01 PM - 10/13/17 »
Been messing around with settings to try and fight through the massive aim assist bubble and nothing seems to be working for me :/... Iíve tried the RML AAA curve and meh.. if anyone has found success please post your settings in this thread!

Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 09:36 AM - 08/03/17 »
Everyone i know that uses a xim thats top 500 using exp with no curve including myself. All of you guys that keep messing with your sensitivity every week and using a new curve every week are just @#$% up. Theres no god curve or perfect sensitivity. Have you ever wondered why ppl outgun you? its because they stick to one sensitivity and get muscle memory. Im sorry if im coming out rude its just that you guys need to stick to one sensitivity and start building that muscle memory thats how your gonna improve. ive been using the same mouse dpi and sens since the game came out and thats how im able to be so consistent and get top 100 every season. Trust me guys. Just stick to one sensitivity and start building that muscle memory! :)

I wish it was that easy. Once you go linear you don't want anything else.
For me it comes most close to PC gaming.


That's my config using linear. I'm sitting at 3900 right meow. To me this feels the best it was one of the first curves put out there just the standard 12.0 one, give it a try.

4000 dpi
100 aim assist
75 window
O smoothing
Good luck

Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 05:15 AM - 08/03/17 »
Hello thanks for the support.

I've been using the xim4 for a few weeks now and in the beginning I was enjoying myself.
It was working very well and I was starting to get used to it.

But now (probably) after the latest OW update my aim is messed up. It feels really laggy and jittery. Sometimes it just hangs on some point so I can't move for a second.

The xim4 is not changing in color and not blinking.

I am using hoodlum's second curve but with 1500 boost. Otherwise my xim4 wouldn't see my small mouse movements..

My setup:
Mouse: G502 ( started with 12000 doing, changed to 8000 with increased sens but that didn't work out either.)
Keyboard: Logitech G410
Curve: hoodlum's
Xim4 sens: It was 16,5 as hoodlum's advised but I thought the lag was gone when I was playing with 40 and lowered DPI. But in the end it was still jittery.

I tried changing to expo but that didn't work either. Can somebody give me some tips?

I am using the CCC for lineair ramp.

Are you on Xbox or PS4? I was having trouble getting hoodlums curve to feel good but I play on Xbox pretty sure it runs better on ps4.

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