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Hey, this is not happening to me.
Mine is set to "On" but I can switch freely to Off.
Also I think that this feature only allows you to play with your friends on different platforms, I don't think it will put you in PC lobbies. Never happened to me and I have it enabled so :)
I don't think you should worry.

But its the ONE point we all use Keyboard and Mouse :-)
Well that's just personal preference, you can be an amazing player even with the controller.
It's up to you to choose

I cant play with a Controller because i am to Bad with it. I cant even hit a House with the thunbstick. Now with xim i am much (really) much better. In BO4 (MP) i am often the last scene (dont know the name of the best action scene)

You See? Its Not fair :-)
Hold on, it's not fair because you can aim much better with the mouse instead of with a controller? Did I get it right?
If that's the case, that's not a good point man xD

i love these posts because you get to see how deluded some people really are, lol.

Like i am the quintessential troll, and honestly the gaming community could do without me... but you guys are a special breed of retard if you honestly believe what you are doing isn't cheating.
Who are you referring to? No one seems deluded in this post, everyone is pretty happy with the XIM, especially me.
Also you did not provide any reasons or anything to prove your point. Basically you ignored my post and went straight to insulting. That escalated quickly. New account with 2 posts of course, I even checked out your other post, my compliments. And I'm trying to keep calm to keep this discussion as positive as possible.

When the xim is so fair and not a big deal, as the delusional OP says, why is it not allowed in Tournaments, like a Scuf?

Some game developers have actually expressly called XIM a cheating device, and promised to take measures against it (Yes, I know that xim is undetectable)
It's probably not allowed because of ignorance, which is the main point of this post. Also Scuf controllers are allowed in many tournaments. Some game developers are wrong apparently for the same reasons. Also I have already expressed myself on disabling AA in games. You don't get a pc feeling anyway...
Why do you sound angry btw? I did not make this post to have discussions with salty people. If you think the XIM is an OP unfair device you have already express yourself, you can leave.

So disappointed by this game...  so many wrong things.
Hopefully they will change the TTK because I think it's one of the main reasons of people camping.

I mean, who cares what anyone thinks.

Play on your preferred device.
Well some people get mad, so I made this post for open minded people to make them understand. Even if sometimes there is nothing you can do :)

Now let's talk about Aim Assist. I've been told that I have aim assist with a mouse, and that's definitely OP.
Nailed it.

Well let me ask you one question, why do you think PC players don't have aim assist?
Because you don't need aim assist for MK! You already have the tools to be extremly accurate and precise..

Because Aim Assist and a Mouse don't go well together! AA it's just a hindrance because of the accuracy of the mouse.

You're not only playing with the clearly superior input device, which absolutely smashes controllers into the ground, you also get a "hidden aimbot" mechanic that was intended to help people aim with a primitive input device (aka controller).
The effect you achieve when aiming with a xim is stronger than any silent aim cheat on pc.

Sometimes it slows your aim too much and won't let you reach or stay on target.
No, once you're on the target, the AA never let's you move off your opponent again.
Yes, sometimes you need to apply additional force to push through the "bubble". You can either get used to it or ..

.. just have a look at one of the many detailed (video) guides that show you how to get rid of that "problem". Here are a few:

Also, I don't recall controllers having features like "Boost" and "Steady Aim", that allow me to exploit aim assist..

It's definitely you who is ignorant.
I have no words... a hidden aimbot? Features that allow you to exploit aim assist? lol I think alan is right, sometimes you just can't make people reason, they are just salty. I don't know if you own a XIM or not, but if you do, then enjoy "smashing controllers into the ground"... or maybe not. Excuses.

Now if the discution is "macro land", my oppinion differs, because i feel that using no recoil / fast shooting macro's etc is gaining an real in-game advantage, and for the sake of good online gaming sportmanship, should not be used. But hey, each of us have a conscience and i love to be 1st in the game, without "macro" crouches!
I agree!

Its not cheating, right. But its not fair and we all know that :-)
Why do you think it's unfair after everything I said?

And there is another layer, XIM users accusing me and others, of cheating because due the use of a scripting/macro device.
Nice reply man, about the macro: the XIM itself does not support macros. You need to use third party software, the same way controllers can use the Titan usb thingy. Also some controllers like the Nacon support macros, so :)
I also agree with the point that we play games for fun, with friends. It's not our job.

I think there maybe skilled based matchmaking also. My girlfriend has thousands of games and only 1 solo win. I play here account at the end of every season to finish some of her challenges and i can outplay/win every time almost. I also watch her play and spectate them when she dies (they're very bad). Nothing like the comp i go up against.
Yeah probably. I see many youtubers getting 30 kills games against bots. Players that don't build at all or don't even shoot back. I never meet these kind of players :D
They are decent in the worst case. It's probably because of the stats I believe?

I usually have no problems telling people I play with that I am using a XIM, but almost every time I've been told that I'm cheating. I've been asked some stupid questions, because they believe stupid things.
So I am making this post to prove that it's definitely not true and to clarify some things.
The main problem is ignorance.

First of all, I've been asked "Oh you play on M/KB? So you can do this or that like on PC!"
No. The game still thinks that I am using a controller, so I can't do anything that controllers can't already do. It's not like I have more features or anything. There is nothing I can do that controllers can't.

Now let's talk about Aim Assist. I've been told that I have aim assist with a mouse, and that's definitely OP.
Well let me ask you one question, why do you think PC players don't have aim assist?
Because Aim Assist and a Mouse don't go well together! AA it's just a hindrance because of the accuracy of the mouse.
Sometimes it slows your aim too much and won't let you reach or stay on target. AA is something made for controllers.
We XIM users have to fine tune our settings to deal with it :)

Well then just disable Aim Assist when possible and you will have perfect aim like on PC, right? (Yes, I've been told this as well). Guess what? Just because we are on console, games often have some weird look mechanics with acceleration or stuff like that, to make the use of a controller more comfortable. Of course I don't mean that playing with AA off it's not possible, it just does not give you a PC feeling. Also depends on the game.

Of course using a XIM has its advantages, otherwise why would I use it, but at the end of the day, it does not give you an unfair advantage and it's definitely not cheating. Players who say otherwise are just ignorant or are making excuses.

Hope you enjoyed this read, share your experiences! Have you ever had a conversation like this with someone?

Nah, this is not happening, just search them on FortniteTracker to check and be sure.
I think there is something going on with matchmaking in this game... there either is some kind of skill based matchmaking or everyone has improved a lot, even if I find it hard to believe that everyone is a decent player on the most popular game atm with millions of players.
I guess every kid is just practicing playground 24/7 and playing the game like it was a tournament! :D

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Nie wiesz, jak mi pomóc? O wiedzy, której szukam, zajmuję się udostępnianiem tych informacji.
Yeah dude I agree

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