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Game Support / Re: My Fortnite BR setup (EASY GUIDE!!)
« on: 10:13 AM - 12/13/17 »
Sounds good, but when you have to drop something to a teammate, without a cursor, it tooks 30s, which is very long :/
Just use the keyboard with the XIM for that, it's easy :)

Game Support / Re: My Fortnite BR setup (EASY GUIDE!!)
« on: 01:23 PM - 12/12/17 »
Tbh I use scroll up for weapon 1 and I scroll down to automatically build stairs instantly and side mouse buttons for quick build and shotgun weapon slot 6
Nice, I am glad you like it ^^

Game Support / Re: My Fortnite BR setup (EASY GUIDE!!)
« on: 06:19 AM - 12/12/17 »
Hey, I was wondering if you could do a keybinding tutorial?  I'm a new player and can't seem to figure out comfortable controls.

Thanks in advance!

(not necessarily a video tutorial but like a brief walk through of setting up keybindings)
Hello! Honestly keys are a preference, but I will tell you my keybindings so you can have them as a reference.
Of course I will skip some basic keys like WASD
Also keep in mind that I use combat pro controller configuration. Find it in Fortnite game settings!

R3 (repair) > E
L3 (sprint) > Left shift
Those 2 don't really matter anymore since my mouse is connected to my PS4:
R1 > Scroll down
L1 > Scroll up
Build mode > C // secondary bind: Q
Reload > R
Change Weapons > 1
Map > TAB
Inventory > Arrow UP
And then my mouse buttons that I have on the side are bound to:
(You need to use the "Input" settings in the game)
Build stairs and equip weapon 2 (first slot except for the pickaxe).
If you have any specific questions feel free to ask!

Game Support / Re: My Fortnite BR setup (EASY GUIDE!!)
« on: 12:57 PM - 12/11/17 »
Ddo u have gameplays?
Honestly no, I don't upload videos of gameplays, only funny moments and random stuff.
I don't have any videos with this setup. If I'll win a good game I'll upload it.

Game Support / Re: My Fortnite BR setup (EASY GUIDE!!)
« on: 01:58 PM - 12/10/17 »
Isnt 200 dpi a little slow?

Not at all, i would lower even further if i could :) Remember you are connecting the mouse directly to the PS4 not the xim4.
really?! i cant do a 180 with 200dpi only like 45 degrees max, feels like my setup is wrong,

Then just change it until you like it... 200 it's just fine for me.
Maybe it's just my setup

Game Support / Re: My Fortnite BR setup (EASY GUIDE!!)
« on: 06:04 AM - 12/10/17 »
@#$% wish I could do this for Xbox lol
What's wrong with Xbox?

Game Support / Re: My Fortnite BR setup (EASY GUIDE!!)
« on: 01:00 PM - 12/09/17 »
I'm interested in how you bind. I mean it's still difficult navigatimg even the menus.
Yeah I know it's hard because there is no cursor, just go in the "Input" menu and move your mouse around until you hover on the feature you would like to bind. It's a little bit tricky but does not take more than 30s!

Since the update they made today (02/03) this setup is NOT working anymore.
I will not delete this guide just in case it will work again one day, but until then, good luck folks.

Hi everyone, I am Enrix. I am making this guide because I see that a lot of players are having problems with Fortnite BR and asking for help or suggestions on the forum. Keep in mind, please, that this is just my setup. I am not saying that it's the best setup you are going to find, it just works really good for me and you could give it a try. You may like it!

About me:
I am a PS4 player with over 200 wins in squad and duo, with 25% win rate and going up!
You could say that I am not a bad player.

About this setup:
So I've changed my BR setup multiple times until now, tried different configurations and curves, but this is my latest setup, and the one I like the most. I'll probably stick to it.
What you're going to do for this setup to work is: connect your keyboard to your XIM4, and your mouse directly in the PS4! I know this may feel weird for you at first, but let me explain why this works so good (at least for me).
Since your keyboard is connected through the XIM4, every time you move (or press a key), the game will think that you're using a controller, and this means basically one thing: aim assist.
Every time you move your mouse only, aim assist is disabled.
You can use this to your advantage, for example you could stand still for a moment while sniping or using any other weapon to get that smooth aim, on the other side you could get easy kills thanks to the aim assist at close range while moving.

What do you need to do to make this work:
Since the support for mouse/kb is not complete, you'll need to change your DPI in order to change your hip sensitivity.
I use 200 DPI, 0.40 mouse ADS and 0.30 scope sensitivity.
// EDIT //
I forgot to say that I also use 500 polling rate! That's an important detail!
Of course you can change these settings to your liking.
You can find ads and scope sensitivity in the game settings. Change your DPI with your mouse software.

What advantages do you get from this setup?
Like I said previously, you can stay on the move and get your aim assist that will be helpful sometimes (for example in close range encounters), or stand still and use the smooth aim to land your shots without any AA.
Also, since the game detects your mouse, you can bind controls and features to your mouse in the "Input" menu.
Bind your weapons or building choices to access them quickly with a mouse button! Your choice.
You won't need to get used to new buttons because you're still using your keyboard with the XIM4 :)

Won't I need a curve for aim assist?!
I know you're probably thinking that since your mouse is not connected to the xim4, you won't be able to use any curves.
Honestly since I am using this setup, aim assist does not seem intrusive and annoying, instead it feels helpful.
It's more like a "weak" aim assist. I don't know why, probably because of this setup.


That's it from me, let me know if you enjoy this setup, I hope that it will improve your Fortnite BR experience.
If you have any other questions just leave a comment.
Also please don't forget what I said in the introduction, this is just my setup that I suggest to you.
Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Hey dude, thank you for this curve.
But I have a few questions! I still don't understand how curves work... the only thing I know it's that they add acceleration, right? My sensitivity is different before and after applying your curve, why is that?
Lastly, if I don't feel comfortable with the sens, can I change it? Or is it somehow "tied" to the curve?

Game Support / Re: The Division settings?
« on: 11:29 AM - 07/23/17 »
Hi man, thank you, of course.
I am using a Razer Mamba (2012) that goes up to 6400 DPI, even if I set mine to 4000.

Game Support / The Division settings?
« on: 07:18 AM - 07/23/17 »
Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has some good settings for The Division.
Please share if you do! Any helpful tips are apprecciated, thanks. I am a new XIM4 owner.

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