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What do you mean change sebn lower and then change 100 when open the game...??

Im looking setup/setting for rainbow six.. if you guys have something best or good setup come  share guys.. newbie Xim4

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 1 setup (Updated 7/22/17)
« on: 08:12 AM - 08/16/17 »
Hey guys, can share a new setup for bf1 ps4? And hlw to copy it.. when i use sniper , aiming make me hard to control, it seem like high sensitivity, but when use medium and close combat it just fine..

Thanks bro, i think can replace it with another normal usb port..

Im playing battlefield 1 & Rainbow six siege(newbie) .. hope can learning from you guys playing rainbow six and battlefield 1

PSN ID : allienwares

Do anyone here got picture motherboard xim4? I search on google but couldn't find.
Hope you guys can help me because i got friend pretty good working in electronics.,
Before open it he want see how look like board inside xim4

Yes physically.. hard for me to get a new one because im from malaysia

Game Support / My xim4 power slot broken what should i do?
« on: 08:09 AM - 07/09/17 »
Hello guys i need help, my xim4 power slot broken. What should i do guys?
Can be repair or replace? That slot "C" broken chip inside that

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