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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: scalper's charging $550
« on: 01:56 PM - 03/02/18 »
What about the company that, time after time, doesnít update their store, and causes this whole scalper situation? You canít call people idiots who can take a 100.00 product and make 500. Odin, we know youíre loyal, but you come off as a tool, towing the company line, post after post.

I call people making 400 dollars profit by another name.
I don't think Odin is being a tool, i have to agree with him personally.  People who buy products from scalpers are idiots, and they are what is wrong with this world.  They are the reason why we get broken/incomplete games these days due to creating a market for DLC (which used to never be a thing).  People who buy DLC are in the same boat with the exception of a few games like Witcher 3, where the DLC was actually expanding the base game by 20-30 hours.

I don't think he is a tool either, try to look a little deeper when I post. I know most of my posts go way over most of your heads. I had earlier posts before release, where I said I was going to buy multiple Xim's, and it riled up a bunch of people, which was my intent. I never intended to buy more than one, but I knew that the XIM team has no clue when it comes to sales and shipping, so I put that in to make them think, "hey we better limit it to one per person," and bam, that is exactly what happened.

Odin, is a great guy, but post after post he just dismisses all the problems and deflects them all elsewhere, Meanwhile loyal paying customers on these forums can't even get a Xim Apex, and they have to keep coming back here hour after hour. I'm sorry if that upsets you or Odin, but that is a problem. Especially when customers who have to come here every day, and then they look on eBay, and see the product being scalped. You do realize that everyday that goes by the number of Xim Apex's on eBay is going to keep rising right? With people able to continue buying and scalping for such a large profit, it's going to be in a loop for a while. People that don't even want a Xim Apex are going to buy one because they can make a few hundred dollars.

I rightly called it that this problem would continue because, not trying to be mean, but it's time for the XIM team to move into the 20th century. Also, if you look at my post history, I called this back in 2015, when they blew that too. I'm not interested in looking through my old posts, but they are basically making the same mistakes now that they did then. And, don't even make me bring up the fact that a product as good as the Xim, is only being sold here!! That in of itself is a shame. You should be able to buy a XIm on Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, Gamestop, you get the point. I can find the lowly Cronus max everywhere, and I wouldn't touch that product with a 10 foot pole, but guess what? they have professional people marketing their crappy product. It's time for Xim to hire someone who isn't family or friends to handle sales and shipping.

Just an fyi, but this post is not in anger or anything, it's just the truth, and anyone with any understanding can see it for what it is. I got my Xim Apex, and I'm very happy. I love this community for their honesty and helpfulness. It is the best community out there for these products, and I'll gladly pay now for the next Xim, but please fix your sales and shipping!

With you on all of this. Especially the shipping. Purchased my Apex an hour after it came out with the fastest shipping (like $26 extra) and instead of getting it on Friday like everyone else I'll have to wait till Monday for no explained reason. I'm not sure how how they weren't able to ship mine the very next day like everyone else and overnight shipping orders should have been priority just like everywhere else has it set up. Now I get to work a full shift to closing on Monday and Tuesday and I don't get to mess with the Apex on the weekend.

It does say allow 3 bussiness days to process...not everyone will get at same time..u were just unlucky

Handling time differs when you pay more for shipping and it hinted that when you selected overnight shipping.

It's a vape pen.

I assumed when I purchased mine around the same time as everyone else I'd get it by Friday with the fastest shipping like everyone else who did overnight shipping. I'm not too sure why you guys didn't ship all the overnight orders (or all orders from that evening) today. I mean the store shutting down is understandable, but not being prepared to ship all orders the next business day isn't too great. I'm mainly talking about the overnight shipping orders because those should have been priority.

Also please don't say I shouldn't complain because it's not like I didn't pay a hefty price for overnight shipping.

It seems like the cable for the usb hub is pretty short on the apex and the usb slot on the xbox is on the top when you have it connected to the vertical stand. It seems like it would just hang and that doesn't seem like the best idea so would I have to get an adapter so it could reach the desk? Thanks in advance for any responses.

XIM 4 Discussions / Kind of a dumb question but...
« on: 11:29 PM - 09/02/17 »
What exactly are STs and are they already a part of the Xim4 app or do I have to download them? I've heard people talk about them for OW and I wasn't sure. I've had a Xim4 for some time, but I haven't really gotten into the more advanced settings it has. Thanks in advance!

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