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Support / Re: [Q/A] XIM 4 on PS 5
« on: 06:56 PM - 01/21/21 »
Is that the official word from the developers? Iíll purchase an Apex if the XIM 4 canít be updated but Iím very happy with the XIM 4 and donít want to replace it unnecessarily. Given that the Titan is about the same price as the Apex, I think I would just as soon have the Apex. Remote play wonít support 4K so itís not really a long term solution. Iím hopeful that the developers will eventually be able to provide support for the native PS5 controller 

Support / [Q/A] XIM 4 on PS 5
« on: 11:52 AM - 01/21/21 »
I see that there is a beta version of the Apex firmware that allows you to use it with PS 5 games via a third party controller. I have a XIM 4 and just ordered a PS 5 so I was wondering if there will be a version available for the XIM 4. I have pretty bad arthritis in my hands and have a hard time using a standard controller.

Thanks for the info  :)

I don't have an APEX. I have a XIM4. I never had to disconnect it until I upgraded the firmware

I recently updated the firmware on my XIM4 to 20171004 and upgraded the system software on my PS4 Pro to version 7.0. After the firmware upgrade, I changed the Dualshock setting to communicate via USB as instructed. Now, after the PS4 Pro comes out of power saver, neither the Dualshock or the XIM4 works until I reset the XIM by disconnecting it from the PS4. I have set the PS4 to turn off USB power in standby which corrects the problem but won't charge the controller and causes issues with my Turtlebeach headset. Prior to the firmware upgrade the XIM4 worked with the Dualshcok set to bluetooth and USB set to on in standby.

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