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Hardware Compatibility / Roccat leadr Mouse ( J UP )
« on: 06:41 PM - 02/24/18 »
I got my leadr today
When i connect it to  the xim4

It's stuck at ( J up )
Which is make bf1 or any game unplayble becuse the player will look up and rotate infinitely.

Shown here


I'm i doing something wrong?

Firmware 20171004

Please help

XIM 4 Discussions / Raccot leadr mouse
« on: 09:39 PM - 02/16/18 »
I just order roccot leadr mouse today
And i was disappinted when i found out i can't save my dpi profile in the onboard memory, 
I did some research and some say it has 4000 dpi defualt
 ( 12000 potential but sadly i can't utilize )
So is it enough for xim4 ?

Should i be worring it will hold back xim4's performance?

Becuse i used to play 8200 dpi on G700s

XIM APEX Discussions / How much dpi is too much?
« on: 12:16 AM - 02/05/18 »
Despite reading all the time how i should max out my mouse dpi,

 I find it odd that Most pro player in this forum have only 3000 to 4000 dpi

I have G700s and i max out to 8200
Am i doing somthing wrong?

Another question

Is the 8200 in G700s native or interpolated?
Should i lower it?

Sorry for my bad english

Edit: sorry i just found out it was the wrong section.
Can some moderator move it to the correct place?

XIM 4 Discussions / PS nav not working wirelessly
« on: 11:34 PM - 01/14/18 »
My ps nav only connect wired, in the app it's shows 2 DS4 controllers
Not DS4 and ps nav,
I tried pairing  method many time and changing cables with no luck
Even when i connect it, it doesnt blink, it only blinks if i hold ps botton on the Nav and connect it to the xim4 ( while holding ps Botton )  and if if unplug it, its stop blinking and responding
Please help

I have ps4 pro
And genuine ps nav

Sorry for my bad english

When i move my mouse in horizontal  line
It keeps deviating down when moving to left and up when move to right.
I used 3 mouses and still the same issue

Here is the video of the problem
Im sure its not my hand causing the deviation


Please help.

XIM 4 Discussions / Need help with ads and hip
« on: 09:23 AM - 06/16/17 »
Would you guys share your inches per 360 for hip and ads
For FPS games

Im new to xim4
And please don't tell me it's a personal thing
Because i need some refrence to start with.

XIM 4 Discussions / Help with hip & ads in FPS
« on: 08:33 PM - 05/28/17 »
Im new with xim4

Can you tell me guys
What mesurement you have for hip / ads

In inches or cm for any FPS game you play

And what do you prefer

Aim assist: on or off?

Please help me because i dont get the ratio calculation thing

XIM 4 Discussions / PS nav problem
« on: 06:22 AM - 02/19/17 »
Hi, i have problem with ps move controller, it won't connect wireless, it works only wired, can someone help

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