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Beta / Re: Wheel - canít change my weapon
« on: 10:23 PM - 08/13/23 »
thanks to the above picture it was easier to find that press option as it was rather hidden even after changing to press the affects the same on the logitec g pro wireless scroll wheel BUT thankfully due to that picture i was able to undertsnad were that menu was hidden and changed to press added a wait time of 35ms and now we are good to go again the default 100 wait didnt work proply but 35 was perfect and can now scroll freely again in MW2 and ping people without issue.

Beta / Re: Wheel - canít change my weapon
« on: 09:19 AM - 08/11/23 »
scroll up and down even with a wait action of 35ms 50 ms 100ms and 200ms its just not scrolling proply at all now like inputs are being ignored it ferels like. not a big deal but just annoying i must say though that light sync change even if slight feels awsome regardless light is just perfect for me

Beta / Re: Wheel - canít change my weapon
« on: 11:14 PM - 08/10/23 »
up and down scrolling has also been bad for me on cod going up and down on the leaderboard takes ages as you have to go sooooo slow like one scroll per sec for it to work. and live pinging has also been affected as in the heat of the moement you want to ping someone i have it on scroll up on my mouse and it just wont activate if you scroll up say to clicks real fast instead of one

looking forward to trying the beta in cod i do personally miss sync off as a option

General Discussion / Re: Xbox360 with Xim
« on: 08:48 PM - 08/04/23 »
So I ended up getting a wired xbox 360 controller apex just wouldn't work with all different setups but funnily enough my matrix works in combination with using g that 360 controller plugged into the titan two how strange the apex wasn't working anyways dropped my 2nd ever moab last night on mw3 loving it!
Apex was just stuck with a white light mostly probs a power draw issue id say

General Discussion / Re: Xbox360 with Xim
« on: 04:17 AM - 07/31/23 »
yeah thatl be the ticket thanks mate appreaciate answering some question cant wait to grind some mw3 :D

General Discussion / Re: Xbox360 with Xim
« on: 03:50 AM - 07/31/23 »
yes i have a apex still and can use that without any issues you think moving forward the best bet would be to also get myself a xbox one controller as a fill in for not having a wired 360 controller. i will use the xbox one controller anyways so its no biggy but yeah seems like im in for a good time overall it sounds like

General Discussion / Xbox360 with Xim
« on: 01:48 AM - 07/31/23 »
in need of some advice got a xbox360 coming for some older cods i also own a titan two do i need any specific contorller setup to get my xim to run or can i use my xim in the ttian two and use any controller and itl work on xbox 360?
some controller i own are
-nacon controller
-ds4 controller
-ds5 controller
-ps3 controller
could any of those be used in conjuction with the titan two and xim combo to work on 360? thankyou

if not just a xbox one controller and type c cable suffice?

Beta / Re: Loving the matrix on mw2 also feedback
« on: 12:08 AM - 06/25/23 »
yeah just like it feels more reactive i normally just use whatever cod was out last and if my aims up to standard i just leave it instead of fiddling lol

Beta / Re: Loving the matrix on mw2 also feedback
« on: 03:02 AM - 06/22/23 »
sure im currently using
Ps4 Vanguard Config
16000 DPI 1000HZ 1000 polling rate
Smoothing is set to light
120 Hip 
51.5 ADS
5 SAB on aim only
0 Ads Delay
in game ads transition instant

Beta / Re: Loving the matrix on mw2 also feedback
« on: 10:00 PM - 06/18/23 »
I could press down tab on my keyboard to see what comes up on the xim app yes it was more trying to workout what that picture was set to on the xim mappings that got me stuck as my first thought was trying to find the picture on the xim app then find it on my keyboard that coralates to the xim mapping but found that pictures not on my razer huntsmen tournament edition keyboard. What im trying to explain probably sounds confusing but witherway regards to the Aim setting under mappings I think if It could be called Aiming Stick rather than just flat named aim it might save alot of peoples time. As Aim can be also seen as ads or aim down sights so distinguishing it just abit more I feel could help just something I picked up on is all.

Beta / Loving the matrix on mw2 also feedback
« on: 01:29 AM - 06/18/23 »
just got my matrix two days ago put in a solid 15 hours or so in those two days trying everything related to cod mw2 ive played with it in ranked in wz and pubs and can happily say its been a improvement again over the apex wich i was shocked about tbh. I use to use off sync so it was a big change going to the matrix that doesnt have that but its 100% alot smoother and so after a few hours i just got use to the new feeling the biggest pros ive found so far with the matrix is single target and long range gunfights are super easy and way more stickier then ever before its almost hard to miss even in ranked play with people snaking and flying around the map it doesnt matter it tracks so nicly im only using a very small amount on SAB which i set to 5 and found that in my case i didnt have to adjust my sensitivty to much from Xim apex to matrix which was a happy ending in that regard as i dont enjoy fiddling much. Only con i can say as feedback is on the xim app itself its extremly confusing with how its layed out once you get it you get it and can understand that but even me and my mate were looking at it like uhhhhh why is it like that for example in the mapping section it had a setting called AIM with r3 set then had further down in the mapping section  r3 set to circle with in my case was crouch it became confusing as on first glance im like i dont want r3 as my aim button @#$% and later worked out it was just which input is used to aim being right analog stick i think in small matters like that its not a big deal but added a layer of confusion that i think doesnt need to be there the apex it just wasnt even there which i felt was just abit clearer for the end user to understand i also noticed the tab button in mappings wasnt called tab and had a arrow ive never seen and had to actually load up my apex to work out what that last button bind i needed was and did but yeah other than that loving the actually shooting with it and looking forward to seeing what else you guys can do moving forward. its alot more advanced so in the end with time im sure the confusion i speak of will be trivial but i wonder how many people have also thought something similar thanks.

XIM MATRIX Discussions / Re: AIM jitter
« on: 07:12 PM - 05/27/23 »
also whats your deadzone on mw2? i found lowering mine to 0.13 helped alot with mouse feel ect wondering if you have gone lower than that? when i tried going down further it ruined my on screen movments give that a check to

this looks like normal gameplay to me theres nothing special ive seen here tbh especially not a soft aim like some have mentioned the clips truly are common spots and average for pubs. you want to see some snapping and true soft aim go play ranked its littered atm with actual aimbotters theres a HUUUUGE difference this blokes just a high sens player is all

XIM MATRIX Discussions / Re: No Australia option?
« on: 10:57 PM - 05/04/23 »
chuck me on the list for aus i want to get matrix vids out asap :p

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