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General Discussion / Re: New product?
« on: 05:11 AM - 10/10/22 »
ive signed up to that list now antithesis looking forward to what XIM have in store for us :D

i had a click issue with my logitec g pro wireless it was due to my switches giving out on it after a few years buying a new one fixed my extra clicks and that there of.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Dpi effect on precision
« on: 10:13 PM - 07/25/22 »
agree with most of what you said in my case less AA means more accurascy for me. destiny on xim is literally aimbot XD

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex on PC/ Warzone
« on: 10:10 PM - 07/25/22 »
thats not a xim thing its a controller thing you cant have the one button press for plates like on pc. just set plates to apply all automatically thats as good as itl get. we also miss the instant drop shot that pc get to

General Discussion / Re: XIM vs Controller on cod
« on: 07:49 PM - 07/23/22 »
if youir good it wont matter which you chose

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Dpi effect on precision
« on: 07:13 AM - 07/22/22 »
higher dpi in my case allows me to play on a fast sensivity on the xim without going over the cap the xim has on its app think its 500?  when i use off sync i use 16000dpi so i can play at 230 hip with off sync if i went to say 8k dpi or even less it be impossible to set my xim up the same sens without changing syncs or being way to close to that 500 mark i mean i like the higher dpi for less aa feeling but really its just choice i think it wont matter what you chose when you get the hang of any sensitivty youl be precise in time regardless dont think theres a magical dpi personally for everyone

Beta / Re: FYI Beloader users
« on: 11:12 AM - 01/11/22 »
got my beloader today literally set it up plugged it in had no issues stoked ive lucked out

had this issue when i use to get high ping and packet burst makes everything feel off

Update mine still says its in Singapore ready for 5ransport been awhile I must say

Nice how is it going for you working well?

Yeah I noticed the boom it got glad I got in early tbh looking forward to 120hz gaming again

Hmm close to 6 days i think it was first batch im sure there going a week by week basis with how many they sold still haven't received it yet but can't wait!

I had to email them for my shipping info but it was sent yesterday id give it atleast 2 weeks atleast for me being in australia

Beta / Re: Did you get the sample?
« on: 10:33 AM - 11/21/21 »
Due to the problem of receiving account, the purchase will be reopened next week. The orders that have been successfully paid will be shipped next week. Please pay attention to the shipping information from official web.

They updated description

Beta / Re: Did you get the sample?
« on: 10:26 AM - 11/21/21 »
I personally had to order via PayPal still no shipping information though I also didn't register

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