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XIM 4 Discussions / Deadzone
« on: 03:31 PM - 01/31/21 »
Anyone know how to adjust deadzone on a zim4 Iím tryna play minecraft but I move my mouse slowly and nothing moves so I wanna adjust the deadzone but donít know how

General Discussion / Minecraft
« on: 01:55 PM - 01/31/21 »
Why is there no Minecraft save on the xim to use ):

General Discussion / Supported games
« on: 01:50 PM - 01/31/21 »
Is there a game supported on the apex but not the 4?

Link to it???? I donít have space for mine so Iíve been sticking to my XIM4 cuz my apex cord is to short

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 VS APEX
« on: 01:48 PM - 01/31/21 »
I have a 4 and I got the apex a few months ago I loaded up my main game on it and it just felt off and my aiming was different and didnít feel as smooth so Iím worried to switch to that full time myself cuz I donít wanna ruin all the numbers I have saved for games when it comes to my ads sense etc and how I balence aim assist. Should I upgrade to it thou? Will I get more games say a new cod comes out and they only let you have it for the apex and I canít download a save file for it to use on my 4 cuz thereís some games I play now that arnt on a zim4 and Iím not sure what to do like deep rock galactic for example.

Just to add to the first persons questions

Hardware Compatibility / Re: HyperX origins core
« on: 10:43 AM - 11/02/20 »
Thank you :)

Hardware Compatibility / HyperX origins core
« on: 12:54 AM - 11/02/20 »
Does anyone know if the ďHyperX origins coreď works on a xim 4???

XIM 4 Discussions / Rouge company
« on: 03:33 PM - 07/26/20 »
Does anyone have any good setups for this new game that came out and is kinda blowing up.
Any game I can use for it that works since there isnít anything out yet for it Iíve been using overwatch so far but still feels odd

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 10:08 PM - 07/25/20 »

And grounded

General Discussion / NEW GAME: ROGUE COMPANY
« on: 10:03 PM - 07/25/20 »
So Iím wondering if anyone has any advice on a config for this game I just got it and anything would help me out right now with any settings I can use and how itís so new Iíll have to use another game for it I assume so plz anyone that can help would be great :)

General Discussion / Re: Saints row remastered
« on: 10:02 PM - 07/25/20 »
Sorry itís one the few that you have to use controller

General Discussion / Xim on switch???
« on: 09:20 AM - 06/27/20 »
Can my zim 4 work on switch? Or ever work on the switch???

Support / [Q/A] XIM4-apex
« on: 09:19 AM - 06/27/20 »
So I am able to transfer all my settings over from my 4 to the apex? I donít need to re make them for all the games I played cuz I spent hours trying to find the perfect settings and donít wanna spend hours again trying to re make it all and find what works. Also is it a big jump to the apex from the 4? App and how settings work ect. Any feedback would be great:)

Support / Xim YouTube?
« on: 05:27 PM - 06/21/20 »
Is there a xim youtube? With videos showing new people how to set stuff up cuz sometimes seeing stuff is the best way to learn compared to reading forms especially with a lot of new people upgrading to the apex for the new consoles or even to learn more advanced settings and what they do and are able to see it and learn from it. Iíd love to be able to watch videos on that all:) or even small update videos on whatís being worked on at the time

Support / Re: [Q/A] Do I need to update for the xsx
« on: 05:25 PM - 06/21/20 »
Alright thanks I guess I should just buy the apex now and try to work this all out and learn the so Iím good to go for the xsx since my 4 wont work with it

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