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i just started using the XIM4 again and got major problems. When I connect it to the ps4 with controller, keyboard and mouse the iOS app shows all the connected peripherals but no button press on those is registered in the app when i try to assign keys or just press a button in the app menu. Also the controller connection isnt really passed through to the ps4 (it just flashes orange, pressing PS Button doesnt help, its set to connect via USB and is the proper model for usb connections)

So I tried updating the firmware to the latest version from 2020, this was already hard as no windows device I tried could connect via manager or firmware updater. So I went to Mac which worked first try. I plugged everything back in, started the PS4 and still the same problem, I tried restarting the ps4 several times and resetting the controllers (tried two different ones which already worked with xim4 before). Also the peripherals were working with the XIM4 a year ago, so it cannot be a compatability issue especially because the iOS app detects every device.

Im getting pretty frusttrated as I dont see any more options I can try to fix it, do you guys have an idea what I could do?

Thanks for your help

Technical Support / Re: Controller doesnt get recognized
« on: 07:51 AM - 06/24/18 »
I am Sorry, i somehow did not see that there was an actual new firmware, maybe I need glasses xD You can close the topic

I just did a factory reset of my XIM4 because sometimes in Game the sensitivity turned up high af until I reloaded the profile. Now my Xbox One S Controller doesnt get recognized by the XIM4 anymore, I already tried to update the firmware, its currently on 20160405

Hardware Compatibility / Headset on PS4
« on: 01:17 PM - 12/29/16 »

Can anybody link me an usb audio adapter for the ps4 with what I can connect my 3.5 headset to the ps4 to use it with the xim.

Shady :)

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