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Currently on ps5, I would love to be a test guppy for this windows version if possible! Now is the windows version using virtual box or other emulator or its it windows native? Either way, I would like to try it out.

So not worth the try then? I was going to purchase to try

I know it was talked about months ago before release, but couldn't this be the solution since it'll work for the ps5 and ps4? HORI PlayStation 5 Fighting Commander OCTA - Tournament Grade Fightpad for PS5, PS4, PC - Officially Licensed by Sony https://a.co/d/dsvNrB8

I know he said he used to be active on here, I wasn't sure if he still was. Yeah, my friend but must be unlucky with his azeron and/or be too aggressive with his. I was looking for a orbweaver layout with an analog, so his TuFFpad more fit my needs. Either way, just wanted to give it a shout out incase someone were interested in the same.  :)

So I had everywhere looking for alternative keypads as my orbweavers keep have the digital thumbstick (8way) fail on me and the g13's thumbstick are just uncomfortable. After looking extensively I had come across the TuFFpad by Robert.  Was considering a Azeron until my friend had gotten one and came with the faulty switches and more came to fail over time. I decided to reach out to Robert via email through his YouTube channel where he explains interations and improvements on his TuFFpad. I picked my colors, my switches, and even had an side request for him. He not only came through but blew my @#$% mind how good this came out. I wanted to show mine off and give anyone else a heads up incase your looking for the same!

His YouTube is tuffrabit

IMG-20220712-121832" border="0

General Discussion / Re: My New Toy
« on: 06:28 PM - 08/04/22 »
Analog. Hot swappable switches, and adjustable to all hell.

General Discussion / My New Toy
« on: 03:17 PM - 08/04/22 »
After years of playing with multiple keypads, finally found the end game. Introducing The TuFFpad by Robert ;)
IMG-20220712-121832" border="0

I was interested in getting another xim apex but the price for resale is nuts.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Got it today but...
« on: 08:42 PM - 02/04/22 »
God @#$% hero!

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Got it today but...
« on: 08:39 PM - 02/04/22 »
So, got it in today,  but I have a ps5 and will use on ps4 games. Fine right? Of course, I have a specialty controller I used with my xim apex. Fine right? @#$% no, it's the hori and wired. I had overlooked that the input on the nexus dongle was usb-c. Drove over to fedex to pickup my package since the delays from snow. Now the question, can I use the usb-c adapter to female usb? And can it be standard female 3.1, 3.0 or standard 2.0? I need a quick answer cause I have to order from Amazon and I'm sure the controller thinks I look rapey as hell as I eyeball it.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Shipping Notifications
« on: 11:14 AM - 02/01/22 »

So yes, question. So as of right now, I use the 3rd party controller hori for xim apex on the ps5. So, with that being said, will I have to use the beloader or can I use the hori as I'm using now to emulate the controller? 

2nd, when the nexus goes up, will they be for purchase to ship or preorder to send out on a later date?

And last. Will the nexus have to be held at a certain degree in order for the controller to use the motion feature or can I be calibrated or adjusted within the app? I usually hold my controller at a 45 angle.

This has broken my heart. As I am a console player on the ps5. I have used xim since xim 3, yet no support for this sophisticated space machine on ps5. Don't mind me, I'll be over here kicking and screaming on the floor while others enjoy this controller bobbin and weavin taking heads!  :'(

Beta / Re: My feedback on ex1
« on: 08:37 AM - 03/18/18 »
Sorry my guy, I corrected myself. It was 5 am when I typed that

Beta / My feedback on ex1
« on: 03:39 AM - 03/18/18 »
First of all I've been in hiding since I received the Apex, been playing fortnite and must say  it took me about 2 days to get situated with all my preferred settings. Yes, there was a little jitter and smoothing helped some though but still loved it. Decided to check back in tonight and saw the beta builds. Unfortunately, I wasn't here for the ex0 and but read all the feedback so I tried the ex1 and setting it to 1 boost for both hip and ads. HOLY @#$% BALLS, what an improvement,  went from 160/110 to 12/7. And no smoothing needed. Before AA wouldn't let me detect bush wookies very well, but now, they can't hide and with only 2 hours of play, I can say every problem with the factory build is resolved, for me at least. For me now, it is near perfection. Still have the nice snappy turns without the jitter, good AA, and smoothing is near an obsolete option. This beta in itself feels like an upgrade just like xim4 to apex. I love it.

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