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Game Support / Re: ST-Support for Valkyrie Warzone?
« on: 04:29 AM - 10/02/17 »
What a pity! ...is it a technical issue?

Valkyrie Warzone has several predefined settings. E.G. “The Owl”-Setting sets right thumbs stick for free-looking – similar to VR headtracking. That would be perfect for XIM4 translation.

Game Support / ST-Support for Valkyrie Warzone?
« on: 12:39 AM - 09/29/17 »

in the past you wrote there is no planned ST support vor Eve Valkyrie, cause of the slow moving mechnics.

Is this still atcual, as now Valkyrie Eve Warzone came out, as a platfrom crossover which has mouse/keyboard support (don't know if this is just for PC)?

The game is more a shooter than a simulator, which might make it better playable with m/k controls.

Deutsch / Re: Config speichern auf PC
« on: 11:34 AM - 09/10/17 »
Vielen Dank für die wie immer schnelle Info!

Hab die fw 20160405 drauf. Aber wusste nicht mehr, dass man die Config vor dem flashen mit dem Tool auch sichern kann.

Deutsch / Config speichern auf PC
« on: 08:11 AM - 09/10/17 »
Bin von PS4 auf PS4 Pro gewechselt. Dazu muss ich aber auf meinem Xim die neuste Firmware aufspielen.
Dabei gehen mir dann ja meine Spieleinstellungen verloren.

Kann ich die irgendwie auf den PC speichern oder anderweitig, sodass ich sie später wieder zurückholen kann?

Ich fürchte die Frage war schon mal da, habs aber nicht gefunden. Sorry!

Game Support / Re: Lawbreakers Closed Beta PS4
« on: 08:42 AM - 07/02/17 »
What do you mean?
Regular Overwatch xim ST.
No Curve.
Lawbreakers ingame setting see above.

Game Support / Re: Lawbreakers Closed Beta PS4
« on: 04:46 AM - 07/01/17 »
I tried overwatch st . In-game xy on maximum.  Aim assist 100. Single zone.
Worked really good.

Game Support / Lawbreakers Closed Beta PS4
« on: 11:47 AM - 06/30/17 »
I registered for Lawbreakers Closed Beta on PS4.
...and would like to play it with XIM4 if this is possible.
Someone a clue how to manage this as the game is not offcially supported yet?

Deutsch / Re: Console Crossover ST
« on: 01:34 PM - 06/07/17 »
Danke für die ausführliche Erklärung.  :)

Deutsch / Console Crossover ST
« on: 07:17 AM - 06/05/17 »

im Gamesettings Forum wird je gerade wieder mal zu Overwatch einiges an Curves gepostet, die den linearen Modus im Spiel unterstützen.
Offiziell ist ja der OW ST für den Exponential Ramp gedacht.
Um aber Linear Ramp nutzen zu können, was angeblich ein unbeschleunigtes noch PC-ähnlicheres Feeling vermitteln soll, sollte man nicht den OW ST, sondern einen Console Crossover ST verwenden.

Kann mir bitte mal jemand erklären, was es damit auf sich hat?
Ich habe bisher nur ein paar mal diverse Curves ausprobiert, bin aber letztlich bei den werkseitig empfohlenen Einstellungen geblieben. Würde aber natürlich, falls das etwas verbessert schon mal die geposteten Einstellungen ausprobieren. Nur eben habe ich nicht wirklich Ahnung, was es mit dem Crossover ST auf sich hat.

Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 07:08 AM - 06/05/17 »
Thanks for lots of curves and XIM4 settings.

But could someone show his ingame aiming settings please?
As there are plenty of added features to auto aiming, what are the settings you use for your Linear XIM4 settings in?

No, I am using a regular PS4.

The thing is, that Overwatch runs normal, but sometimes it starts juddering.

I thought that maybe it has to do with some apps on the Playstation, that might be affected by the XIM4.
E.G. the Mediaplayer app on PS4 that recognises USB (storage) devices connected to the PS4. As the XIM4 is a USB device, it might have been that this affects a running game. Just a suggestion.

Hello, (PS4)

since a few days I have some issues when playing Overwatch and there is many action in the game.

Issues are: Juddering and aometimes Vsync tearing (not much, but visible)

So my question is, if there are some new known issues that might depend onusing the Xim4.
Maybe a SONY firmware update, that mgiht cause this or any other software update.
Overwatch was always running very smooth. But since a few days sometimes it doesn't
Maybe its a hardware issue, but PS4 isn't getting too hot.

Game Support / Re: My Titanfall 2 "Linear" ST
« on: 11:48 AM - 02/20/17 »
What means "Console Controller Crossover"? Can you explain this?

Thank you!!!


I searched severel threads but couldn't find the answer. Maybe someone could give me more infos.

I am using Manager version 20160405  and firmware version 20160405
Now I want to update to firmware version 20170103.

So do I need to factory reset my XIM4, when updating?
...and if yes, will all my game settings get lost?

...and if they get lost, is there a way to save my settings first, before factory reset the XIM4,
and resinstall them after resetting?

Would appreciate your help!

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