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Game Support / Re: Mcree - Overwatch
« on: 10:26 AM - 09/21/16 »
so what about if my mouse max's at 8200 dpi? what sens would I use?

Game Support / Re: xbox one controller not showing up.
« on: 05:45 PM - 07/02/16 »
i actually went to walmart and got pllug and play charge kit and that cable works, must've been the cable.

Game Support / xbox one controller not showing up.
« on: 04:58 PM - 07/02/16 »
i have everything showing up in xim manager but the controller. tried connecting to each port and nothing is different. manager shows my actions on keyboard and mouse some im unsure of what to try besides buying one of those garbage walmart xbox one controllers and plugging it in.

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