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Playstation / Re: BLACKOUT PS4 CMG DUO 8.4 KD
« on: 09:09 PM - 01/31/20 »
That's it lol I got. Best 27 kills  solo prestige  7 6.80 kd

XIM APEX Discussions / Ordered apex Friday????
« on: 09:53 AM - 02/11/19 »
How long does it take to get a email  saying it got sent ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: bo4 aiming
« on: 12:25 AM - 10/16/18 »

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Black Ops 4 Config
« on: 08:15 PM - 10/15/18 »
Yes the B04 wrong to me aswell  I went back to the b02 st  idk  if they improved  anything on the new st seems slow  adsing  sticky when turning etc.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: DPI for COD?
« on: 09:03 PM - 10/13/18 »
What mouse pad yall bee using ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: auto aim and auto assist
« on: 09:03 PM - 10/13/18 »
Mikey what delay  do u use with those setting and do u got a hard pad or.cloth ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Thank you very much obvis/mist
« on: 05:06 PM - 04/13/18 »
Now it worked  when I hit the link  for 8 time it actually didn't take me to play store this time it just started downloading the file and installed it thank you again :) it finally worked.

I did try to go back I went to the 2017 beta and factory reset and then delete the app off my phone and redownloaded doesn't let me downgrade the firmware of the manager I tryd downloading from the site doesn't pair only the 2018 one does ?

I did this obsiv  be live me I turned it off but with this new firmware  when I ads on cod it does circles hard to explain   and this firmware makes my aim hip go.higher why ?  Why can't you leave the old firmware it came out the box with I didn't have a problem for 3 weeks tell 2 days ago it litteraly forced me to update cuase it didn't want to pair anymore same with my manager.

I didn't use curves in xim4 I shouldn't either on apex when my apex arrived  everything was awesome  no complaints after 1 to 2 weeks didn't let me pair to it no more saying I had to update  then I did now I litteraly got to put my hip over 115 before I couldn't go over 98 hip  what I'm asking why did it force me to update when I never had this problem when my apex arrived  intell now ?

Forced lol  kid I got 5 kds on every cod I played    same on pc I kno when a firmware messes with your aim and  yes I was forced cuase when I tryd to pair it keep telling me update it didn't want to let me pair anymore unless I updated  so if I say force that's what I dam mean lol 

They shouldn't have force us to update this update screws with my aim I want the old firmware it came with .

Believe me I have done that and  it still fuks with my aim and I deff kno how to play cod   idk why we gotta be forced to update now I can't litteraly play cod   just downgrade the app for phone android  shouldn't be forced to upgrade it's pathitec.

This new firmware screws with your aim esp in cod the aim assist is strong   way to strong and yes with no smoothing it jitters before with factory firmware it  didn't lock so hard more freely but this new firmware is a big bad one atleast for cod.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: New Benq Zowie RL2455 Monitor
« on: 06:30 PM - 01/24/18 »
Ps4 or Xbox?

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